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5 Apps to Help Pass the Time

As crazy as it sounds I have never been overly into watching TV! I have a few shows that I LOVE to watch (The Bachelor of course, Ozarks and I crushed Love is Blind in 24 hrs LOL!), but you won’t find me scouring Netflix for a binge-worthy show. You will, however, find me looking for the next most addicting app to download on my iPhone LOL! Today, myself and Team Jilly are sharing the best apps to help keep you occupied during isolation! phone application
Jillian Harris using iPhone

Bakery Story

Ok, you guys! I am seriously OBSESSED with this game. Bakery Story is a cooking game that lets you bake, design, and serve food all at the same time! You can invite your friends and play along together. If you know you know … LOL! Warning: This game is verrry addictive … speaking from experience! LOL!

Words with Friends 

Words with Friends is a great multiplayer game! You can invite friends or family to play along with you and you all take turns building words like the classic board game, Scrabble! This is a great way to pass the time while still “spending time” with friends/family AND using your brain lol!


If you want a mind numbing game that’s still a bit of a challenge 2048 is for you! It’s a single-player sliding block puzzle game. The objective is to slide the numbered tiles on the grid and combine them to create the sequence 2048 so it can be quick and painless while still requiring some skill.

While this might not be a game like the other options this is another one of my favourite apps to hang out on. is a platform where you can shop the latest fashion, beauty and home decor items from your favourite influencers (you can follow me on the app @jillian.harris if you want!). You can scroll through different outfits, shop people’s homes that you love, shop sales, save favourite items to come shop again at a later date (hello long list of favourites), and even get outfit inspiration (for when we’re out of quarantine of course lol). If you are brand new to, check out my blog post (here!) where I explain how it all works!


Last but not least, TikTok! To be honest, at first, I didn’t get what all the hype was about with this app. Once I downloaded it and started using it I quickly realized why it was such a fan favourite. There is a great mix of FUNNY short videos to browse through! If you happen to download the app you can follow me @jillianharris8 (don’t ask why there’s an 8 at then end lol).  

There you have it, all of the apps that we are especially loving while cooped up at home! Did we miss one of your favourite apps? Let us know in the comments below. 



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  1. House Party! You can play trivia, drawing games, one that’s like Apples to Apples, all on a video chat with your friends!

  2. Hi Jillian, would you mind sharing the name of the App Leo was using the other day on your insta stories. It looked like a fun learning App for preschoolers. Thanks!

  3. Appreciate the list Jillian! My wife shared with me. Total self-promotion here… if you want a newer cooking game with fast-action fun that also helps people create daily healthy habits and at the same time feeds hungry kids in Canada… checkout “Cooking Crush” We’ve helped provide over 40,000 meals to kids in need with our charity partner Backpack Buddies, and we have a “Daily Happiness Challenge” in the game that reminds people to breath, find 3 things to be grateful for, and send caring thoughts to someone every day. So far 3M caring thoughts have been rippled out into the world! There’s a team and social event feature to be able to play with friends. Sincerely, Ryan (Co-Founder, Flowmotion Entertainment, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada).

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