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10 Steps To The Perfect Curl

The wait is finally over … today I am sharing with you all of the steps from blow dry to hair spray on HOW I do my hair!!! That is right, you will be able to have the same messy curls as I do in no time. Not only will I be showing you my step by step process but also my favourite products that I use on a day to day basis to achieve the look. All of these products you can easily pick up online like I did from Sephora or head in to your local stores .. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Without further adieu … follow along with me as I take you through my 10 steps to achieve the perfect curl ….

1. Shampoo & Conditioner | Lets start it off with my shampoo and conditioner. I use Living Proof No Frizz from Sephora for both my shampoo and conditioner. This formula is weightless in my hair and enhances shine but more importantly repels dirt and oil so you can go longer between washes. And we all know how much I hate showering lol … bonus! Oh and of course it helps with my frizz and damage!
shampoo and conditioner 2. Split End Serum | First and foremost before we get into ANY type of blow drying or styling, I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair. I then add a PHYTOKERATINE split end repairing serum to my ends. I swear by this stuff to repair and protect and leave my hair feeling healthy.
split end serum 3. Hair & Nail Vitamins | Before we go ANY further … one of my secret and important tips that I try to do on a regular basis … is take my hair and nail vitamins. This supplement is a lifesaver for weak, thinning, damaged hair and nails. I leave them beside my hair products so that I remember and I chug a whole bunch of water at the same time. Just get it all done at once!!!!
vitamins 4. Scrunchie | My hair isn’t that thick so I split it into two sections, from my temples up, and I put the top section into a scrunchie. I ALWAYS use a scrunchie over a hair elastic so that it doesn’t damage my hair. I have become addicted to these Chelsea King ones and I can’t live without them. Not to mention they are coming back in style…..
scrunchie 5. Blow Dry | I just started using a Drybar blow dryer and I love it! I didn’t quite understand the importance of a blog dryer and the damage that it can do on your hair until my hair was seriously starting to get damaged!!!!! When I blow dry, I lift my hair from the roots and I try to blow dry down. By lifting my hair up I try to create as much volume as possible. I brush through as I blow down so I don’t get as much frizz. This is where the importance of two sections comes in handy. It makes it easier to create volume when I can focus on the bottom section and then make my way to the top section.
blow dryerPhoto 2015-10-15, 11 51 35 PM 6. Bristle Brush | I use a bore and bristle brush that I completely swear by. It helps create volume in my hair while at the same time protects against damage and breakage. My hair doesn’t naturally get tangly so if yours does, I recommend using a wide tooth comb or a wet brush instead. BUT, if your hair is like mine … then this brush will be your go to!!
brushPhoto 2015-10-15, 11 52 05 PM 7. Curl | Once my hair is dry, I let it cool and then I split it up into two sections AGAIN using a scrunchie. When my hair is cooling (this is important so that it doesn’t crimp) I turn my curling iron on to high and let it warm up. I use a 1″ old granny curling iron … I know that wands are all the rage but I LOVE my handy dandy iron!!! I start with small sections around my face, I take the hair and start at the base (the top), I go nice and tight, hold for a few seconds and curl AWAY from my face. My hair curls well so I don’t need to hold the curl on the curling iron for too long. If your’s doesn’t hold a curl, I recommend holding it a little bit longer. Continue doing this on both sides. Remember, curl away from your face on BOTH sides … this is important!!!!
curling iron Photo 2015-10-16, 12 00 43 AM 8. Hair Spray | Before I curl the top half I spray my fresh curls lightly with hair spray. This helps hold the curl longer and tighter. Do NOT brush or run your fingers through at this stage … we save that for later!!! Yes I know, it will look tight and crunchy … but that’s ok! I use Drybar Le Sherif Firm Hold Spray which is great for longevity and brushability.
hair spray Photo 2015-10-16, 12 06 27 AM 9. Curl Again | Now I curl the top!! Once again I curl away from my face all the way around the crown of my head. I then sift through the bottom and curl any of the bottom pieces that are starting to loosen or not fit in. Again, the tighter you do these curls the better … they WILL fall out once you brush them and wear them throughout the day.
Photo 2015-10-16, 12 13 26 AM 10. Finish  | To finish it all off … I hair spray my full head and scrunch up the curls. I then run my fingers through it to loosen the curl. RIGHT before I leave the house I brush my hair to give it extra volume. This also helps me achieve a looser curl look that looks like it’s been tussled and worn through (some call it a beach wave). If you are wanting your hair to look more perfectly curled, then nix this step.
Photo 2015-10-16, 12 11 22 AM Photo 2015-10-16, 11 28 33 AMPhoto 2015-10-16, 11 30 35 AM Photo 2015-10-16, 12 39 20 PMPhoto 2015-10-16, 11 41 26 AM 

If I still haven’t covered something that your looking for, leave me a note in the comments below!




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  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve been anxiously awaiting your hair tips 😉 Yours always looks fabulous. Going to get out my 1″ curling iron out of the very back of the bathroom vanity cabinet…

  2. I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner. I also bought the phytokeratine extreme cream and I LOVE it! Good hair products make a difference! thanks!

    1. Hi Jillian! So I have a question for you regarding your hair products. I noticed that you use Living Proof shampoo/conditioner, and so did I…BEFORE I had my son 19 months ago. Now it makes my hair totally heavy and greasy. Did you experience that after having Leo? It’s driving me nuts and I’m thinking I MUST change products soon. I’m assuming it’s due to all the crazy hormones, but for some reason it’s been terrible for me this whole postpartum time! ? Did you have a similar issue?? I’m trying to find a good product but am not having any luck!! My hair looks pretty similar to yours- very thick and wavy.

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