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I Said “YES” to The Dress

OMMMGGGGG you guys, you have NO idea how excited I am to write this blog, especially with all this craziness going on in the world right now! I have been ITCHING to BELT THIS FROM THE ROOFTOP… I FOUND MY WEDDING DRESSSSSS!!!!!!!! OMG, I could cry again writing this.

Ok, so the whole experience was NOTHING like I imagined. To be honest I put it off for so long because there was something about the whole wedding planning that was holding me back. I couldn’t get my creative juices flowing. So the first thing I did, was set out to try on some wedding dresses and BOY did that CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE!!!! I have to say that this has been the highlight of my year so far, the entire process was a blast. 

Wedding Dress Shopping

Before I started looking for “the dress” I couldn’t picture myself in your typical wedding dress. To be honest, I thought they ALL looked the same and I was worried I wouldn’t find anything original. I truly felt that I would try a bunch on and then go with some hot pink or bright yellow gown. But the exact opposite happened. As soon as I slipped in and out of different dresses, I realized I was going to have a hard time picking just ONE. 

So, here’s what happened. I ended up ordering TWO dresses! I can’t show you them OBVIOUSLY because what if Justin saw?! LOL. Not only that, but I want it to be a surprise for our guests as well. But I can share a few details with you … BOTH dresses are NOT at all what I expected to get. They are both pretty unique (well I think so anyway) but also timeless, beautiful and FUN. VERY FUN … both dresses are very ME. 

Wedding Dress Options

Searching for “the one” (or two!) in my case was no easy task. I went to a handful of stores, all of which I HIGHLY recommend. We began searching for the dress in Kelowna and scheduled in as many stores as we possibly could (I really wanted to find something from my home town). I brought with me, Justin’s mom (Melissa), my cousins; Tori, Sam, and Steph, and my BFF Shannon who was in town. I was missing my mom who was in Arizona at the time and some of my other girlfriends that live further away weren’t able to make the trip into town. We had an amazing time, the only break we took was when we sat down for lunch and Bellinis at Cactus Club. 

Wedding Dress Shopping Tribe

These are the stores in Kelowna that I was most excited to visit: 

Bliss Bridal: They truly have the BEST selection

Cande Bridal Boutique: They have SUCH a beautiful boutique and so many unique dresses. It was such an intimate experience! 

Ashbury Bridal Couture: I can’t say enough good things about this local shop! They sell second-hand dresses on consignment so if you are on a budget or are looking for an eco-friendly option this is your place. They have so many high-end designer dresses that have only been worn ONCE at a FRACTION of the price. They also have a big selection of vintage gowns which were so fun to look at. 

Jillian Harris and Peggy Harris

About a week later, my mom and I met in Vancouver so I could try on a few more dresses with her! I flew her in from Arizona and I flew from Kelowna to Vancouver! 

These are the boutiques that my mom and I visited in Vancouver:

Bisou bridal: This boutique was INSANE. If you want a high-end couture gown this is your one-stop-shop. They carry all of the brand names we know and recognize from the runways … and they have so many jaw-dropping gowns. 

Lovenote: All of their gowns are designed and made in Canada, how amazing is that?? Their dresses are very timeless, with a dash of vintage and a touch of boho. I just LOVED their studio! 

Union Bridal: They carry very a wide range of styles from high-end boho, to very classy, and a touch of vintage. I felt that Union Bridal had the most on-trend gowns, I wanted every single dress from this shop. 

Custom Wedding Cookies

While we were in Vancouver I had a menu tasting at Culinary Capers, and I picked out wedding bands for Justin and I from Minichiello! I am SO excited to show you guys our bands! I had SUCH an amazing time with my momma, of course, we stayed at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and they spoiled us as usual. My girlfriend Carol came with us to one of the wedding dress appointments and then she met up with us at the hotel for a glass of wine (or two) and visit. Honestly – it was such a wonderful trip. 

Wedding Planning Meeting

I have to say, the entire experience was exactly what I needed. I feel so lucky that I was able to try on dresses with all the ladies that I love most and it made me SO excited for our big day!

Cande Boutique

Ok, so without further adieu, do you want to know WHERE I got my dress from??? Drum roll … I ended up getting my main Ceremony dress from CANDE BRIDAL in Kelowna!! Yayyy, I was so excited to be able to select a dress from a local shop. The owner of the boutique, Adriana was SOOOO happy and excited as well! I can’t WAIT to show it to you guys, you will all be shocked! The second dress I purchased was from Bisou Bridal in Vancouver, its SO stunning, super FUN and very different!!! 

I put together a little montage of the process and after the wedding, I will show you every single dress I tried on! 

(disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored, my dresses were not gifted however thank you to Bisou bridal they provided me with a discount for my second dress) 



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  1. Oh my gosh – I love Union Bridal in Vancouver. Amazing that you got to visit them – congratulations on saying yes to both dresses!

    1. Hi Linda! We did this a few months ago and just published the blog post now! Unfortunately, we have been in isolation going on week three now. Sending you and your family lots of love. xoxo

  2. I can’t wait to see your big day come together. I’m sure it will be absolutely stunning!! Are you going to give us any hints of when the big day will be??

  3. Hi Jilly, if I “know” you like I think I do, there’s gotta be some PINK in your dress selection!!! I love pink too and I’m getting that “feeling” for you! I hope I am right. Can’t wait to see you on your special day!
    Congratulations Jill!
    Much love,
    Joanne from Quebec

  4. Nice to hear that you found wedding dresses. I am sure they look amazing 🙂
    Hopefully this covid-19 situation will not affect to your wedding plans. Have you yet revealed when the big day will be?
    My husband have to cancelled his birthday trip to London because of this pandemic and I am trying desperately to come up with something to cheer him up. Any suggestions? Probably we are watching London sightseeings on YouTube this time.
    All the best to you! 😊

  5. Where did you get the beautiful cable knit jewel button sweater you are wearing in the say yes to the dress video

    Thank you

  6. Congratulations Jilly 👰🏻
    It a magical process to choose a dress. I got my dress from Bisou Bridal and I agree. The dress selection is spectacular and the staff are so helpful. I know you you will be stunning. Wishing you all the best during this beautiful time on your life.
    Daphne ❤️

  7. I’m tickled “pink” for you! I can just imagine the dresses you picked! I can’t wait to see your big day come to fruition. My 40th anniversary is coming up as well as my daughter’s 10th, we will have to put celebrations on hold until all this uncertainty is over but then watch out! My husband says we will have a pandemic blow out lol! Enjoy your planning it is so much fun!

  8. Dear Jilly, I can hardly wait to see the montage of your whole experience of wedding dress shopping, after your BIG day!!!

    Hugs Aunty Jackie

  9. Hi Jill,

    Congrats on your lovely day!

    I love your style and was wondering if you could share where your cardigan is from?

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