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5 Things Justin and I Love About Each Other That Might Surprise You

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!  Today, instead of writing a love letter to Justin and sharing it with you here … I thought it would be fun if Justin and I both shared 5 things we love about eachother that might surprise you … sounds like fun, right?? Welp, let me get this party started and then Justin can take over!!

Jillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each Other Jillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each Other

What I Love About Justin

1. He Supports My Plant-Based Journey

One of the things that literally makes me want to cry every time I think about it, is how Justin has been 110% supportive of my plant-based journey. While we both aren’t 100% vegan yet, Justin has changed his diet DRASTICALLY and is such an advocate for animal welfare, slaughterhouse transportation & animal waste. He used to go to Subway EVERY DAY and while he still loves Subway he no longer gets the cold cut trio, he gets a toasted veggie sandwich with mustard, mayo, sub sauce and SOMETIMES cheese. At home, he LOVES every vegan or veggie meal I make and NEVER complains. When we go out, he usually orders a vegan meal, if not he will opt for fish if there is an oceanwise option. He still goes to Tim’s every morning, but the Tim’s near us has soy (a lot of them do, so just ask!) and if he orders from a coffee shop that doesn’t have almond or soy milk, he just gets it black. It’s really difficult to make big changes in your life if your partner isn’t on the same page so I am SO grateful that Justin has supported me and loves the subject as much as me. In fact, sometimes I will eavesdrop and hear him educating people as to why we don’t eat factory farmed meat or why we don’t drink dairy … and my heart just melts.

2. He Wants to be a Country Singer or a Cowboy

If Justin could have ANY career in the world, he would want to be a Country Singer or a Cowboy. I LOVE this about him … I mean, who doesn’t love a cowboy with tight jeans and a guitar? LOL … okay, this might be a fantasy ? …

3. He Keeps Me Organized When We Travel

Before Justin and I used to travel a TON and I’m still alive so clearly, I wasn’t THAT much of a disaster but let’s just say I’m KINF OF a scatterbrain when I travel (or all the time?? LOL). I’m constantly losing my passport, credit card, clothes … you name it, I’ve misplaced it! LOL! I’ve gotten A LOT better … but when we travel Justin totally takes the lead. He holds my passport and boarding pass and makes sure I’m not leaving anything behind.

4. He Enjoys Our Family Dinner

I once put 5:30 “Family Dinner” in a shared calendar on a TUESDAY hoping that ONCE a week we could have family dinner TOGETHER, all three of us. Turns out he thought I meant EVERY weeknight and so he races home every day (almost) at 5:30 and the three of us “cheers”, listen to Jazz or Classical music, and enjoy dinner together. Justin and I were never the “sit down for dinner” kind of people and he always ate dinner at like 9 pm… so the fact that he didn’t even question my calendar invite, and thought it was EVERY day (not just the one day a week I had intended) makes me SO happy and proud. Let’s not tell him it was only supposed to be on Tuesday’s, ok?! I kind of like what we’ve got going on …

5. We Love Our Midnight Snacks

We have the same eating habits. We both LOVE a midnight snack and usually carb load 4/7 days a week RIGHT before bed. We eat pasta, toast, cereal you name it, in bed … and I love it. Who else would put up with my crumbs?!?!

There you have it … now it’s Justin’s turn … should I be nervous?? LOL …

Hey guys! It’s Justin! When I heard that Jill was doing this blog I thought it was going to be hard for me to think of things that you don’t know yet, cause she’s always on the ‘gram. But then I started thinking about all of the quirky things she does and they just started flooding to me! HAHA! Here we go!

Jillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each OtherJillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each Other

What I Love About Jill

1. The Way She Sleeps

Jill does this thing where she opens and closes her mouth while she’s sleeping and I find it cute … and hilarious.

2. How She Utilizes Every Utensil When She Cooks

Jill will be cooking in the kitchen and will literally use every pot, pan, fork, knife, spatula, you name it … Jill will be using it.

3. She Saves Water By Never Flushing

Only if it’s #2, she never flushes when it’s #1. She’s saving water, I guess.

4. She’s Ride or Die When It Comes to Her Walks with Leo & Nacho

No matter if it’s -20 0r snowing like crazy, Jill is determined to take Nacho and Leo out for a walk. Jill will pull Leo’s sled through 5 feet of snow or dry pavement if she has to.

5. She Saves Leo’s Little Creations

Jill and Leo will spend an hour or so together in the kitchen, Jill gets Leo all set up with flour and baking necessities and Leo just mixes everything up in a bowl and Jillian will keep Leo’s little creation on the counter for like a week, or until her and Leo “bake” again because she doesn’t want to throw it out!

Jillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each OtherJillian Harris What Justin and I Love About Each Other

What are some surprising things YOU love about your partner?? Comment below!!




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  1. You guys seriously need a kid backpack for hiking. I think that every time I see you trudging through the snow with your sleigh. Our 16 month old LOVES ours. We take him winter hiking at least once a week and he loves being at eye height with the other grown ups. It’s light, ergonomic and makes it so much easier to get around whether climbing a hill or wading through deep snow.
    Plus the added pockets are great for snack and beverages for both the adults and the babes

  2. That I could just as freely and deeply love my husband even 11 years after he has died! Nothing has faded. Always will be in love. ( Happy Valentines Day)

  3. Right now our 20 month old Leo had a poop and without hesitation my husband changed him and played a show me your nose, eyes, ears game. Watching him be a father is my favourite thing about him 🙂

  4. Awhh, this is so adorbs! Thank you for sharing… Haha I love what Justin had to say… its the little things isnt it? Also loving the water saving factor (so important)… I am assuming you pee in the shower too?? LOL!!!

    My boyfriend and I also are in a transition when it comes to our diets. Like you, I was raised eating meat and never envisioned myself a vegan EVER. But my boyfriend has been such an inspiration and motivator to do what is right for the welfare of animals, ect… I am basically a full-on vegetarian now and probably would not be this conscious of all the animal products in so many foods out there which helps me in my decision making when choosing foods that I consume! Also, you are quite the motivator as well! Love the recipes you share and such… Keep them coming!

    And I LOVE that you overhear Justin explaining why you both don’t eat factory farmed meat and dairy to others!!… Awh, that must be such a heart-melting feels =P

    Happy V-day you guys!!! <3

  5. I also use every pot, pan and plate and what I love about my guy is, he washes them all! I love him (35 years this year ❤️)
    You two are adorable.

  6. We only seem to see Jillian, Leo & her team. Can we see more of Jillian & Justin together? We see very little of her family life with Justin & Leo,

  7. After 39 years of marriage my husband has started cooking!!! It is so awesome to have him in the kitchen (although it took some strength to get used to sharing MY kitchen) and we are so enjoying putting a meal together. I am really looking forward to the day I come home to a full meal prepared totally by him. Never say never!!!

  8. Don’t e v e r stop the family meal times tradition! My parents did this when we were growing up & it’s still one of my fondest memories. Life gets hectic & busy, but a family meal even once or twice a week keeps everyone connected. Love the blog!

  9. I love how he wake up just to make sure im beside him… i love how he loves our two kids… I love how he love me even after 19 years together ( we met in high school and had baby at age 17 ) my husband is wow worthy … the thing i live the most is how he will grab me and silly dance in the kitchen and chase the kids with the water guns lol

  10. Aww, I loved reading this post. You guys are adorable and I love the dedication and commitment you both have made for each other.

    I would consider myself an organized person but when my husband and I travel he’s also the one keeping our boarding passes, passports and making sure to check if I left anything behind. He always says I’m too organized for my own good and I’m so organized I’m unorganized, lol. Sometimes I have to agree with him.

  11. I love my husband’s sense of humor . He is very funny.

    He always tells me what a good wife I am.

    I love how he and our dog snore at night even though it keeps me from sleeping.

    He is a very hard worker and never gives up.

    He is a wonderful father and still calls our soon to be 22 year old son his little boy.

    He is very loving and the reason I feel in love with him is he always makes me laugh!

  12. Jillian I love your boxer we have had boxers all my life and your little guy is so cute, hope you have more like a little girl LOL When are you going to do new love it or list I love that show If they don’t renew the show I will be pissed I can’t stand those other copy cat shows

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