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5 Steps to Becoming a Boss Mom

Good morning BOSS MOMS!! That’s right, I meant what I said, Boss MOMS! Some of you are probably thinking, what the hell is a Boss Mom?! Well, it’s exactly like a Boss Babe but we have mini me’s! Being a mom is no easy feat … you’re thrown into a world where nothing makes sense, your grasping at straws and learning as you go, all while battling post pregnancy emotions … you’re mentally and physically different than you were before and life is CHAOS!!! Lol. The moms out there know what I’m talking about and if you don’t have children of your own yet, I’m sure some of your friends do and you’re probably witnessing some of this first hand vicariously through your friends and family.

Welp. In all of this craziness, I think it’s important for us to remember that we GREW A HUMAN AND GAVE IT LIFE and we are nothing short of BADASS!! So as soon as you start doubting yourself, stop, and remember that you’re a BOSS MOM. This is exactly why I wanted to share some simple tips and reminders with all of you Boss Mom’s out there today because I know just how hectic life can be from time to time … here we go!

Jillian Harris - Boss Moms - Nike-1Jillian Harris - Boss Moms - Nike-2Jillian Harris - Boss Moms - Nike-6

1. You are still a BABE: Read that again … YOU ARE STILL A BABE! Got it?! I know what it’s like after having a baby, your body is different … you have extra lumps and bumps in places you didn’t even know existed, you lose some of your hair, you breakout, you get stretch marks, you’re emotional … you have a mom bod. But guess what?! Screw it. Screw all of it. YOU ARE STILL A BABE!! We are all so hard on ourselves and it’s time we just eased up on ourselves and embrace the damn mom bod.

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2. Dress Comfortably: Yup. We all know JUST how much I love my dresses and heels but there’s nothing better than tossing on a comfy pair of sneakers and getting sh*t done!! Just because you have to kick some ass and take some names (I’m talking about errands here … lol!) doesn’t mean you can’t do it all while looking cute. I love rocking jeans, a cozy sweater, and cute sneakers like these Nike Air Max Thea Premium kicks! Not only are the ridiculously comfy and light but HELLOOOOO, they’re PINK! Lol!! Even if pink shoes aren’t your thing, you’re in luck because these Air Max Thea’s come in 5 different colours! So here’s to you, errands … you can go ahead and #KissMyAirs!!

Ps. Do you remember when Nike Air’s FIRST came out?! Lol!! I’m dating myself here but I remember everyone freaking out about how cool the see-through heel was … do you remember that?! Lol!

Jillian Harris - Boss Moms - Nike-3

3. Schedule Everything: I have NO idea what my life would be like without my iCal … as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, it’s a staple in my life. This is the only way I can stay on track with everything from work, to date nights to Leo’s naps, working out, grocery shopping, the list goes on! Chances are if something isn’t in my calendar, it won’t get done. It might seem daunting at first but trust me, when you can schedule in what you need to get done on the daily you’ll surprise yourself at how much you can get done in a day! Soon your OOTD will consist of jeans, your fave cozy sweater or tee, Nike’s, and a damn cape! You go superwoman, you GO!

Jillian Harris - Boss Moms - Nike-8

4. Take Me Time: This is a MUST in order to keep your sanity and your well-being, you have to make sure to put yourself first once in a while. As I mentioned above, SCHEDULE this in for yourself! I totally do this!! Happy MOM, happy EVERYONE … am I right?! Lol. Go on and book that spa date, go out for dinner and wine with your girlfriends, hide in a closet and eat candy … whatever it is you need to do to relax your mind and feel rejuvenated, do that.

Jillian Harris - Boss Moms - Nike-7

5. Be Kind To Your Body: I can’t stress enough how important it is to get enough sleep, to stay hydrated (for your health AND to get that glowing skin! WIN WIN!) and to fuel your body with proper nutritious meals. The last thing us Boss Mom’s need is to feel tired, sluggish and unhealthy. Blah!

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So there you go ladies, I hope you’ve found some inspiration in this blog and pulled some useful tips and tricks to start incorporating into your routine. I want to hear from YOU now … what is your advice for other Boss Mom’s out there?? Comment below!

Ps. Some of you are probably wondering where Leo disappeared to in half of these pics but not to worry, Justin was there and he took Leo for a few photos while I was wrangling Nacho … our first babe. Lol!!!










Thank you Nike for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I’m confused. You just did a post about hating the mom bod now you are embracing it? I guess your thoughts change depending on who is paying you to post, eh gurl?

    The sponsored content is out of control. #adsouttheasshole

    1. @Shaylene,

      If you dont have anything nice to say- dont.
      If you disagree with Jillian and dislike that her blog has sponsored posts I suggest you stop following and reading.
      No one likes a negative nancy.

      Jillian, thank you for the positive Mom post! All Moms need this reminder.

      Girl power! Mom power!

      1. @Mrs Ford

        Welcome to the internet. It’s a place where you WILL in fact read opinions different than your own. I suggest you get used to it.

        1. Bojinder,

          I’m no stranger to the internet.
          The internet can be a place to express opinions which is wonderful. Freedom of speech is an amazing thing. However, I do not feel that attacking others is wonderful especially when you don’t have any facts to base your defence.
          In my earlier response I was simply stating that if you or anyone else disagrees with what Jillian posts on her blog that you should simply not read.
          Be positive. You’ll feel better.

          Thank you for your comment.

          1. I should be shocked by these comments but sadly I am not…which in itself is sad. You are awesome and I love reading all your posts! I think you are honest, funny and I admire that you share your life! my daughter, who is 12, also follows you and we talk abut your posts, clothes and how cute Leo is all the time! You keep doing what you are doing and do not let anyone ever make you feel bad about you you are and what you are doing! XOXOXOXOXO

        1. Jillian! I know the negativity can be hard to take. You really have to have tough skin to survive the world of social media.
          Thank you for being positive. I will continue to read along. Xx

          1. @Emma – Obviously your MBA is getting you nowhere and is irrelevant because that made no sense. Also, before you go to graduate school for business, you should probably learn how to treat people – I’ll give you a hint . That’s not it!!!!! If you have enough time to spare on your hands to go and troll on the internet then you aren’t doing grad school correctly. I know they told you to network but you’re not off to a good start. You’re getting a Masters in business yet fail to understand that blogging is a business.

            No one forced you to read this blog post. Try being nice or don’t say anything at all. Have a great day.

        2. JILLIAN!
          I look forward to your insta stories and pictures of Justin and Leo. THEY ARE ADORABLE and show that you have a real life. I’ve loved you ever since you were on the Bachelorette. Keep doing you my friend. The people who take the time to say mean things are just jealous anyway.

          Have a fabulous day!


    2. I’ve also noticed how totally out of control the sponsored content is – I just made a comment on the last post too. Sorry Team Jilly, don’t mean to pile on here but…yah. These posts that are supposedly about motherhood that are actually just ads are really sad to me. The post about Leo’ eating solid foods was especially sad-making, I thought. If you want to trade on your newfound status as a mom to sell some pink shoes, I mean, I don’t buy it, but ok, but please please please don’t use your child as a tool to make money. Don’t dress up a story about some gross mush in a tube as if it is you giving us an honest assessment about the choices you’ve made as a mom. Those are choices you made as a business woman. It just makes me shudder. I get that you say you truly endorse all these products with your own opinions etc but…using your kid to sell stuff is just gross. It’s just compounded by the way that you pretend that you are taking little insta videos about him when you are really just starting at yourself in the screen and fixing your hair in the mirror. I mean, you don’t really expect us to believe that you ACTUALLY ask your tiny baby “how are you doing?!” in a fake sing-song-y voice all day every day…I also don’t believe that the opinions you are expressing are true. How can you say you use Pantene every time you wash your hair, and then turn around a month later and plug a new shampoo, and oh, this one’s cruelty free, which is your main priority, never mind that Pantene tests on animals and you’re still promoting leather shoes.

      **disclaimer: please don’t accuse me of being an unhappy person. I’m not. I have an MBA and have spent the last 2 years studying the influencer business model. Whoever is advising Jillian on her marketing is giving her lots of bad advice, from her post about being “vegan-ish” to the way she uses her baby as a marketing tool. If you read reviews of Love it or List it Vancouver they almost always mention Jillian’s obsession with selling products…this is someone failing at using this business model. I have no idea what kind of person or mother Jillian is, and I do not mean to levy ANY criticism against either of those things. I just think the business model is bad, and is clearly getting out of hand.

      1. Yikes you should be ashamed of yourself with such a hateful message towards such a great person. Jillian- I love looking forward to your Instagram posts, blog posts and your Instagram stories and I am a huge fan!! People are so tough behind a keyboard and a screen. Just ignore the haters!! Keep doing a great job! Leo is so cute!

        1. Thanks Jennifer – I try SO hard to ignore. Something about seeking approval i guess… it just eats me up when i can’t please everyone. My energy should be going to people like yourself. Thank you for being SO lovely and the support xo

          1. Jillian,

            I know it must not be easy to ignore all of the awful comments – I’m sorry that you have to even read them. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you. Thank you for being positive and uplifting. Thnak you for helping raise other women up, instead of trying to tear them down. Thank you for introducing to me to a number of amazing products that I would have not known about, had you not blogged or posted about them ( I could not care less if they sponsored the post, so long as you have tried the product and believe in it). Thank you for introducing me to a “vegan-ish” lifestyle – yep, I use that word, lucky for me I don’t have to be subjected to hundreds of people dissecting every word I use. I love my more plant based diet and I go at there thanks to your blogs and stories !
            If you choose to ignore only one thing that these keyboard bullies wrote, please ignore everything pertaining to your child and your actions as a mother. My career is based around dealing with the worst parents there are – that is the furthest thing from you. I do not know your personally, but do you love Leo? Would you do anything for him? Do you wake up everyday and try to make sure his needs are being met, that he feels loved, and that he feels protected? You are a great mother.
            Please continue to blog. I cannot wait to read the next one! Also, remember there is a big differences between constructive feedback and negative comments – do your best to ignore the keyboard bullies – they must have too much free time on their hands ❤️❤️❤️

          2. You are great Jillian! Sadly some people can’t handle that you are a boss mum and totally rocking it. You have an adorable baby and hubby and other people can’t handle their jealousy because of this. I LOVE your insta stories of Leo, they brighten my day! So please don’t disappear on us!

          3. One thing I’ve learned is there’s no pleasing everyone. You could be the sweetest juiciest peach and there will still be someone that doesn’t like peaches. I can imagine how hard it is to read those comments and not be affected by them. You are beautiful so sweet and so so talented! You inspire me daily! You should t have to apologize for wanting to share your talent! You have so many people that love and appreciate it! ?

          4. Jillian we as woman seek for affirmation all the time. We need affirmation that we are good mothers, good friends, good workers, that everyone loved the meal we just worked our ass off making. You are human. Who cares if you endorse products. We all do! Whether we get paid or not. And guess what? I might like a shampoo a month ago and then I try something new and I like that too! And all mothers talk to their babies and dogs…but people with babies or dogs don’t understand that.

          5. There is a song that I love called “Garden Party” by Ricky Nelson. I especially like one line from the song….”you can’t please everyone, so you’re got to please yourself*! I admire you Jillian Harris! You are an amazing human being!

          6. I actually catch myself doing the same “sing-songy voice” every morning when I wake my 7 month old son up. Yep, can you even imagine?! The horror! Haha. Yes, people with small children talk to their small children with sing songy voices #momproblems

            You do you, Jillian. We all love ya for it.

          7. Wow. Ignore the haters. I asked my baby how he is every day and finally one day he replied with “gooood”

            I love your posts and videos. I think you are a great mom. Also your gramma is incredibly cute!!!

            Hugs from chilliwack ❤️❤️

        2. Emma/shay and any others…
          soooo embarrassed for you. Yikes
          You go Jillian!
          Jealousy is an awful thing ladies. Keep it in check!

      2. Hi Emma.

        No one is advising me of anything. I am a very imperfect human who is sharing my very imperfect life, views & decisions. Criticize me for it, its ok. I would rather be criticized for being imperfect or inconsistent than everyone loving a FAKE persona.

        What you see is real, and its not always correct and consistent and I am proud and ok with that.

        Just trying to address a few of your notes here:

        Why is it wrong to share that I am trying to be plant based? I called it ‘vegan-ish’ once … and realized that was the wrong word to use and continue to get shit on because of it. My god people. its a WORD… i am DOING MY BEST to do THE RIGHT THING. to do something positive and make a change… or is it wrong to talk about it because i haven’t totally succeeded? because I’m not perfect at it? I’m just confused why this was wrong to share.

        Also, i DO feed leo Love Child Organics. Does this make me a bad mom in your opinion? are you a mom? have you tried it what perfect food do you feed your child? why do you think its gross? I’m not sure WHY you think i am lying when i say i use something… but, i’m sorry, if i say i use something… i use it. Leo loves it, and that is why i posted about it. I tried Love Child Organics for 2 months and then accepted the sponsored post. Love Child was also happy to not only compensate me for promoting her business, but we also donated VERY VERY generously to our local food bank as well. Should I start to question you what YOU do for you community? how YOUR job allows you to help others?

        I also use and test MANY different products. Its a part of this business is trying different products out and giving me assessments. There is more than ONE good shampoo out there… I use Pantene hairspray everyday and tried Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner everyday, long enough to give my true honest opinion about it. I continued to use it at my Vancouver apartment and also use Avalon Organics in Kelowna. This is a TRUE STORY, which is WHY i wrote about it.

        When i run out of those products, i will likely try something else and blog about that (have any suggestions??) and, if i get approached by another hair company, I might put those products on hold and give it a try… and then decide if its a good fit to blog about! I LOVE trying new products and thus, the appearance that I flip flop.

        You mention that from a marketing and business perspective that what i am doing is “not working” and bad business… but, however, i would disagree. Of course I know because I see our financial statements and how happy the girls are that work for me. I also see the analytics and so Im afraid your statement is incorrect.

        This ‘blog’, while it is a true representation of my life, is also a business (yes sometimes tricky to navigate and balance) but as a business, it has been lucrative, fun and succesful. I have employed several girls / people over the years and paid them well, taken them on trips, treated them, helped them reach their financial goals. I’ve been a good boss and I’ve loved this business i’ve built.

        lastly, your comment about ‘how i use my baby for work’ is ‘GROSS’ … I asked your previously, If you have kids? Have you ever had to LEAVE your baby with a stranger so you can go back to work? Have you ever sobbed in your car wishing you didn’t have to go back to work and just wished somehow you could continue to do what you love, and bring your baby along? Maybe one day, when you have a baby (assuming you don’t have one because no MOTHER would ever attack another NEW mom for trying to stay afloat and support her family in the way SHE feels best) you will see, how PAINFUL and HEARTBREAKING it is to leave your baby to go back to work. .I started this blog to build a business, so that ONE DAY i could DO exactly what i am doing now… MAKING MONEY, SUPPORTING MY FAMILY all while getting to BE WITH MY BABY. What i am able to do is AMAZING and wonderful and i am SO grateful that i can throw leo on my hip and get my photo taken and get paid for it. SO SO grateful. I only WISH and hope every woman and mother out there had the opportunity to bring their baby to work… and not be criticized for ‘selling them out ‘

        Good luck what your career Emma. I hope it brings you the success and happiness that my career does! I have so much fun doing what i do i have NO time to criticize others on their business! 🙂


        Ps. I really do talk to leo like that all day.

        1. Jillian- you really came off as a right bitch here. Thanks for finally showing people your true self

          Now go eat some meat and wear some leather shoes. You really don’t get it do you.

          1. Jillian,

            In NO way does standing up for yourself make you a bitch… despite what ‘Shay’ had to say. You work hard to build a life that you love, be a good person, and be a great new mom in the process. All of that is overwhelming without even being in the public eye.

            Eat what you want to eat. Promote your business the way you want to promote it and talk to your son in WHATEVER voice you want to talk to your son in!

            It drives me crazy to see how people pick apart everything that another person does. How do you dictate what is right & what is wrong in someone else life? Stop coming on her blog, or on any of her other social media accounts if she drives you so mad you feel the need to cut her down like that.

            Jill, you’re amazing!Keep doing what you do. There are way more people that love you, than hate you.

          2. Hey Shay….go find something to do and stop hating.
            How would you feel if someone said that to you? Or your daughter? Or your mom? Or your friend?

            Jill don’t listen to the haters! Everyone is tough behind the anonymity of their computer. I love all your posts and IG stories!

          3. SO unkind. I guarantee that you would never say anything like this to someone’s face. So go ahead and hide behind the screen and one day, maybe you will get the balls to say something so cruel to someone’s face and you will feel repercussions of realizing that people actually have feelings that are delicate and worthy of better. I hope you remember this the next time someone says something hurtful to you.

            Speaking of balls…Jillian, good for you for being vulnerable to the world! MANY of us would never have the courage or strength to do so. Keep practicing you self compassion! You are loved by so many who matter more than anyone on the internet.

          4. Shay, What is the point in making those kinds of remarks? What good could it have possibly added to your day? Why would you spend your time reading not just a post but also comments on a blog of a persons who you clearly have already formed a negative opinion of. Please explain it to me, I genuinely would love to know. It’s almost laughable how pathetic it is, if it weren’t so sad that that is how you chose to use your time.

          5. Holy shit dude. You’re a class act. Are you for real!?? What on earth made you say such a jerk thing. Go find another site to read because obviously you have issues.

          6. Shay,

            That was incredibly rude and uncalled for. And i’m pretty sure that Jillian hasn’t done anything to deserve your harsh words. Freedom of speech is one thing but attacking someone for defending themselves is unfair. What you just did is bullying, please stop. Have you ever heard of the saying “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it”, so don’t say anything.

            Jill you don’t deserve this, don’t let these people win. You are a super cool person and have done so well for yourself and family. We choose to follow you and these people who don’t agree with something you do on your blog or social media should stop following you before they say any more mean things.

            Nothing good to say…it’s simple don’t say it.

          7. @Shay The only person coming off as a “right bitch” here is you. I get that you have freedom of speech as we all do but that does not mean you have freedom from consequences or the freedom of the rest of us calling you out on your hatred. Go take a long look at your soul and see if you like what you see. Would you show your family and friends and co-workers what you posted here? Proudly? Probably not. that should be a clue that you never should have typed it in the first place.

          8. You’re a horrible person. Just because you have an MBA does not mean you have the right to treat people like less than humans. Giving business advice is one thing, what you did was hateful and unnecessary. I think karma will kick in soon enough. Have a great day!! 🙂

          9. I think Emma and Shay are the SAME person. No way in HELL are there are 2 women (or men) out there as RUDE and HATEFUL as these “women” are. Who the hell shit in your Cheerios this morning? Certainly wasn’t Jillian! You get off on making people feel like absolute dog shit??? Well congrats, you succeeded in making Jillian feel awful. Do you feel good about yourself? How do you sleep at night? It’s shocking to me the amount of people that are willing to sit behind a computer screen and say some of the most vile, shocking things.

            Jillian, I am so sorry that there are people in this world that intentionally try to make you feel bad about yourself. You are a beautiful soul, and it hurts my heart that this world is full of so much hate. I can say don’t let that nonsense affect you, but I’m sure it does. Just know that there are so many good people in this world! Ones that want to build up other people! Hope you are feeling better today 🙂

          10. To the nasty commenters…Are you really kidding me right now! I am so PROUD of Jillian for standing up for herself. Did your mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Don’t read Jill’s blog if you don’t like who she is and how she road maps her way thru life. I’m certain you are not perfect! It’s shocking to me that in this day and age, that grown women would speak to another this way! We are suppose to be building eachother up!
            Jillian, as a working mama of two, I truly enjoy your realness both on your good and bad days. I hope that this small moment of nastiness from others doesn’t change you
            Sending you ❤

          11. You are a horrible person for writing that about Jillian. If you don’t like Jillian GET OFF HER PAGE! SIMPLE!

            Do you have children? Have you been harassed like this? That AWFUL person Emma wrote evil things about Jillian – stopping so low as to mock how she speaks to her son. Jillian was far more courteous than I ever would have been.

            Get off her page you miserable person. I pray for your sad soul that feels the need to speak so horribly about others.

            Jillian, you are brilliant, an outstanding designer, and a fucking awesome mother.

          12. Sorry Shay, that girl deserved it . Don’t attack mama bear bc the nicest ppl have a limit too.

          13. Look on the mirror Shay! Jillian’s post was so well written and just the right amount of standing up for herself without being nasty.
            You seem like such an unhappy person. Figure out what makes you happy rather then try to drag everyone else down to your miserable level.

          14. Wow. @Emma, what you wrote was just horrible. You judge Jillian for having her head in the clouds but take a look at yourself! How dare you presume to know what she’s thinking or feeling or how she talks to her child on a regular basis? How can you come off SO incredibly high and mighty and be SO sure that you’re better than her. I feel incredibly sorry for you, despite your possession of an MBA which apparently means you know everything. I will not stoop to your level and criticize you (as I really want to) but I will say that I’m not sure how you managed to get an MBA when you couldn’t even master the basic “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing” as a child. I really hope that you understand that words hurt and I sincerely wish that no one ever criticizes you and starts drama with you the way that you just have with Jillian.

            Whether you’re a mother or not, you should know that it a low blow to criticize someone’s parenting skills and especially someone who is so dedicated and devoted to her child as Jillian obviously is. Mothers do the best that they can and it isn’t for you to decide how every one of them should parent. Please think about the hurt that you have caused and decide for next time whether it is actually worth it. I hope for everyone’s sake that you decide it is not.

            I don’t normally comment on any of these blog posts but it is so upsetting to me that something that brings most of us so much joy can then be turned around and used with such malice. I watch Jillian’s InstaStory every morning when I wake up and consider it a highlight of my day. Maybe, @Emma, consider that your opinion is not the only one out there before commenting next time.


            I have nothing more to say other than I’m so sorry that people like this exist and you know for every negative there are a thousand more positive comments from people like me who enjoy and appreciate all that you do.

          15. Oh no, Shay and Emma, it looks like someone switched out your morning coffee with some hater-ade. Hopefully, today you jumped down from your almighty throwns to pour yourself a tall cup of compassion instead. Actually, make that a venti, extra shot of “how to be kind” with room for humility.

            Jillian, jealousy has reared up its ugly face your way again. DUH. You are wonderful and transparent and kind and a powerful & inspirational woman. Of course they are jealous. “How can she work so hard, have so much going on and be so happy…. I know, I’ll ruin her day”. What a dumb idea. Don’t give them, another thought, girlfriend. YOU do YOU. The rest of us love it.

          16. Dear Shay –

            It’s REALLY simple.

            Before speaking – ask yourself
            1.Is it kind?
            2 Is it true?
            3. Is it necessary?

            Certainly it wasn’t kind, no argument there eh?
            CERTAINLY it isn’t true. Knowing Jill personally and having the privilege of working with her, I can unequivocally tell you she is the furthest thing from a bitch, as you falsely claim. She is kind and funny and about as genuine as a person can be. Truly – and I’ve worked in hospitality for 21 years, so I feel this gives me some level of expert regarding people.
            And lastly, was it necessary. One might argue that maybe it was. Because the 99.9% of us that support Jillian, perhaps maybe, just maybe, might have some teeny tiny impact on your choices to add your unkind thoughts in the future. I really hope that the outpouring of support has you realize just how in the minority you are with your ‘opinions’ and I sincerely hope you think twice before speaking/writing next time.

            The thing is, it’s totally ok to have opinions. But there are so many more constructive ways to communicate and engage in a robust dialogue than to name call or insult someone’s parenting. I mean really? Really? C’mon. Surely you know that’s not effective. Has it ever worked for you? Garnered a positive outcome. I highly doubt it.

            I’m sorry you’re struggling Shay. It’s so important to be kind. For everyone we meet is fighting their own battle

            I hope you find some peace

          17. She came off as real. As a human being who has been unnecessarily attacked by petty people like you and is simply trying to stand up for herself.
            It’s you and this Emma person that have come off as ‘real bitches’ here.
            Jillian is a beautiful human being and we need more people like her in this world and FAR less people like you in this world.
            I will never understand why women like you insist on tearing amazing women like Jillian down. She deserves better than that.

          18. Shay, I can’t believe your comment. Did you even read what Jillian was responding to? Sorry hon but you’re the bitch in this case

          19. Shay – Jillian was the one that came off like the bitch? What planet are you living on? Wow. She had every right to defend herself against that hateful, judgmental post from Emma. She had an answer, for every false statement that Emma made about her, and was willing to address Emma’s “concerns”. If you can even call them that. People like you and her need to take a long look in the mirror. Are you perfect? Do you think everyone agrees with everything that you do in your life? Spoiler alert: they don’t. If you disagree with everything she does so much, then move on, and follow someone else, who’s interests better match yours, instead of going on social media just to tear down such an obviously sweet, funny, hardworking woman. Not once has she EVER come off as fake to me. She’s one of the most genuine people I follow on social media, which is why I love her, and her posts so much. She is so full of joy, and her posts always bring a smile to my face, even on the worst of days.

            Jillian – Please keep being you. You are not doing anything wrong, AT ALL. I’ve got nothing but love for you, your fantastic team, and beautiful family. Keep smiling xo

          20. Wow! And the award for the rudest comment online goes to… Shay.

            Jillian, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing and so real! I look forward to your insta stories and posts everyday!! Take a break if you need it, but we’ll really miss you, please don’t go for too long 🙁


          21. Ew this is “gross”… can you block this person? Why are you spending so much time bashing Jillian?? I don’t understand the logic behind it. Jillian you are one badass and so real. This nonsense is despicable. There are more important things than defending yourself against shitty (and yup, jealous) people.

        2. Jillian – You are such a boss mom. Loved this post – thank you for the little boost. I’m a first time mom with a 6 month old and have loved following your journey with Leo. About some of the negative comments, I personally love seeing the products you post about because I’m from Canada and you post about things I CAN ACTUALLY FIND, and usually without import fees etc etc etc. Only a Canadian online shopper would truly understand how important that is. Thanks for being you, honest, sincere, kind-hearted…you!!! xoxo!

        3. Ignore all these negative people! They truly don’t know what they are talking about. My son is almost the same age as Leo and I genuinely talk to him in a “sing-songy” voice all day long. My husband actually teases me and says I’m starting to talk like you lol. I also feed my son Love Child Organics all the time. Your post was clearly sponsored, but as a mom reading it, felt genuine. Keep doing what you’re doing! xo

        4. JILLIAN! Yes. Yes. Yes.

          You are doing a great job. You are an awesome business woman. We all love your content and are inspired by you every single day. Whatever decision you make for yourself or your business is ultimately best for Leo. As a new mom myself (my son was born 2 weeks after Leo), I am a firm believer in the fact that whatever decision you make for you and your family is what’s best for your child. We all want what’s best for our children, and you are doing such an awesome job. Leo is lucky to have you, as are we.

          Hang in there. Have a cocktail. Or five.


          p.s. I’ll feed my son some Love Child in your honor tonight. I will also wear heels to dinner. Might even spray some Panetne on my dirty hairs to top it all off.

        5. Jillian,

          In NO way does standing up for yourself make you a bitch… despite what ‘Shay’ had to say. You work hard to build a life that you love, be a good person, and be a great new mom in the process. All of that is overwhelming without even being in the public eye.

          Eat what you want to eat. Promote your business the way you want to promote it, and talk to your son in WHATEVER voice you want to talk to your son in!

          It drives me crazy to see people pick apart everything that another person does. Stop coming on her blog, or on any of her other social media accounts if she drives you so mad you feel the need to cut her down like that.

          Jill, you’re amazing!Keep doing what you do. There are way more people that love you, than hate you.

        6. Jillian,

          In NO way does standing up for yourself make you a bitch… despite what ‘Shay’ had to say. You work hard to build a life that you love, be a good person, and be a great new mom in the process. All of that is overwhelming without even being in the public eye.

          Eat what you want to eat. Promote your business the way you want to promote it and talk to your son in WHATEVER voice you want to talk to your son in!

          It drives me crazy to see how people pick apart everything that another person does. How do you dictate what is right & what is wrong in someone else life? Stop coming on her blog, or on any of her other social media accounts if she drives you so mad you feel the need to cut her down like that.

          Jill, you’re amazing!Keep doing what you do. There are way more people that love you, than hate you.

        7. Jillian. Your response to that was amazing!!
          You should never have to make excuses or apologize for being you!!
          Perhaps if all of these negative Nancy’s made themselves as public and open to everyone else as you do every day and received the harsh backlash and criticism you do they might have more compassion and understanding!

          Jillian is human just like you and I. She has a heart and feelings.
          If you don’t like what she has to say close your computer and walk away!

          No one likes a bully!

        8. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Also, I LOVE the ‘Good morning Leo’. Its my fave – and so are you. Keep doing what you’re doing!

        9. Thank you for being genuine and kind and sharing your life! I look forward to seeing your posts and think you are just fabulous! Keep being the talented, compassionate, and beautiful bad ass that you are!

        10. Mic drop! Oh ya haters, Jillian just dropped the mic on your sorry asses!

          Jillian I love you and all your stories and posts and that little Leo is to die for! Keep being amazing ?

        11. Clearly not a mom because taking to your baby in silly voices really is what we do! Love ya girl, keep up the awesome work ❤️❤️

        12. I am so sorry you have to put up with people who say such horrible things on the internet and would have absolutely no nerve to say things to your amazing and wonderful face!! Your insta stories are the first and sometimes the only thing I look at on Instagram! I am only 22 and I want to be you when I grow up! You do what you do for YOUR family and I think people are just jealous and negative and I really hope you don’t stop anything your doing because I love you and seeing Leo and everything you do! Also, I think the way you talk to Leo is so freaking cute! And I never once thought it was fake. Your an amazing mom and Leo is one lucky little dude!

        13. So half of this boils down to shampoo and baby food? Seriously? The rest of these gross comments are unfounded and coming from dark and selfish places.

          Those of us who understand your message Jillian will continue to come back for your inspirational and positive material. We all know you have much bigger fish…or rather veggies to fry!

          Although today must have been a rough day, I am so happy to see the outpouring of support you have received, it is well deserved.

          Looking forward to your next posts and all that is ahead for you in your exciting career and life!

        14. Jillian,
          You know that saying saying “Lions Don’t Lose Sleep Over Opinion of Sheep”, well that is my advice to you.

          The world is filled with trolls, haters, and naysayers. No matter what you do, someone will always have something negative to say. These people aren’t worth your tears or time.

          And cheers to you for building such a successful career and life for you and your family. Good things come to those who work hard – You are one of those people.

        15. 1. You are so brave to make your life your work. You are BRAVE.
          2. I love being told what to buy. Sponsored content opens my world in ways that would otherwise keep the doors to this great big world of entrepreneurs and small (and big) business closed.
          3. My Pop said cry when people hurt you, give it all you’ve got. For 15 minutes. Don’t give the haters your heart space any more than that. I’m pretty sure you already know how much the rest of us love you!
          4. Did I mention how brave it is for you to put your life out there for all to see as a means to provide for your family and encourage your followers?


          (Mom of two boys 3 and 6…I know it’s hard to imagine but every phase of boy-momhood is better than the last)

        16. Preach ?? Jillian. Love you! As women we should be supporting other women and men for that matter. We are all human. Be kind to one another.

        17. I have loved following your posts through the years, and will never understand why someone would post the things they do. It went beyond criticism, and went to attacking you and your life. You answered so wonderfully, and though I usually am not one to comment, I wanted to share that I think you are lovely. Snuggle that beautiful baby of yours and take a break if you need, but just know there is a huge community of people who support you and appreciate you opening your life to us.

        18. Just want to add that my daughter is only a week or so younger than Leo and I ask her ‘how she’s doing ‘ all the time ☺️ (We also sing yankee doodle a million times a day).
          I feel like I’ve entered into this whole adventure called motherhood with you Jill and you’ve been an inspiration and a friend.
          We love you!

        19. I also have an MBA… From an Ivy League School. If NIKE is asking you do endorse a product… you are doing something right Jillian.

          Love your content and KEEP talking to Leo in “that” voice. Whatever that means…. Who doesn’t speak to babies that way? Please.

        20. who is she kidding, EVERY mom talks to their kids in a “fake sing-song-y voice” and that mush in a POUCH is delicious I had one – whoops I mean my baby had the one with coconut in it today and nom nom. How dare you Jillian for promoting a company that you believe in and actually use the products.

          Please don’t change, don’t start questioning yourself now before you make that next IG story or post your next blog – these “followers” shouldn’t have a voice and definitely shouldn’t succeed in bringing sadness in your life. Everyone has an opinion when you become a mom, nothing will be good enough, I can’t imagine what it is like to be a celebrity… let them hide behind their “MBA” and “vegan-ish” word hating miserable lives!

          and what I say to my girl – chin up buttercup!


        21. I NEVER respond to these things (EVER) but I feel like I have to respond to your post because I think you made one mistake while writing it… WRITING IT! You do NOT need to apologize, explain yourself, or justify your actions! You are doing great! You have way more people supporting you and drawing inspiration from you than those who take time out of their day to bring you down. I will never know why someone would take time out of their day to write something that is hurtful (and this was hurtful.. Clearly it was not a constructive post suggesting improvements), but whatever the motivation, it did not deserve you taking the time out of your day to actually respond to it.

          I don’t know you, and from what I do know I don’t always agree with you, or your views (to be quite honest I think we are on complete opposite isles when it comes to politics, lol!), and I don’t parent in the same way that you do BUT in my opinion NOBODY can accuse you of not trying your best, of not having the best of intentions with your actions, and using your platform to harm or mislead. You are a woman making money, being successful, and fulfilling your dreams, there is nothing wrong with any of that. And if anyone expects perfection from you, that is on them, NOT on you.

          You do you, the best way you know how, with your best intentions, and remember that you are an inspiration to many.

          I am a mom, studying to change careers so I can follow my dreams – and I follow you for inspiration and motivation! I love watching you fulfil your dreams and even if our views don’t align, and we do things differently, I am inspired watching strong women, putting themselves out there, achieving success, and making it happen. We don’t have time to waste, that’s why we don’t spend it on making other people feel bad or responding to those comments.

          Don’t apologize! Don’t explain yourself! Don’t justify! Your Stop correcting “privilege” allows you to do more good in this world. That is all. Good luck to you in all your endeavors! I wish you all the luck and sending you all the goodwill in the world!

        22. Yes Jill!! ???? Seriously this is why I love following you! I one day I dream of having a successful blog that I can do full time and you are a huge inspiration!

        23. Something that has stood out to me after reading so many of these posts is the overwhelming about of support for you Jillian as terrible as the experience has been for you I’m sure, I hope you can find strength and comfort in knowing there is so much love for you out here!
          It’s so wonderful to see women can support other women instead of cutting them down, in the female dominated industry I work in I’ve learned that only those who are insecure about themselves and their own short comings resort to bullying tactics especially from behind the screen of a computer. I feel truly sorry for the girls who shared their rude and irrelevant comments on this site I also find it interesting that they would take the time to not only read a blog post of someone they clearly have different opinions than, but also comment on the post. That seemed very interesting to me and mentioning that you have an MBA also seems very strange and irrelevant! Wondering if I should sign off this post saying I have a Bachelor of science and a masters in nursing does that make me more credible….. Anyways keep doing what you do I love your insta stories and your posts and thank you to those out there that take the time to lift each other up not knock each other down.

        24. Sorry for all the hate you’re getting Jillian. I have a six month old and let me just say, I’m with you. It’s been hard and amazing at the same time. I had all these great plans to make my own food but having a baby with acid reflux who wakes up every hour still leaves me tired. So I’ve definitely gone and used Love Child food pouches. It means my baby gets good food that she likes and I can feel good about what’s in it. And secondly, I definitely also ask my daughter how’s she’s doing in high pitched voices and chat with her all the time. It makes her laugh and smile. So you can’t beat that. I don’t know you personally but it’s obvious that you love your family and try your best. That’s all we can really do, and for the rest we all just need to give ourselves a bit more grace. We all need it.

        25. You go girl!!!
          I have a 12 week old little boy, just started following you recently on instagram.
          You’re my mom inspiration !!!
          Don’t stop doing what you’re doing, you have such a unique perspective and it’s very refreshing and uplifting!

        26. Honestly Jillian…don’t engage in the negativity. Just keep on keeping on and be that amazing woman and stay strong. People love to see others get knocked down. Adult bullying at it’s finest. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs with us and showing us that you are human. Big hugs and keep smiling 🙂

        27. Love you and what you’re about Jillian. You’ve created a space and brand that people believe in and trust and what a brilliant thing you’ve built. Good for you standing up to hate with positivity. There is no pleasing some people and in fact they’re the ones with sadness in their lives that they’re trying to fill with hate. Clearly from the level of support on these awful comments you are doing an AMAZING JOB 🙂 keep doing you and know that you have a whole community of people who love the content and everything you stand for. 🙂 <3 <3 <3

        28. Jillian,
          I know I’m just adding to what everyone else is saying.. but you are incredible! ❤ You are talented in every way! We all see your abilities through social media and through your show but what is most important is you’re an incredible mom. Working and doing all that you do while raising a child is so tough, but there is no doubt in the fact that your family comes number one in your life.
          I am 24 with a 7 month old son and you honestly inspire me. I love being a mom and nothing in the world is better, and I know you know that 😉 but I also have a passion for design and I hope someday to own my own business. You show me its possible and I thank you for that.

          I hope the good comments will soon out weigh the bad… I’m so sorry people have such terrible things to say…
          You have every right to take time off from social media; you are human and you have feelings. Just know that you inspire many!!


        29. The Buddhists say there are eight winds. They are gain and loss, praise and ridicule, credit and blame, and suffering and joy. If you aren’t aware of them, they will blow you away like dry leaves in an autumn breeze. For example, when someone praises you, and that tastes sweet, like candy in your mouth, you are being blown away by the wind of praise.

          One day in ancient China a young man thought he had become enlightened. He wrote a poem to his master about how he was not blown by the eight winds. Then he sent it to his master who lived three hundred miles up the Yangtze River.

          When his master read the poem, he wrote “Fart, Fart” on the bottom and sent it back.

          The more the young man read those words, the more upset he got. At last he decided to visit his master. In those days, a three-hundred-mile trip up the Yangtze River was a very difficult journey.

          As soon as he arrived, he went straight to his master’s temple. “Why did you write this?” he asked, bowing. “Doesn’t this poem show that I am no longer blown about by the eight winds?”

          “You say that you are no longer blown by the eight winds,” replied the master, but two little farts blew you all the way up here.”

          I saw your IG story this morning and my heart goes out to you. I don’t normally comment on celeb blogs and such but today you aren’t just a celeb to me but rather a human being. A fellow human, a fellow woman and a fellow mom who needs to be rallied behind. The only thing you did wrong here, in my humble opinion, was engaging with these haters. Definitely take some time to recover and regroup but please don’t let these little farts blow you completely off social media. Take the time to process what happened in the bigger picture. There will always be haters and negativity and people that try to keep us down and we all have to deal with that as sadly it will never go away. When you are ready I’d love to read a blog post on how you got past this. I look forward to your next blog post, your next IG post and your next IG story.

          P.S. I am an “ish” girl too…for me it’s about not putting myself in a box and it’s about maintaining some balance and maintaining the freedom to choose differently sometimes. I’m just finished cancer treatments and I’m revamping my day to day eating habits in hope to stay healthy but I’ve been very careful not to say the “V” word but rather “I’m just trying to introduce more plant based meals into our day”. I’m not a celeb but I just don’t want the headache of being judged and ultimately criticised. You are not alone in what you are going through and how you are feeling. Chin up!

        30. Jillian I applaud everything you said. I follow your IG and your blog and I especially follow it very closely now since you have sweet Leo. I am so envious of the life you get to live that you WORKED HARD for and deserve! But I am not envious in the mean-spirited way these very rude people are, I am happy for you! I am a registered nurse so my career path is completely different than yours! I wish I had the creativity and design talent you do and I hope to be a great mom like you are! What I see in your IG posts/videos (whether sponsored or not) is a HAPPY HAPPY precious baby boy who laughs so much! I see involvement from both parents and grandparents and friends and more family so that’s what I focus on. Not everyone has that and I don’t feel that means you’re priveliged in the negative context, I think that means you are truly blessed! At the end of the day as long as your baby is happy and healthy and spends time with his family, that is what matters! I think you’re doing great, I’ve followed you for years ever since you were on the Bachelor and I’ve loved you the entire time. Keep up the great work and remember you have so many followers who think so highly of you. May God bless and continue to bring your sweet family (especially Leo) great happiness and health!

          Much love,

        31. Yes! This person clearly does NOT have children. I also talk to my kid that way. How can you not when they’re that frigging cute?! It’s natural lol. Keep on doing your thing Jillian. As a former (professional) blogger I totally appreciate what you do with this site and know even w/sponsored content you won’t stand behind a product you don’t love. We just don’t do that as bloggers do we and you’re certainly in a position where you can be choosy about what/who you work with. True haters just mean you’ve made it in your little corner of the ‘net 😉 xo from the Maritimes.

        32. Jillian, please do not let the two bad apples ruin the bunch (and bunches and bunches). Focus on the good people you have supporting you – these girls have not been in your shoes, and clearly need more life experience before they can even begin to comprehend what you have explained. It’s just going over their heads. Time, maturity, experience, and a growth of compassion will hopefully someday change their tune.

          I thought everything you said was very well-explained, and as a new Mom myself, it’s true that it’s so incredibly difficult to be a working Mom – even if you enjoy what you do. No one can understand what the emotional toll is like of being ripped away as the primary caregiver of your child in order to financially support them, unless you’ve been through it. I used to think I would have no problem going back to work, but boy was I wrong! Every maternal instinct was clawing and fighting its way through my body, telling me ‘it’s too soon.’ Yet in today’s society our families are financially dependent in the short- and long-term for us to go back to work sooner than we are ready.

          We all clearly love you, your family, and your business model. You will never please everyone in business, or in life. I, too, am a pleaser. But as a Mom, I know my biggest need is to please the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is your family, and your plethora of supporters who adore and support what you do, and how you do it. There are probably many-a-girls reading this who would love the opportunity to be a part of the Jillian Harris machine, including myself, and that is proof right there that you’re doing something right.

          Keep on keeping on! Love, peace, and baby grease.

        33. Jillian- I love your response to this Emma chick, you are so right!! I nearly laughed out loud when she said something about your marketing “not working”… like seriously!? You are clearly so successful and what you are doing is obviously working very well!! You wouldn’t be where you are right now if it wasn’t working. I mean look at all these comments from people who have your back and are defending you!! We all love you!! So maybe a handful of people don’t like it, no one is making them follow your blog but they are obviously reading it so even they are intrigued!! And a lot of us can totally relate to you!! I am a mom, I run my own business from home so I can stay home with my kids too, I seriously love your taste in fashion, products and everything and I seriously value your opinion and have bought and love many of the products you have sponsored!! This chick clearly wishes she could do what you’re doing and be as successful as you but it takes the right personality and you have it… someone like her would never be able to do this! People need to love you to be successful in the business you are in and you are killin’ it!!! And for the record, I talk to my babies too the same way you do, most moms do! So she clearly is not a mom and can’t relate. I’m missing your video with Leo today and hope you come back soon… like so many thousand others have said!! Life is too short to start your day with broken pieces of yesterday, it will destroy your wonderful today and ruin your great tomorrow! So please come back to us soon!! Love you!!

        34. Jillian, I couldn’t imagine how hard it is to read the negative that people write. It is human nature to seek approval. I saw your insta story yesterday and came on to read the comments! Try to remember that people who say mean and hurtful things are just not happy within themselves!! People who are truly happy with themselves don’t talk to others that way!! At the end of the day all that matters is if you tried your best and if you were kind…even though I don’t know you personally I would guess that you can go to bed every night saying yes to both of those!! People need to understand that your blog is also a way of paying the bills. A lot of blogs have sponsored posts. If they don’t like you or your blog they should just stay off!! Focus on the positive. And for what it is worth, it seems like you are doing a great job with Leo!! Hang in there momma!!

        35. PREACH Jillian! you are authentic and true to yourself, obviously a smart business woman, and a wonderful mom. Please don’t let these trolls get you down. Send them a little bit of pity (the thought of using one’s personal time to judge a stranger from behind an IP address is nothing but sad), and then move on. For every Emma or Shay there are 1000 others who love you and support what you’re doing. Keep killing it MOM BOSS!

        36. Jillian,

          I’m sorry you are being so attacked. This is literally the first time I’ve ever commented on a blog or insta post but I couldn’t read all this without chiming in to let you know I love reading everything you post!! I am a new mom with a son two months younger than Leo and it’s been such a huge joy and adjustment. You are amazing and classy and sweet and love other people. Don’t let anyone who criticizes you get you down you have a ton of people who love all you post!! Blessings and keep up your insta story I watch it while I’m nursing!! 🙂

        37. Jillian don’t listen to these people that have nothing better to do then hide behind their computer and say hurtful things and bully. You are an amazing person and mother and I personally love your posts and blog and love watching your videos of your beautiful family. So many people like myself look up to you. You’re an amazing role model. It was truly heartbreaking to watch your last video after those horrible internet trolls bashed you. They should be ashamed of themselves. Keep your head up Jillian you’re doing an amazing job! xo

        38. Jillian,

          You are AMAZING. Do NOT let anyone make you feel bad for who you are. Clearly they are all jealous that their careers have not brought them the happiness that yours has. People that write negative posts about/to other people only do it because they are unhappy with their lives, and are jealous. Don’t think of it as people hating you, think of it as people who are jealous of your incredible life. I only follow people that have high standards and you are one I always follow. From what I can see you are nothing short of an amazing mother, and Leo will grow up to know that and will love you for it. A few negative comments won’t change that fact. You were and are in no ways are a “bitch” as Shay said. You actually were too kind to those ladies and probably should have been a bitch.
          Just remember for every hater out there, you have way more lovers. Keep on posting so we can enjoy!
          Forget everyone else!

        39. Cheers Jillain! You are doing a wonderful job…these trolls are nasty bully’s and would NEVER speak to you this way if they were face to face…they’re hiding behind a computer screen like a coward and are jealous….

          I love watching you and reading your blog!

        40. Jillian,

          I just read those comments and I am disgusted with how horrible and shameful people can be. People like Emma and Shay sit behind a computer and judge someone. If they don’t like what you are doing don’t follow. It’s pretty simple. I don’t need an MBA to tell me that. Why Emma decided to mention her MBA is beyond me. Clearly education does not buy you class!
          It’s so evident how much the world loves you Jillian! You are amazing and I love each and every product you mention because I hate using the same product over and over and love to change it up! And I also loved your use of the word vegan-ish! It’s so fitting and I can’t understand why that makes people angry?!
          Keep doing what you do and honestly people like Emma and Shay need to grow up and move on. Bullying is unacceptable! They clearly weren’t taught if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.
          The rest of us will continue to follow you and love you! You are and incredible human being and don’t ever let people like those two take you down!
          Love you Jillian! Xoxo

        41. @jillian Harris. I also talk to my daughter like that too ? And she is 17. I also talk to all kids with that voice. I love it.

        42. Love you so much Jillian!
          Do your thing, and come back to us on Instagram we all already miss you and Leo!
          And why even bother to respond, they don’t deserve it.
          Love love love you!

        43. Good for you Jillian!!!! Do not let people bully you! And for those saying that she is showing her true colours…did she say anywhere that she was perfect???? What do your responses to her say about yourself? You must all be so damn perfect and so genuine and angelic. And please don’t forget to call me a bitch as well. Hell, if being a bitch means sticking up for myself and others then by all means…PILE THE BITCH ON PLEASE AND THANK YOU. We could all benefit from some real talk and real people in our lives. Thank you Jillian for being you. You are so real and relatable. And I find it really great that you stick up for yourself.

        44. Mic drop! You are the best Jillian! I am not a mom, but enjoy watching/reading about Leo. I’m not a designer, but I look forward to seeing the progress of your house. I can see the wonderful relationships you have with those you work with and how much fun (and hard work) it all is. I admire your dedication to your family and their unending support of your busy schedule and career.

          The fact that someone took the time out of their day to wire that long winded post is crazy to me. Why would they follow you? How do they think bloggers make money? For someone with an MBA, you’d think they would’ve figured that out. Not too mention, you constantly say that you would never endorse something you haven’t tried yourself, and especially for your child!

          Keeping doing you. For every hater there is thousands that appreciate you are willing to share your life….ups and downs, tears, gray hairs, messy houses and all! Xx

      3. @Emma – Such terrible things you said! I agree with Jillian that you must not be a mom. Your post sounds very ignorant in that regard. I am a mother and I have followed Jillian on IG and read her blog for a little under a year. My baby is the same age as hers and I totally talk to my baby the way she does….all day long. Yeah, it might seem weird but when you are obsessed with your kid you act like that (I’m sure you would also criticize her if she didn’t talk to Leo). Of course she is going to talk about Leo and his current milestones (eating solids) because that is what is ACTUALLY going on in her life. Also, you say you study the influencer business model. How do you think Jillian can support her family if she blogs for absolutely no compensation??? You must know how much time and effort goes into everything from the research, content creation, photography, etc.

        Being a new mom who works/runs a business is hard enough. If you don’t like what you are seeing on IG or a blog just stop following that person..don’t go out of your way to bring someone down and TRY to ruin their day. That is just nasty. I could go on and on about how awful your comment was but I think other people covered most of it. People blog to help others so if this person isn’t helping you just look away! ha

        Jillian- I think your stuff is awesome and you are doing an amazing job mommin’! I love how real your IG stories are and can relate to the struggle to balance everything and the immense mom guilt (thanks a lot kids!).

      4. I have a baby a month older than Leo. And yes every day I ask her how she is and talk to her all day. That’s how their language develops. Stop grasping for straws.

      5. You might want to watch Jillian’s Instagram stories now, and then maybe you’ll realize that you’re talking to and about REAL person.
        No one needed your opinion on this, you can have it, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be shared.
        I am so sad for you that you think your education means that you can talk about people this way.

      6. You might want to watch Jillian’s Instagram stories now, and then maybe you’ll realize that you’re talking to and about a REAL person.
        No one needed your opinion on this, you can have it, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be shared.
        I am so sad for you that you think your education means that you can talk about people this way.

      7. Good lord Emma. Why don’t you climb down off of your pedestal. Number one, if you are having negative feelings then stop reading or following, it’s that simple. To start criticizing someone for the way they mother is one of the lowest, most disgusting things you can do. I bet she does talk to him in that adorable voice all day, what a lucky boy to have such a happy mom. Jillian is sent things and products to test and report back on, which she does beautifully if I may say so! She’s a trusted resource for me, that’s for sure, which brings me back to my original comment, if you aren’t enjoying them or think there’s too many, no one is shoving your face in front of your screen and making you watch or read. So find another way to spend your time. Jillian – you are a beautiful mama who clearly doesn’t deserve this. Go snuggle that little boy of yours and try your best to ignore the negativity. Xo

      8. Unsure why you mentioned your MBA as if it makes it ok to spew hate?! What does that have to do with anything?! If you don’t agree with or like what she posts, don’t follow! Prettt simple. #getoveryourself

      9. Wow. If you don’t like her content, just go away! Why leave such negative material? There is no good reason to write a comment like this. Just close out of the window and find someone else whose blog style you like more. Byeeeeee.

      10. Kind of funny how you think it’s a bad business model yet here you are, following her… I’d say it works. Just because you have an MBA doesn’t make you a good person especially when you spend your time trolling the comments on someone’s website . Live and let live, lady. The world is too full of hate and division. You’re entitled to your opinion but if is not building someone else up, maybe keep it to yourself.

        Jillian, get it girl! Your life, your family, your style is beautiful! Stick to your guns and make choices that make you happy. And forget the negative comments 🙂

      11. Do you read any other blogs??? All bloggers have sponsored content….IT’S THEIR JOB!!! Do you perform your job for free? Probably not. Is it insane bloggers can make so much money? Absolutely. But They work really fucking hard and try hard to incorporate their lives into a sponsorship. If you don’t know that, you need to go back and ask for your MBA money refunded because they didn’t teach you shit about the new influencer marketing. Jillian is really good at what she does whether you like it or not. Next time you go to work, make sure to tell your boss you don’t want a paycheck!

      12. You are the absolute worst Emma!

        Jillian, you are beautiful inside and out. You bust your little butt day in and day out and are such an inspiration to young girls and women everywhere! Obviously, this horrible woman has never had a baby in her life because EVERYONE talks to babies in a singy-songy voices. Jealousy is the only explanation for such a hurtful comment! I LOVE all of your posts and insta stories, you are hilarious, adorable, genuine. You are such an awesome mom, daughter, finance, daughter, daughter-in-law, cousin, doggy mom. You do everything with so much heart and love.

        Also, vegan-ish is a thing. It is a really hard transition to go full on vegan and I am struggling with the same thing.

        Fuck these nasty evil hearted bitches! You are too sweet and amazing to be crying because of some depressed pathetic loser sitting behind a computer with nothing better to do. I never ever post anything but seeing you cry broke my heart, and you deserve to know how amazing and how loved you are.

        Keep doing you, and be the amazing ray of sunshine that you are! Anyone blessed to know you and have you in their life is so blessed. You are SO great! Don’t let some bully make you think otherwise.

        1. Totally agree with what you’re saying Par – also can I point out that there’s a real difference in studying something as an MBA and actually doing it. Plenty of people go out and get an MBA but they aren’t all successful. And plenty of successful people never got a degree in their field – so Emma’s point is a strange one to make. Love this group of ladies who support each other – as it should be! <3

      13. Hey Emma,

        Perhaps you can take your “MBA” and go to another site? If you don’t like her content why are you here? A ton of celebrities promote products through their blogs. Are you going to be attacking Beyonce or Selena Gomez for promoting Pantene too?!! I think most consumers are very well aware of what a “sponsored content” post looks like but thanks for your attempt to “educate” us all. You most certainly don’t have to do it in such a negative way. I really hope you realize that all your remarks just offended not Jillian but MILLIONS of Mommy bloggers out there. I wish you and your MBA the best of luck in your career.

      14. Wow. How hateful. You cannot assume to know how anyone feels about a product or about their job or their role as a mother. If this is Your opinion,, fine, but don’t assume you know exactly what is going on in another persons head, heart, business, and family enough to go up one side of them and down the other enough to make them feel terrible and question their choices. Even if you feel you are right, you have no right to make someone else feel little. It’s upsetting to see people tearing each other down. No need of it. You have the right to an opinion but no right to make others feel like dirt.

      15. I can’t even begin to comprehend how a grown woman would think it’s appropriate to comment on this and say even a fraction of what you said. If you don’t like what Jillian Harris posts then stop following. One easy simple little click at the top right hand corner of your screen. It’s beyond upsetting that you feel it’s ok to tear someone down like that. Jillian does an amazing job as a mother, as a business woman, fiancée, TV personality, the list goes on and on. I am amazed daily following her on social media all the things she manages to accomplish. It must be frickin exhausting! Mind my language but go fuck yourself. Ad sponsored posts are how many people are able to keep their websites and blogs going. If I am browsing through the internet looking for products for my baby, myself, my fiancée, I’ll be looking at reviews like most people. If someone I follow has reviewed it, that’s amazing! Every person who runs a website knows that advertising helps to pay for portions of running that site. Again if you don’t like it – leave. To leave a comment like you did was malicious and intentional in the fact that it was left purely to try and get a rise out of Jillian. Congratulations you made someone who I’m sure works her butt off feel like shit. Do you feel better about yourself now? Jillian doesn’t use her baby as a prop and to say that is ridiculous. And yes, moms do talk to their children in a “high sing songey voice”. You may have an MBA but you certainly lack class. Jillian keep doing what you’re doing. The rest of us love seeing posts about you and your family and your business and the businesses that you support!

      16. Unsure why you mentioned your MBA as if it makes it ok to spew hate?! What does that have to do with anything?! If you don’t agree with or like what she posts, don’t follow! Pretsimple. #getoveryourself

      17. Wow! Emma these comments you are making decisions alarming. Just don’t read this blog if it makes you that unhappy. For me, this blog is a pleasure to read. Keep it up Jillian. Jillian YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

      18. These ladies with these nasty comments are deplorable. I love Jillian and find her to be so genuine and lovely, kind hearted and just and all around awesome human being. I have a son born the exact same day as Leo and I LOVE following Jillian’s adventures with her darling little boy and I also LOVE hearing about her Honest experiences. So I don’t know what is wrong with those Crazy lunatic biyatches!

      19. Emma,

        Jealousy looks good on no one. Hiding behind your computer also not cute… Don’t like her find your way somewhere else! Making money, promoting brands, being a MOM – thats called life.

        No shame in her game!

        Keep on keeping on Jillian!
        For every negative comment there is an ugly soul.


      20. @Emma – I don’t have an MBA or any business education to speak of for that matter..but who really cares if she makes money off of products she also endorses? If Leo is taken care of and eating healthy (and he seems to be), what does it matter if Jillian gets compensated for advertising products that she uses. Unless you have reason to believe that these products are detrimental to her child, who are you to beat her up for using them? I for one have benefited greatly by her suggestions and follow her daily for more! You are absolutely entitled to your opinion on the business models that you see, especially considering that you are more educated in that area than I am. But there is a constructive way to air your views without words like “gross”, “fake”, and “sing-song-y”. I, for one, talk to babies (and my cat lol) all the time. Just because you don’t talk to “tiny babies” the way Jillian talks to Leo doesn’t mean its not genuine. It’s one thing to use freedom of speech to share your educated views on a business model. It’s an entirely different thing to use your freedom of b****iness to spew inconsiderate hate-filled comment at a mom who is doing the best she can and just trying to put products out there to help the rest of us.

        @Jillian – I teared up reading these negative comments and watching your insta-story today. As women, we come under too much attack from everything else around us to be attacking each other. If these haters spent half of their energy building people up instead of ripping them apart from the safety of their keyboards, womanhood would be a much more constructive place. I am clearly not alone in telling you how much I love you and can’t wait to see you back on social media in full force as the fun, vibrant, and loving wife, mother, and business woman that you are! We are for you Jillian and we aren’t going anywhere!

      21. Wow…… how long did that post take to write?? Go spend your efforts on something positive. Go for a walk, play with your own kids….. stop watch it. It’s her life. It’s her choice. Go away

        1. Wow! Multitasking is one of the best abilities women have. Keeping a home., trying to be sexy and have self love . Supporting your partner, having the worst day ever but tell your kids u love them in that sing along voice. Am all the way in africa , where we women support each other no matter how small the achievement is because we stand in a male dominated region , our voices rarely heard so uplifting fellow women is what we pride ourselves in . Am a doctor also with 3 boys but i take time to read jillians blog to unwind . She does not deserve such nastiness.

      22. Emma, I don’t typically waste my time w trolls but I just had to ask……who knew there was an Inflencer Business Model police?!?!?! Good on you girl!!!! Tell you what…..since you have your MBA and and you’ve proudly and perfectly studied this model it seems, I’d love to see how successful and consistent your business is! However, something tells me anything you have to show for your educational accomplishments is nowhere near the scale of Jill’s success. And I don’t even think Jill has an MBA, so if she doesn’t and is as successful as she is, then I wouldn’t be too quick that brag about yours if you don’t have anything as successful to show for it.

        Lastly, I get and appreciate that people have a difference of opinions and you may actually be very successful in whatever the heck it is you do…..but your approach just flat out sucks!

        The Approach Police

      23. Can someone please explain to me the benefits of being so mean to someone? Could you please explain it to me? What did you gain by posting this? Actually don’t! There is absolutely nothing you can say that will change my opinion. Hurting someone is wrong period. Who the are you to say that she is using her son? And if you think you have the right to do so at least do it in private. Where is your decency? You have an MBA? So you are a grown woman. Simply act like one. Your MBA definitely didn’t teach you kindness. Shay, you say she is a bitch. What can I say? You girls got it. You made her cry. Happy? Seriously what is wrong with you?

      24. Wow.

        I never, ever reply on the internet but who are you to decide what she wants to do with her life?

        Clearly they are not doing a bad job lol.

        And to tell a mom that she is using her baby for products is just insane. Clearly you don’t watch ALL of her stuff or you would see all of the amazing things she does with her “privileged life”.

        If you are so wonderful with the business world, then learn how to mind your own.

        Jillian- I just watched your Insta story and it broke my heart – that is the ONLY reason I came on here to check out what you were talking about.

        Don’t you dare stop being you! Some people love to pick apart other people’s lives, not know the hard work that is put into what you do! Especially about Leo. He is your pride and joy – and it’s very easy to see that ❤️

        (Also, to the people who wrote negatively on this, go ahead and say whatever you like- I won’t be responding or care what you think about my post lol).


        – Chelsea

      25. Hey Emma, why do you follow and read her blog then if it makes you “shunder”? Something clearly drew you to her blog, you clearly read it. If you’re so against the things she posts then why are you here? How about you find another blog that better suits you rather than reading Jillians and then make your obnoxious comments. Are you a mother? You must not be. If you are I sure hope you’re children learn it’s not okay to be a bully and write/say things that hurt others feelings. Sure you have the right to comment but does it mean you should, no.

        I’m not sure if you will see my post but if you do I just want to say thank you. I am a new mom and there were countless times that I needed advice and referred to your blog. i enjoyed it before you became a mom but I now enjoy it and respect it so much more now. I love seeing all the things you try, many of which I have used in my day to day life. I enjoy your blog, insta stories and photos and I love your little family that you work so hard for., and clearly as you can see by these comments you make a difference in people’s lives. It’s so brave to put your opinions out there especially in this world these days where people feel entitled to be rude and mean because they don’t agree. Well I appreciate you and all you do.

        BACK TO EMMA
        I also hope you see this post, and the hundreds of posts from people who enjoy Jillians blog. She is still a person with feelings and I hope you realize that your words hurt. Find another blog that makes you happy…. and take you’re disclaimer and shove it up your opinionated ass.

        PS I have a ten week old son, and I do ask him every day “how are you?” Usually in a high pitch singing voice as well. That’s how I knew you weren’t a mother because if you were you probably would do the same thing. If by me asking my son how he is everyday brings a smile to his cute little face as Jillians does with Leo then I will ask a million times over and over again. … and without judgement.

      26. I’m still trying to figure out who asked your opinion on her business model. Bizarre. Who has time to post this negative junk?!

      27. @emma maybe you’re not a sad person but there must be something lacking in yourself when you feel like it’s your place to look down on others and belittle them. Think about the reason you felt it was necessary to share those hurtful comments- it surely wasn’t to inspire and build up another.

        Jillian, keep up the hard work (on the job and with little Leo) I love seeing your blog posts and insta stories and I know I’m not the only one. You have so many supporters- keep being silly and sweet!

      28. If you don’t agree with her then get a life and don’t follow her. She’s still probably 10000x more successful than you. Everyone that reads her blog has a brain about the products she likes and can make their own informed decisions before purchasing anything. So perhaps your strong opinion indicates you have not much else going on in your life to have such hatred for someone else. No one cares about your MBA or your business background. You’re behind a keyboard and you are just a shitty person. ✌?

      29. Emma, clearly you ARE an unhappy person. Just because you have an MBA, which pointing out proves you are insecure, doesn’t make you better than anyone else! Get off your high horse!!! Seriously get a life and let people live theirs. You are clearly jealous and apparently your MBA doesn’t make you an intelligent person because intelligent people aren’t closed minded, cold people that attack others for their success.

        Jillian, you are the best! I know it hurts but you are better than these jealous, evil, insecure women so try not to let it get you down. You are such an adorable family and I LOVE following your instragram…..and I’m not even a kid person but just love watching you, Leo, Justin and Nacho. You are a great mother!! xoxo

      30. Emma, your 2-year study probably lacks a chapter in controlling the troll population. The influencer business model is meant to relate to people who can relate to the influencer. If you cannot relate, then bounce. A bounce rate will always be a part of any digital ad campaign, influencer or not. Celebs have long been paid to rep a brand, and I think it was long overdue for some of these companies to realize they can partner with people a little closer in reach to their potential customers, at a pro-rated ‘celeb’ fee based on a measurable amount of followers, engagements, and purchases. I hope this is a part of your study – because whoever started this branch of endorsements is a genius, and probably pretty well-off. It’s not ever going to be 100% successful – no business model ever has been. You can find a ton of other business models to study that have been far less successful. If someone is not monetizing their following, then it is a lost opportunity – both for themselves and the communities and organizations that may also benefit from their partnerships. My suggestion to you is to consider these new strategies for how they can be furthered as opportunities, not criticized for what is clearly only the beginning. Because otherwise, my dear, you are missing the boat.

      31. I honestly can not believe people have time in there day to criticize someone’s life like this. You can not make any of these claims unless you are a personal friend or family member. Does something about bringing someone down make you better? Or mentioning your MBA make you look better? I am sorry to whoever hurt you in life but it does not mean you should attack someone like this. This is bullying and simply sad that someone has to make her feel down because she talks about her child. Let her live her life like others let you live yours. How would you feel if someone started bashing you all over the Internet?

      32. You are completely off base and your comments are completely ridiculous and hurtful. I truly believe jillian stands behind every product she endorses. And is not using her baby as a selling tool! Also are you even a mother? Because I can tell you I talked to my babies like that and I asked them everyday how they are doing. I am completely appalled by how you can attack someone for making a living, supporting there families and sharing there lives with people to inspire them. You are completely jealous. I hope you are happy with the outcome of your post. You got what you wanted. ?

      33. Super proud of you for having gone to school for Marketing. Hey, I did too! Do you think that maybe Jillian is being genuine with her posts which is why you think she’s “getting bad marketing advice”? Stop being hateful. Embrace who you are; don’t care about what other people do (especially on a freaking blog!).

        Jillian, you have thousands upon thousands of people that admire what you write, say, and do. Keep it up. If not for us, but for you.

      34. Ugggg you disgust me. Seriously???? I have 11 month old twin girls and I always video tape them and ask how their day is and how they are feeling. Any mom would know that is how you are supposed to talk to your baby and interact with them.
        Clearly you are not a mom….or if you are I would be quite interested how you parent.

        And does it really matter what hair care products Jillian does endorse? Let me tell you something….one month I love Nexxus shampoo and then a couple months later I try something else recommended to me and then sometimes end up loving it. Where is there a written law that people can’t change their minds on the products they like or even choose to endorse.
        The fact that you have cause a person the literally BREAK DOWN in tears is DISGUSTING.
        I am a kindergarten teacher and my students are better behaved than you.
        Next time if you don’t have nothing nice to say why don’t you just keep it to yourself or write it down on a piece of paper so you get it out of your head and then burn it, rather than breaking someone down.

      35. Hi Emma,

        I wish I could message you this privately, but perhaps this is a good lesson for all of us. I have a feeling that that MBA of yours has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve, just as Jillian has worked hard to get to where she is. I am also sure you have probably more insights and ideas than the average on how that could probably help Jillian grow her brand and business, which she certainly seems open to as she’s even rewritten posts before when people have pointed out things that that didn’t sit well with them. And even if she didn’t, none of us get it right all of the time.
        Though I don’t know Jill personally, I feel there is probably a great amount of joy in being able to share her life and what/who she loves with her fans as well as benefit from the influence she has. But I’m also sure it stings even more when people rip apart her work because it then becomes a personal attack, not just a professional one.
        I feel like your well educated suggestions would be heard much clearer and better received had you sent the team a private message offering your advice instead of attacking the person she is. After all, you attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar. It feels much better at the end of the day to be a positive voice of change than a negative one.
        I hope all of this lends itself towards thinking about how good, possibly GREAT advice can be soured very quickly just by approach and tone alone.

      36. This was elaborate. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands? Imagine a life where you write a chapter of negativity towards someone else. Stay humble Emma.

      37. I’m sorry…how does having an MBA have anything to do with you not being an unhappy person Emma? I’m straight up confused.

        Also, just wondering Emma & Shay…should we all start consulting you for your opinion on what we should eat, or is it just Jillian?
        While we’re at it should we all ask you if it’s alright to give an opinion on a new product we’ve used also? You seem to have all the answers so just thought I’d ask.

        It’s blatantly apparent you do not have kids, your comments are outrageously inaccurate. I’m not sure I know a mom that doesn’t chat with their baby like that all the time.

        You are a bully, plain & simple.

      38. I don’t know. I don’t buy that you’re just commenting over the business model. I’m sure you could have found a less nasty way of giving her your opinion on her blog. Sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don’t pretend you’re not being hateful. What? You didn’t like the responses people were making to you? Did it bother you that people were saying you’re unhappy? Clearly, since you had to write a disclaimer. Funny how people react when they get a taste of their own medicine.

      39. ? wow keep telling yourself you negative human being that you are happy. Blah blah blah about school….no one cares! You are not happy. Only a jealous minded person would go on like you did on someone’s blog! Keep your negativity to yourself and don’t follow Jillians Posts if you don’t like the content! People have feelings! Didn’t you learn at a young age if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it at all!
        Chin up Jillian ✌️You rock girl !

      40. WOW Emma, so glad you’re using your MBA to troll the internet and be an absolute miserable human being just for the hell of it. I guess you just have nothing better to do hey? It’s pretty awesome to sit on your computer and create an entire post that is solely aimed to make someone feel shitty about themselves. I guess at the end of the day, when you think of all the great things you’ve done and contributed this will top your list? Bravo, keep up the good work. There will always be bullies in this world, I guess you’re proud to be one.

      41. Wow. I would like to say something negative about your statements above, but I don’t believe in bashing people I don’t know. But I am happy that you have an MBA and all…


        As a new Mom myself , I truly enjoy your blogs, posts and Insta stories. You are honest, and share your struggles, the successes, everything. Please keep sharing.

        I imagine a stranger accusing you of using your child to sell products cut like a knife. However, I enjoy seeing what products you use, even if you are getting paid to endorse the product. Mom’s need to stick together!

        Don’t let negative people get you down.

        PS. Not that it matters, but I do believe you ask your little baby how he is doing every day in you “fake-sing-song” voice (or whatever it was referred to as). Leo is so cute! How couldn’t you talk to him like that! ?

      42. Wow. We as women should be each other’s champions. We should empower, encourage, and support one other. I don’t give a rats arse if you are uneducated or have a BS, MBA, or PHD. NO person has the right to tear another down. It is a shame that social media gives cowards an opportunity to hide behind a message board post. Show your face, and let’s see how fierce you really are.

        It is our choice to follow others in this crazy social media world. That, I understand. But why – WHY – use this platform as a place to talk smack about an individual who has done nothing but to fearlessly and without filter share her life with us? I dare you to do the same.

        And I for one started to follow Jillian way back when because I am a huge fan of her aesthetic, style, and flair for home decor. Liketoknowit all the way.

        I also have a daughter literally the same age as Leo. I talk to her in nearly the same way that Jillian speaks to Leo. This is what we do. This is how mothers speak to their babes. Perhaps it sounds like crazy baby talk to you, but this is motherhood. Jillian could not capture the phases of Leo’s life or the brutal realities of postpartum life or motherhood more honestly. Where do you get off on calling us out on how we speak to our kiddos?

        Jillian – I will never be able to feel what you feel in this moment. But, I can say that I am entirely optimistic. Have you seen the outpouring of love and support from so many wonderful women in response to these bogus and hateful posts? Our unity speaks louder than their hate. We got your back, girl. Who has theirs?

        I also will be eternally grateful for your posts about WeeSleep. After 5 months of total desperation, sleep deprivation, and a whole lot of tears, and upon returning to work post maternity leave, I saw your tweet about WeeSleep. We quickly gave them a call, and enrolled in a 10-day program. Our daughter now sleeps a good 12 hours through the night and (finally) naps well. Thank you for the recommendation. Sleep is a beautiful thing. Life is good. You saved us.

        An avid supporter and fellow new (and working/breastfeeding mom).

      43. Emma- shame on you for beating down another woman and her ability to be a parent, especially behind the safety of your computer screen. You said yourself you don’t know what kind of mother she is, yet you make cruel and hurtful judgements based on what you see on the internet. It’s as simple as this, if you don’t like what you see, don’t read her site anymore!

        Jillian, I have enjoyed watching you for years and I think you are genuine and refreshing. I think you seem to be a wonderful mother and Leo is so lucky! Keep doing what you’re doing and what makes you happy! I will continue to support you!

      44. Hey Emma, just wondering if you have anything better to do than being a nasty internet troll?

        Don’t look at her stuff if you don’t like it. Get a life, stop being jealous of Jillian’s. And FYI no one cares you have an MBA.

      45. As a mother with an MBA I would like to argue that most of your assessments are wrong. As a mother, I can tell you that I absolutely believe that Jillian asks her baby “how are you doing today” every day because I did similar things with both of my children. As a mom you say all kinds of silly things in the “mom” or “baby talk” voice. You picking on that is especially ridiculous. My son is 5 and I say “hi honey” in a sing song voice to him every time I see him. Big deal.

        Obviously your personal opinions are your own but from a business standpoint you are not “buying” anything from Jillian. You choose to come to her blog and read her content and no one forces you to go out and buy what she is featuring. She isn’t tricking other moms into purchasing things and as you stated before, you DO NOT know her personally so you can make no claims on wether or not she is using what she features. You claim to be annoyed by her sponsored posts but her blog is a business, and one that she uses to support her family. Sponsored posts are very common in blogging and I doubt you get this annoyed at every commercial or ad you see on TV or the Internet. You say you are not attacking her as a mother but you claim she is using her child and that it makes you “shudder”. That’s attacking someone as a mother.

        If you do not like what you see that is perfectly fine. It’s obviously not your cup of tea. I just don’t understand why you would pick at things that are so ridiculous instead of just not choosing to read the blog if it isn’t in your taste. If you are looking at this from a consumer standpoint and you are wanting to let her know that you don’t like the content she has been producing that’s one thing, but to pick things that are so personal bothers me and clearly a lot of other people! Jillian is doing what hundreds of other bloggers do and is clearly successful despite what you want to claim about her business model.

      46. Having an MBA doesn’t make you a nice person. There is having an opinion and then there is just being malicious. Would you actually say all of this to Jillian’s face? I doubt it. Its easy to say mean things when your hiding behind your computer or smart phone. Be a better person Emma

      47. @Emma
        I’d love to show your family, friends and boss this hateful message so they can see what a piece of shit you really are.

        I hope trolling on amazing, happy, positive people helps you sleep at night. Get off the internet and go talk to a therapist. You have issues.

      48. Emma – you’re giving us MBA students a bad name, please stop. I’m sure Jillian can teach you a lot about building an online following/business.

    3. It sounds like you stumbled upon the wrong blog! Hope you found your way out and don’t stumble back in, for fear that my content should offend you again to the point you have to swear and try to hide it behind a hashtag!

      Also, I never said i hated my mom bod.

      This post ‘happens’ to be sponsored but the content was already written and prescheduled as ‘unsponsored’…. We got lucky enough to get a sponsor to back the post. But the words, the intent and the content isn’t influenced, fake or false… and while it may seem like I flip flop…. I will tell you. One day I am proud of this new body of mine… and some days I don’t recognize it and want to work to change it. Not sure if you’ve had kids but if you have I think you will understand this ‘conflict of interest”

      Are you upset that i’m getting paid to do my job? You understand that a blog will over 1 million readers a month is a TON of work and we’d be CRAZY to do it for free… I have 2 AMAZING fabulous women that work for me full time and LOVE their jobs. I get to bring my baby to work, support my family, support my community, support charities, dress up for work and am living my dream job. I am not hurting anyone, or offending anyone.

      Correct me if i’m wrong but there are actually BAD people out there, who are miserable, mean, selfish, rude…. if by chance i had a spare moment to criticize someone else’s ‘job’ or efforts…. i would probably start there… but i guess we already know that you and I have little in common.

      I wake up every morning and ask, how can i juggle being a great mom, a successful business person all while inspiring my employees, my family, my readers … how can i make the day more fun? How can i be more confident? how can i make my readers happy? I challenge myself daily and I LOVE it … and ,I will keep doing it, and, i will keep accepting appropriate sponsored posts to grow my business and keep my employees happy, so THEY can continue to make the world happier too… and hopefully help ‘cheer’ people like you up so they care less about ‘sponsored blogs’ and more about just being happy.

      lastly – I really do try to take constructive criticism to heart, but in this instance i am SO embarrassed i took the time to respond to you… instead of taking the time to virtually hug all the happy lovers who follow me. That is my only regret.

      Have a fabulous weekend, sending you LOVE and happiness and praying you find a blog that inspires you and makes you smile, obviously mine is not it. xo

      1. Jillian…your comment here makes a lot of sense to me, and helps me understand my own reaction to this post. First of all, it is totally inappropriate for us to body shame each other, and I actually deeply love the way that you never ever (I am the most ferocious consumer of your blog and all your social media accounts) make me feel like your life is unattainable just because I am a bit overweight. Thank you. Thank you a million times over for that.

        But I wonder if maybe you don’t see this post as a bit “off” somehow. It’s interesting to hear that the content was all written and THEN you found a sponsor. The sponsor really dilutes the post, in my opinion. Now that I know you had already written it, I understand it and went back and read it and found I enjoyed it more. But before you said that it really just seemed a lot like your earlier post from Christmas that you edited because you realized that the family emphasis was diluted by the ad. The Nikes just seem so arbitrary to the point of the post, and really made me think you had come up with this whole post just to sell some sneakers (also I like the sneakers from your insta 100% better than these, but that’s just a preference!).

        I don’t think these other posters need to be so negative, but I think that the complaints about the sponsored posts have a point.

        I am absolutely inspired by you and the way that you have built this blog. I read it at the very beginning post-Bachelorette, and it is a serious force to be reckoned with these days. I check it every day, and I love so many of your posts. I will be the first person to shoot my hand up and say that I want you to get paid for doing it because oh my god I would be so sad without this blog! But this post, the Christmas post I mentioned, that silly post about the Buick…there are so many “sponsored posts” that are great (product reviews, the Sephora skin care routine post, and the original mom and dad bod posts!), but then there are ones like this that just miss the mark, for me. And I’m a loyal, happy, devoted reader, and your blog absolutely does make my day!

      2. Hi Jillian, everything you have written in this post I can totally relate too as a mum to a 2 year old. I enjoy your blog as I can relate to so much of what you write and say. Keep doing what you do as I enjoy waking up every morning here in Australia to see your latest discoveries, thoughts and what has happened in your day. The one thing I love about you is you keep it real which makes me feel normal on those days that get hard trying to juggle everything. Much love to you from Down Under. Xxx

      3. Cheers Jillian!!! Don’t feed the troll. She’s a nasty person hiding behind a computer who needs to judge and bring others down to make her miserable life feel better. What a bully

    4. Just wanted to say that I have been a nanny for years and worked in daycares and preschools and shoes are very important and I really enjoyed this post be it sponsored or not! I also own these nikes and wear them everyday running around with kids!!!
      Keep doing you!

    5. @Shaylene, seriously what is your problem? If you don’t like what you see why don’t you just go the F away!?! Jillian is amazing and you’re just a schmuck!

    6. @shaylene

      You’re confused? I’m confused as to why you bother reading anything Jillian has to say, since you are quite obviously not a fan?

      take your rude, hurtful garbage someplace else.

      your mother would be ashamed.

    7. My mom works in tv and reading the things people say sometimes really fires me up. People forget that the people the see on tv are actual people, who have feelings and families and insecurities, just like everyone else. It’s easy to sit behind a computer and say mean things, and throw insults at the way someone is living their life. These people may even have past connections with friends from years prior and whatnot, but they forget one thing; people can change. My advice is to rise above it, be confident in who you are, surround yourself with the right people, and be unapologetically yourself.

    8. @shaylene,

      Do you have kids? I have 3 and go from hating my mom body to liking it multiple times in an hour, let alone a day

    9. Dear All,

      The most precious thing we have as women in the western world is the freedom to choose what we do. While those of us in the states have to contend with an idiot “president” trying to take our freedoms away, as of now we still have the freedom to CHOOSE. We can choose to ACT in any way we want (within the law). So for the women that CHOOSE to be rude, impolite, mean, & nasty…how about you make the choice to not read this blog. Choose not to follow Jillian. Choose to watch a different show. Thankfully you are not FORCED to hide yourself under burkas, FORCED to watch only state sponsored television, FORCED to eat only the food that is rationed to you, FORCED to not be educated because you are a woman, or FORCED to watch, read, or listen to Jillian. She has clearly stated that these are her opinions. I used to love Aveeno shampoo. Guess what? I now LOVE Pureology. Crazy, right? If you are the same person you were 10, 5, even 1 year ago, I would be very much surprised. It is a spoiled & selfish attitude to not respect someone’s opinions that you CHOOSE to read. Jillian allows comments to come in. She is interested in opinions. I don’t see anywhere that she is interested in hate speech. If you live in the U.S., PLEASE turn that vitriol you spew toward your congressional representatives to try to make sweeping changes to how women are allowed to makes choices for themselves.

    10. I love ALL of Jillian’s post! She is so inspirational and motivating.
      If anyone has negative things to say, I would have to say, they must be miserable with themselves. Very sad!!

  2. I love this! Thanks Jillian for posting. Such a great reminder for all the moms out there. I know I need to remind myself of this more often.

    For me, as a new mom, I found having a house cleaner come in, even just once a month has been such a treat. While she is cleaning all those things like windows, baseboards and bathrooms, I go out with the little one to Starbucks or drop him off with my mom while I treat myself to shopping or a pedicure. I love coming home to a clean house, and feeling extra relaxed because I did something for me and, for that day, didn’t have to do any chores.

    I just want to say, I love your opinions and recommended brands/products, regardless if the product is sponsored or not, I trust that you give honest feedback and I actually come to your site first if i am looking for anything from eye cream to runners to home decor.

    Thanks Jill!

    1. Thank you Amanda. We love what we do and love sharing my life with you all! It definitely gets challenging trying to make everyone happy all while ‘making a buck’ but we are navigating and will continue to try to find that balance! Thank you for recognizing and ‘believing’ that what we post is true, organic and authentic. We remind ourselves everyday how important that is! XO

  3. Did you actually read the post about the mom bod? Not anywhere does she say anything about hating her body.

    1. Hi Jillian,

      Not sure why people get their panties in a twist over sponsored posts. If they were in your position, they’d be doing the same thing! I would love to review products and get paid for it. Anyway, I always look to your blog and instagram for new baby stuff. I bought love child organics for my son and he loves it. And the comment about the way you talk to Leo.. she clearly doesn’t have any kids. I talk to my baby like that everyday! Please don’t let these people stop you from doing what you love. A career that lets YOU raise your child! You have a lot of followers who admire you. Keep going mama!

        1. Jillian, you are amazing. My girlfriend and I love reading your posts and following you on insta. We also love you even more because you are CANADIAN and think it’s awesome to have someone like you inspiring others! I usually don’t reply to these comments but after reading so much negativity I just wanted to say something positive. P.S. I love when you say ‘good morning’ to Leo in your cute little voice, it’s like you are saying good morning to the rest of the world and I look forward to it 🙂 Much love, xoxo

          1. Jillian – I am Stephanie’s friend (who also commented) and we both love your posts. I enjoy you as a person, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be following you on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and on your blog (that’s a lot!). I choose to do this because I enjoy the content you post, the products you promote and I just genuinely enjoy your personality. You didn’t become the successful business woman you are out of thin air. Clearly, you’re doing something right!
            You keep on doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it and I’ll keep following along!

        2. Jillian,
          I’ve never commented on a blog before, but your instastory last night broke my heart. No matter what you do, someone will eventually criticize, and quite often it really has nothing to do with you. I look forward to your instastories every day. It really does brighten my day to see you and Leo and your new house, and all your beautiful designs. It always makes me want to move to Canada. I hope you can focus on the overwhelming amount of support you’re getting here, and all the love in your life.

  4. Jillian! You’re a rockstar and I think everyone can suck it. Seriously obsessed with you! Question about the actual post….I want your sneakers. But…on the link in the blog the sneaks are melon and have the white one the toe, yours are totally pink with brown on the toe …where can I get those? Thank you!

  5. I have been meaning to write a message to you for a couple months now but time has got away from me but after reading some of the negative stuff on this post I thought I needed to make time to say a thank you. My little guy was born a few weeks before Leo and I have so enjoyed following along on your motherhood journey. I have lots of friends and support but they can’t always be there at 2 am or for the few minutes of down time I might get in a day but you were there. Through all this technology I could easily take a minute watch a story or read a blog and see someone else going through what I was going through or offering advice. I don’t know you, I don’t have to respond to you, you make no demands on me and so it was just easy to get some support or be entertained. I had to do some work while on my leave and went back full time when my little guy was 7 months. I get the struggle and appreciate your honesty about it. I enjoy hearing about products you use. My little one has lots of sapling child rompers and he also loves Love Child food. The skip hop play station was a huge hit in our house. I enjoy seeing you interact with Leo. I too talk away to my little guy. I haven’t seen Leo start to babble back yet but that will be even more fun. You have an interesting life and business and I am a satisfied fan/customer. Take care.

  6. Judge much? Yeesh…I just don’t get it. Reading 101 people. As the reader it’s your job to take what you’ve read and extract the information that meets your purpose, whether that’s for research or for enjoyment. Some are here to learn more about products, and some are here just to enjoy Jillian’s honesty and musings. If you don’t fit that category, you probably are in the wrong spot. Take from it what you want and if it doesn’t meet your purpose, I think we are all intelligent enough to find another place to land. Why be so hard on one another? Life is short.

    1. Hear hear- I completely agree! If we could all glance into each other’s lives we are not going to agree 100% with everyones choices. We are different people.
      Why take the time to be so nasty? These people aren’t just offending Jillian. I feel offended because Im usually so aligned with what she is saying.

      And for the record- I will never mind the sponsor posts because it allows Jill and her team to keep doing what they’re doing. Id rather have sponsor posts than no posts at all. Especially because you can tell it that the are genuine and authentic regardless of who is paying the bills.

      Let’s keep it nice and positive 🙂

  7. Jillian – huge new mom wave from Toronto! First of all, you are a boss mom through and through. Don’t listen to the haters. Despite them, thank you for being brave enough to still post about these topics. I have little Jaxon who is Leo’s age and following your journey has been 1) inspiring, 2) so helpful, 3) a huge contributor to me feeling like I’m not crazy! This is hard! Just like you, I love to work, I love to be active, and I love to be social. Since having my little one, a lot has changed and it has been hard to process. So, we need each other to remind each other that we can still be boss moms who CAN ask for help, who CAN work, who can expect equal partnership. So thank you. And hey – I feed Jax Love Child when I don’t have any homemade food left and that is TOTALLY OK. You do you and you’re doing GREAT. Boss mom! xo

  8. Jill you and your team are AWESOME!!!

    These posts are terrible. For every one negative person there are 100 behind you.
    You give so much positivity to the universe. Don’t give these negative posts a second though.

  9. You forgot step #6: hire a full-time nanny to take care of your kid even on your days off (Step 6.1 make sure you have enough money for 2 houses, so you can fly your nanny in between, or even just in for the day!). That’s most def what I call being a boss!

    1. D.O: LOL ….. i will take this comment as compliment! … also Cassandra doesn’t really ‘work’ on our days off … but she is a family friend that we have known since she was 5 and she LOVES leo and lives with us … so she is with us almost always and has no problem helping out on my days off… which … actually does not exsist because as you know as a business owner – there are no days off! When i don’t work on LIOLIV she helps out around the house so that i can blog, book travel for appearances, book meeting with the girls, photoshoots etc! … Having 2 homes sounds fabulous, but trust me, The novelty wears off quick. I am looking forward to the day when there is NO back and fourth – no driving dangerous highways for 9 hours a week and having to haul clothes and necessities back and fourth. Finding out you only brought one shoe or you left the baby tylenol at the last house! being separated from justin 50% of the time and going to bed by myself.. its not as awesome as it sounds! … ONE house is good for me thank you! LOL .. xo Thanks for the love 🙂 XO

      1. Take it as a compliment! It maybe sounded snarkier than it should have but damn girl – you’ve got a good life. Lots of privilege. You’re lucky!

        1. Jillian, love u, love ur crew, love this site. Block Jane’s IP address. She’s adding nothing new. Of course with all the time on her hands u might have to block her Cellphone and local Library ip too, all her alternative commenting names will probably disappear too. How sad her little life must be.

      2. Oh boo hoo. You have no god damn clue what it’s like to be a real mom who doesn’t have paid help following her around and quite literally picking her nose for her.

        You pretend to relate to the rest of us poor schmucks, but you failed. Your little defenders need a wake up call. You don’t live a normal life. You live a god damn privledged one and you are too caught up in the ads to even realize it.

        And your responses to people who don’t kiss your ass and agree with your every move is shameful. You have low just sunk to their level and for that I hope you give your head a shake. Or maybe just get one of your paid staff to do it for you so you can claim how amazing you are for “hiring” them.

        Sad part is I’ve been a follower and loyal reader for years. Your responses here are quite shocking and have totally turned me off. I’m sure you won’t give a shit anyways and I’ll wait for the retaliation response.

        ?. Felicia.

        1. Why should she apologize for living a “privileged” life? She work’s hard for it! Let the woman live, my goodness. Bye Felicia.

          Jillian, I LOVE following you and watching little Leo grow. These people are seriously insane and over the top RUDE for taking the time out of there days to write disrespectful novels. Keep doing you, so many people love following you!

        2. Jillian fully admits how priveledged she is. If you don’t like it, focus on the stuff in your life that you do like, and don’t waste time making someone else feel bad.

      3. Jillian you are so amazing please don’t let nasty people put you down. I look forward to every single post and insta story you make because you are such a ray of sunshine. My daughter is 8 months old and I look to your posts for advice. She was such a picky eater and I tried love child organics because of you and she actually loves them. I make most of her food now but for the times I try something new and she hates it I can quickly grab one of those pouches and she’s happy.
        You are a mom boss and the nasty people who are trying to put you down have sad lives.

  10. I’m a mom….and I don’t talk to kid like he’s a dumb animal. Possibly because I have more things to say to him than “good MORNING”, over and over…because I don’t have someone else taking care of him for me. Just saying.

    I’m a working mom who doesn’t have the luxury of being a “boss”, and I resent posts like this where you try to pretend you’re one of us. You’re worth like $2 million. You want my sympathy about how you “had to go back to work” so that you could support your family? Cry me a freaking river.

    And yah yah, I know, negative post, don’t bother reading if you have nothing to say. Normally not such a rude cow, but I am tired from actually being a mom, and thought your groupies needed a bit of a wake-up call. Being a bitch sometimes is par for the course in being a mom, in my world. I’ll retreat back into my cranky hole now.

    1. 2 Million is actually not that much money. Maybe you could work a little harder and stop trolling on someone successful. Also being resentful only hurts you, it’s like carrying a sac of potatoes around for no reason and complaining about it. Put the potatoes down , get off the internet and go work!

      1. “2 Million is actually not that much money. Maybe you can work a little harder[…]”

        This is the grosses thing I have ever seen on the internet, ever.

    2. Goodness, you watch 60 seconds of video for a 24 hour day and decided that all she says to him is “good morning”. You may be a mom but you’re also a fucking idiot.

  11. Jillian, you are amazing!!! I’m not a mom yet but you make me want to have a baby! LOL I enjoying checking your blog daily and I applaud you for being so honest about everything you post! Keep doing you and don’t pay attention to the haters! They hate you cuz they ain’t you! LOL xoxoxoxo

  12. I agree with the some of the comments here. I have nothing against Jillian but I think she is completely missing the point that some are trying make. If she is able to make money off of her blogging and Instagram posts, then all the more power to her but it comes off looking very insincere. You are just pushing a product. Yes, we all have jobs and need to earn a living and if this is one way for Jillian to do that, great. But she (and most bloggers) need to be clear and upfront about the fact that she is making money off of us, her readers. We are the reason she can make money off of this. She gets paid based on her following and amount of clicks she gets from her readers. If that is how one makes a living, they really should be honest about that. When you post blogs about life, motherhood, and fashion it becomes inauthentic the second you throw an ad or sponsor into the post. It then becomes a paid commercial, no matter how you slice it. I know some say this is not different then a celebrity endorsing a product on a TV commercial, but it is. The second a commercial comes on, I know that’s exactly what is and can change the channel. To blog about food, fashion, skincare etc. and then disguise a sponsored ad in there is dishonest to readers. If Jillian (and other bloggers) really want to be upfront, she should put the disclaimer “This is a sponsored post” at the very beginning of the post. Not in small print at the bottom of the post after we have all taken the time out of our busy day to read the blog, or what truthfully is an advertisement. For those who say “If you don’t like her posts, then don’t read or follow”, well that would be great if I knew ahead of time which posts are actual authentic blog posts and which are ads. I have nothing against Jillian and enjoy reading some of her posts but the moment it has as a product link in it, I am reminded she is being paid to talk about that product. Even if she does truly use and like the product, there is monetary incentive for her to blog about and try to sell it to her readers. If I know a post is going to have a product that she is endorsing for payment, I would not read that post. Regardless of whether she truly likes or believes in that product, it is still a PAID advertisement. I don’t need to waste my time reading about something she is being paid to talk about. Again, if that’s how she can make a living that’s great, but please let me know in advance not at the end of the post. This is the problem in the blogging world. What was once an honest way to reach out and connect with others has now become a business that seems very insincere.

    1. Exactly. If she is so genuine, then why does she hide the fact it’s a sponsored post at the end of the post? Jillian, put it at the start of the post – I am not sure how you are getting away with what you are doing, but it’s deceiving. It you truly cared what your readers thought and not just about the $$$, then make the change. It’s been requested if you for months and not sure why you don’t make the change. It would probably cut down on the comments as people just want to know it’s an ad and not feel duped into reading it and finding out later. It’s not good business.

    2. And yet you complainers have still not figured out yet to just scroll to the bottom first before reading???

  13. Ur comments in response to criticism here are disgusting. What kind of selfish rivileged drama queen do you need to be to speak like this to the people who literally pay your bills by reading your blog and buying the products you endorse? You noted that no one advises you…maybe someone should.

    That said, to the woman who said Jillian is a bad business woman: you’re wrong. Jillian Harris the person is a downright self-obsessed b*tch – just ask anyone who is friends with her former long-term roommate from Vancouver. We were always looking for a way to avoid Jillian the obnoxious who threw fits when every event wasn’t centered around her. Do you not notice how the only people she has around her are family or paid “friends”???

    True colours indeed.

    1. Ada Lee, obviously you and your so-called friends were jealous of Jillian. That’s the bottom-line. If you dislike her so much why are you following her? Probably to get advice as to how to make something of yourself and your life. Step one – – Learn how to be a kind person and stop being a bully

  14. …the point about being a good business woman was meant to include the fact that she has successfully marketed herself as sweet and caring and down to earth. She should win an award for this.

    1. Lol – Ada lee I wonder if we know each other? I too used to run in Jillian’s pre-Bachelorette circles, and she was a MONSTER. I’ve always marvelled at how well her PR team markets her so well. Her responses to negative comments here show some of the true woman under all that sponsored make-up.

      Jillian, by all means, run your business as you want. But you should stop short of claiming you’re some sort of mom-of-the-people working woman. You are a celebrity. You blog for a living, and aren’t even a real designer (love it or list it has an actual designer…and Jillian hired at least two for her home reno). You’re endorsements all the way down, and are marrying into a rich family. No need to rub it in. We get it. Life is super great for you.

      Irony is, I actually love these Nike’s, and would have bought them if this had been a straight-up ad.

      1. Hopefully her #ad sponsors take note and get a true sense of who they are paying to promote their items. If I were in charge of selecting people, I’d like to think that I’d choose someone who doesn’t throw a huge hissy fit and tell off their fans.

        You’re right – she needs to hire someone pronto to manage her attitude and outbursts. LOL

      2. celebrity or not, she is a human being and to attack anyone so maliciously for doing their job and living their life is just so cruel.
        be nice to each other!

      3. Ada lee & Marie: how funny that you come here to complain about how bad of a friend she was and that you used to be in her circle back in the day… yet if she is out of your lives now, why are you still coming around, following what she is up to and feeling the need to hate on her and tear her down. if she is out of your life & that is what you wanted, then let it be! move on with your lives, live them and don’t tear people down! you clearly miss her in your lives & are jealous or something. i feel sorry for you! hopefully you can move on and live a happy life!

  15. I am a big fan – clearly, because I follow along on Instagram, Facebook and your blog. I find the negative comments from readers to be surprising. I am well aware you have sponsors, and you make money from your blog, this is not a secret. If I don’t agree with you, that’s fine, I just skip the blog. If I find it interesting I dive in. My choice. So try not to take their words to heart, they are making choices for themselves on what they read, how they entertain themselves, etc. You do a great job at inspiring and I am happy you share products, bringing items to my attention – some of them I would never have tried, and some I will never try (again my choice). Sorry to go on and on but really I just wanted to write and say thanks for your interesting work – I will be following along and enjoying the ride 🙂
    ps. I am doing renos and moving right now too, and so I am following along with avid attention. Your tips have been awesome!

    1. I agree, their choice to take it or leave it – it’s the internet. Do they truly expect to love everything on her site or social media? She’s doing what she does, and doesn’t need to be critiqued so harshly, right on her own blog. WHY ARE YOU HERE if it bothers you so much. Leave, haters! It makes zero sense.
      Jillian, these comments are rubbish. I hope you sleep well tonight knowing you didn’t speak that way to someone today. Let them roll off your shoulders and drift away. Big hug. Keep doing what you do, for yourself, and for those of us whom you inspire or entertain. xo

    2. I think you are great! I’m a mom of 3, my youngest is close to Leo’s age.
      My friend was a crew member on LIOLI I asked him about you…if I could come to set to meet you haha! he said you’re awesome.
      I’ve never commented on anything before but I saw your insta story and was so curious to see what had upset you so much. I’m terribly sorry to see what some people have said. That’s hurtful.
      Chin up! Have a great weekend.

    3. I don’t even know where to begin.

      Jillian, watching you tear up on your Instagram story really upset me. Reading some of the comments on this post is literally making me feel sick to my stomach. I just can’t believe people can be so judgemental and mean.

      I’ve loved you since you were on the Bachelor! It was so amazing to see a fellow Canadian on the Bachelorette. Your personality is down to earth and caring – something I don’t think has changed at all. It’s amazing to see how successful you’ve become, from The Bachelor/Bachelorette days, to Love it or List It to your blog, you’ve definitely inspired a lot of people, and they/we enjoy hearing what you have to say.

      There will always be people who will disagree with you, but I can guarantee you have a million times more supporters who love who you are and listening to your advice, tips and enjoy hearing whatever you have to say. You have NO need to apologize for any of the decisions you make. This is your life and career and it seems like you’re doing a fabulous job! 🙂 Don’t listen to the critics – it’s only coming from a place of jealousy. Why else would they feel the need to express their judgement?!

      I have never left a comment on a blog before, but felt compelled to reach out with some positive words and encouragement. I may only be one person, but I’d hope that by leaving one more positive comment, it will drown out the negativity.

      Keep doing what you’re doing, and being YOU because YOU are AMAZING!


  16. Cool post- enjoyed the read.

    Oh and also…

    “People are dying” as Kourtney Kardashian once said. So if y’all want to fight a cause maybe shift your targets. Alot of other harmful post out there that could use the negativity.

    Sips tea

  17. Some of the comments here blow my mind? why is she being punished because she marketed herself and grew her business? you know starting a business started with her and she started from being a normal person like everyone else? yes the bachelorette has something to do with her early success. If you had a business and made money for your family( yes I know she has 2 houses, nice clothes, cars ect but why is this her fault? not like she is a born millionaire.. She worked for this. Honestly it sounds like a lot of your are jealous. Women should empower one another not push each other down, yes she markets and gets paid to mention a product but that is business and has nothing to do with what kind of person she is. Jillian I have always followed you and find you super cute, spunky and a girl with big dreams because she refuses to be ”average” Keep it up!

  18. Without even reading the content of the post, all I can say is – what bitter twisted people you are. I hope none of you have daughter’s who will learn from you and continue the cruel treatment towards people they meet in their lives. You are bullies. Jealousy must be eating you up inside. I get that you can’t agree with or like everyone you meet. But swallow it and move on. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Depresses me that there are people in the world who behave like this. I hope your kids are never treated like this. Shame on you. I’m truly disgusted.

    Keep your head high Jillian.

    1. Oh Catherine, what a sheltered life you must lead if this is a shock to you. Its the internet, and the age of social media. Everyone has opinions, love or hate. If you want to make money on the internet, prepare yourself for both. It’s nothing new.

      Also, bully shaming is just as bad – stop it.

      If she can’t deal, then she should get a job where she can hide behind a desk all day and not be out there to the social internet world. She made the choice to blog. So don’t cry over the choices you made. That’s my only issue with this all – she choose to do this, so she can’t complain. It comes with the job.

      1. Bully shaming is just as bad?

        That’s some effed up logic right there, lady.

        Grown up bullies deserve to be shamed.

      2. So bullies should just be able to bully away with nothing said from anyone?? I don’t think so, that’s messed up. I hope that if you have kids that get bullied or get bullies yourself that someone would stand up for them or you.

  19. Jillian! Watching your insta video brought a tear to my eye right alongside with you – and again when I read some of the hurtful things people had to say on here. I can only imagine how hard it is to stay positive when faced with so much negativity, but I hope you can remember that for every 1 meanie who takes the time to put you down, in some form or another, there is a stadium of us cheering you on & supporting you. xoxo

  20. Dear Jillian, your Instagram story pulled at me in a way I didn’t think it would. I think it’s so easy to look at you as a celebrity and not a human being. Shame on all of us. You are a superwoman in my eyes. You are an incredible mother, a spouse, a business woman, a tv personality, and all around great person. I know it’s easy for us not in your shoes to say “don’t let them get to you” but seriously. You are a beautiful human being who does good for the communities you are involved in. You are an example to young woman and mothers to go for their dreams and find the balance of being a mother and a human! I hope that things get easier, people get kinder, and that you feel the love and support of those who see you for who you are. A beautiful, kind, and compassionate human being.

  21. The last time I checked, reading this blog is voluntarily. If you don’t like it, DON’T READ IT! The women commenting, hiding behind their keyboards, getting enjoyment out of bashing someone they don’t know is the absolute worst. God forbid someone puts the self out there and dares to build a business. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for these hateful comments. I’m sure each of you love it when strangers pick you apart for absolutely no reason. What if your daughter had to deal with people like you? How would you feel then? Grow up and learn what it means to support other women. Please.

    Jillian, just do what you do. Anyone who feels the need to lash out like these women did have to be dealing with some sort of horrible insecurity or life situation. ?

    1. Aren’t you doing the same here Jessica? You’re bashing those woman that you say should not bash Jillian.

      1. Jillian,
        Although I am not a new mom I follow your Instagram and blog posts quite regularly. I just wanted to let you know especially after watching your most recent Instagram story to keep your head high. As long as you know your heart is in the right place keep doing what you are doing. 100 percent of your content may not suit everyone but that’s not the point is it. You cannot please everyone and as human beings- imperfections are what we are made of. We live and we learn. I have always felt that you try and embrace positivity and see nothing wrong with you promoting brands that you have tried and tested. Take time for yourself and deep breaths. Negativity doesn’t need to grow… keep your head high. I will continue to follow and read your posts because although not everything may be geared towards me there is definitely still some amazing content !

  22. All I can say is I love reading your blog, and watching how you are with Leo.

    You are a GREAT Mom. Keep up the great work!

    1. Chin up Love. ❤ Take what you want from the unsolicited advice, and disregard the rest…think of it as constructive criticism. (Even though it’s not) Do what you feel is right for your family. You’re a business woman, a successful one at that! Unfortunately social media, although lucrative, is also toxic!! Take a break from all the social media and leave it to your employees/friends for a while. Don’t let this negativity affect your day or your relationships that actually count. Xoxo . I LOVE following you on insta and your blog…advertisements and all. Come on down to Essex and I’ll buy ya a beer…?

  23. Reading some of these comments made me a little sick.

    The second I became a mother, all judgements went out the window. Mom shaming isn’t cool guys. We’re all just trying to raise our babies in this crazy, scary world.

    Instead of bashing someone on the internet, maybe take up a cause that betters your child’s life? I hope when you’re on your death bed you don’t think “I’m sure happy I made Jillian Harris feel like shit that one day!”

    1. Just an FYI haters the majority of blogs have sponsors! Good business marketing for the companies and a useful tool for blogs to earn money after all their hard work. I’m sure no one likes working for free, why would you expect Jillian to? At least Jillian endorses products she truly uses. Who cares whether she “flip flops” as someone said. I enjoy reading her blog and finding out new and different ways of living my life, whether it is new shampoo or a new pair of nikes, everyone likes to “flip flop” and try new things that the market has to offer!

      This bullying online needs to stop! Shame on you for bashing a hard working woman who is just trying to earn a living. I don’t care if she’s already “rich”. money comes and goes, your INTEGRITY is what matters! It is evident that Jillian gives back to her community, how many of you haters do the same?

      Positive vibes Jillian, keep doing what your doing!

      Ps I don’t have children, but I regularly speak to my 2 dogs in a baby voice. If I am blessed enough to have children, I’ll tell you there will be more of that voice in my house than ever! Who cares what people think?!? Keep using it girl, your babe will thank you for all the love ❤️

  24. From one Boss Mom to another…’re killing the game Jillian.
    Emma may have a MBA blah blah blah, but she clearly doesn’t have a little Leo and Justin who love her dearly or she wouldn’t spend her time trashing another woman who is also just trying to make it in the world. As women we should be building each other up not tearing each other down. I have a 5 year old daughter and I can’t imagine having people say these awful things about me especially when she was Leo’s age and I had no idea what I was doing!!
    Plus what kind of a person takes that much time out of their day to post such a hateful message just to make another person feel bad about themselves???
    We got you girl! -Birch Hill Studio

    1. Keep on keeping on…block them haters with some sweet shades.

      Love the posts and product recommendations! You are fantastic and love watching you and Leo on insta! Don’t ever stop. Your instagram stories get me through those 2 am feeds with my little guy!

      1. Jillian, I so hope that if you read through these comments again, you see all the love coming your way!
        I first started following you on all outlets after seeing your post-birth photo on @rawbeautytalks, because it was so so real and, in my opinion, set such an example for women in the public eye. I think that was your most “Boss Mom” moment.

        Some people think they are really brave as they type away hateful messages from the safety of their living rooms. I think YOU are braver than they could ever hope to be. The way you put yourself on display all day so we can share in this very exciting time in your life, it’s so beautiful. And I know it’s not easy even though you make it look effortless!

        You are a kick ass lady with a beautiful family and you’ve got nothing to apologize for. I can see how some might be just a touch jealous of everything you’ve accomplished, and it’s unfortunate that some might choose to express those emotions as hateful and personal. And while I’m just another face hiding behind a screen, I would confidently tell you everything I’ve typed here in person.

        You’ve got this girl!! Keep being your authentic self and give Leo an extra squeeze from all your loyal followers!

  25. Oh goodness gracious, the fact that this is real argument between a bunch of adults (assuming these hateful people are adults) is crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hoped on over here to see what made our Jilly upset enough to post an Instagram story on how REAL her feelings actually were.

    Jillian – you keep doing you, and SCREW the rest. This is your job, your life, your EVERYTHING. Keep living each day being you. The haters will always be there, and there are plenty of us following along who admire you for who YOU truly are.

    As much as I’d like to address everyone’s shitty comments on here, it’s not worth it. Find another outlet.

    From all the followers who love you Jillian –

    Keep it up! Boss babe, working mom, killer friend, loving daughter and most of all a rockstar blogger letting us follow along!


    1. Jillian! Wow! Maybe it’s because I’m older and maybe it’s because my baby girl is heading off to college, but damn, I think life is too short for this negative shit! Sorry for the swear, just calling it what it is. There are people who carry a chip on their shoulder and people who carry a grudge and there’s nothing you can do about that. If they read your blog and take their precious time to write negative comments, you must be doing something right! If they were happy, they’d be busy living their lives and not at all worried about your posts. Happy people just don’t behave this way. As for those haters talking about you personally? Pre Bachelor and Pre Blog days were long ago. We all make mistakes and grow as people. For someone to troll on your blog and jump at the chance to hate on you for things you may or may not have done years ago, well, that’s on them not you. Ain’t nobody got time for that much hate!

      I hope you continue to post anything and everything, especially Leo! I love seeing him everyday! He’s adorable! My kids are teens, 2 in college, so you take me back to those days! I thank you for that! You support your family anyway you want! I applaud you!

      PS I still talk to my kids that way! They roll their eyes!

    1. Wow, this is just awful. I love your blog, your insta story’s. Keep doing what you do, you rock girl!
      Ps… your face lights up talking about Leo, your a great mama.

    2. Jillian, I don’t normally spend time reading all the comments u get but since I seen u CRYING on IG I went back and read a few….. wow, what a bunch of jealous bitches. Why do they follow u? They are so green with envy that they have to spew their nasty venom at you. Yet they follow along hard to know all that stuff about u. lol pathetic. Jillian don’t you dare take a break… don’t let them win! You got this girl… this is your business, you got bills to pay and employees that count on you. Screw the haters. And anyone that criticizes how a complete stranger!! Parents is just low in my books. You have a lovely family and a beautiful baby that you provide for. Don’t you dare give up. Most of us that follow you look forward to your posts. Your day to day life and and yes the products you endorse. So what?! Everyone that has something negative to say can fuck right off! Sorry, I’m not one to mince words. Lol I’ve actually contained myself pretty well in my rant. Lol so see ya soon?? You are a winner…let them hate.

  26. Jillian,

    I am not a new mom, but I absolutely adore watching you and Leo each day on Instagram. You provide a beautiful insight into your life as a Mom boss and entrepreneur. As a fellow woman in business, you are such an inspiration! You juggle so many different roles, such as mom, host, designer, blogger, fiance, daughter, friend, project manager, consultant, etc etc etc. I don’t know about these other negative nancys, but just reading that list makes a girl tired, much less actually being that person. There is absolutely NO shame in sponsored content or in hiring extra help – you need to do what you need to do to provide the life for your family that you want to provide. Do what makes YOU happy, regardless of the haters. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and it’s so easy to hide behind a screen and keyboard. I can guarantee that none of these negative commenters would have the gall to say any of this to you in person. Keep doing you! xoxo

    1. Hi Jillain. I never write on blogs and such but just watched ur last Instagram story. Sorry to hear that some people are saying nasty things over the Internet. I love you and ur Instagram videos!! Please don’t let a bunch of morons on the internet stop you from doing that. You have many fans.. Keep ur head up!

  27. Dear Jillian, I have come to really enjoy all your posts on your website, instagram, Facebook, etc. You post about real things that I can relate to as a Canadian and as a first time mom. The fact that some people have come on here and caused you to feel bad about yourself and cry (just saw your insta story) is really heartbreaking. I am a true fan of yours and have learned a lot from you and all your posts. I look forward every day to see what you post because its so relatable and real. I do believe you are being your true self in everything you do. You are a great person and it shows in everything that you post. Please know that you do have real fans who love you for you. Hope you are doing ok xoxo

    1. Jillian, you are amazing! You are a fantastic mom, businesswoman, and person. I love all your post and seeing your instagram stories. Keep being who you are and taking such great care of that adorable Leo.

      Don’t listen to all the rude and negative comments. Be you and continue to post the things you love. You are all 100% a real mom and deserve the life you have, you have worked hard!

      I have a 4 month old and love all the recent post even if they are sponsored. I still see your opinions and views. I look forward to reading the post as I know they are helping me and giving me ideas on how to be a mom. You are an inspiration!

      Give lots of love to that sweet baby boy of yours, sweet pup, and sweet fiancé! You are the best! Xoxo

    2. Jillian

      I always look forward to checking in on your Instagram stories as I have a son born a couple weeks after Leo and enjoy seeing them grow at the same time. Broke my heart to see how upset you were just now and I can’t believe the comments being said to you. You’re a strong woman and I know you will get through this and have lots of fellow moms here for support!

    3. You’re amazing Jilly!! Your beautiful family and friends are lucky to have you in their lives! I always look forward to your posts and recommendations! Frick, I think it’s awesome you get paid for it! Keep on being a Boss Mom! <3