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The Jilly Academy

9 Things You Need to Know About The Jilly Academy Presale!

Since we first announced The Jilly Academy two weeks ago, I’ve been completely blown away by all of your excitement! There have been so many questions following the announcement, and today, I want to share everything you need to know about The Jilly Academy courses, release dates, pricing, LAUNCH party and more!

The Jilly Academy Presale

The number one question we’ve received is: Is the Jilly Academy for me? 

In order to answer that, I encourage you to take a deep dive look at your business (or if you plan to start a business!) and identify areas where you think you might be lacking expertise and areas that you might need help to strategize in a whole new way!

There are so many layers within your business—some you may not have considered, some you have probably worked on before, and some you need to reassess as your business evolves and changes.

The Brand Strategy, the first course of The Jilly Academy, allows you to revisit the foundational components of your business so that you have a better understanding of the YOU behind your company, your customers, and your community.

The Content Creator, the second course of The Jilly Academy, allows you to look at creating those impactful images on your social channels and website in a purposeful, strategic manner. Through both visual and written storytelling, this course will help you hone in on your brand identity and how to share that with the world in the most effective way!

The Growth Accelerator is the third course to this trifecta, where you will learn how to monetize in a whole new way, crack the influencer marketing code, all things collaborations, and how to grow a team. This is the course that will allow you to take a look at your growth strategy and how to stand out in our digital world. 

The next most asked question? When does The Jilly Academy go on sale?!

The Official Jilly Academy Presale Countdown


I am SO excited to finally announce that starting on March 23rd at 9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST, The Jilly Academy presale will go LIVE! The presale will be active from Tuesday, March 23, to Monday, April 5th. If you make a purchase during this time, you will receive an exclusive invitation to an exciting digital event; more details below!

1. Are there a limited number of spots?

No! There is absolutely NO limit to the number of students that can enroll in these courses. So, no need to worry if you aren’t the first one in the virtual line-up as soon as the presale goes live; there will still be a space for you to sign-up.

2. Are these courses available for purchase internationally?

Yes! These courses are not limited to a specific country or region and are available internationally. So, you can work on the courses from wherever you are located. 

3. Are the courses live?

The courses are all pre-recorded, so you can work on the contents wherever and whenever you like! But… for our first cohort, we are including one LIVE session PER MONTH with me, so I can answer your most burning questions about each course! These will take place in April, May and June following the release of each course. Stay tuned as we announce these dates!

The Jilly Academy Presale

4. Who are the courses designed for? 

These courses are designed for aspiring influencers, content creators, entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone wishing to make an impact with their social media platform who want to learn more about branding, social media, digital marketing, how I got to where I am today and SO MUCH MORE. Visit our blog here to get a breakdown of all three courses!

5. How much does each course cost?

The Brand Strategy: $219 CAD taxes included

The Content Creator: $299 CAD taxes included 

The Growth Accelerator: $349 CAD taxes included

The Jilly Academy Bundle (ALL THREE COURSES): $599 CAD taxes included

6. Will there be payment plan options?

I’m so happy to share that there will be payment plan options available. So, if you’re dying to enroll in one of the courses but aren’t able to pay the full amount upfront, there will be an option to pay in installments instead. 

The Brand Strategy: 3 payments x $78/month

The Content Creator: 3 payments x $105/month

The Growth Accelerator: 3 payments x $120/month

The Jilly Academy Bundle: 3 payments x $208/month

7. When will the courses be released?

The Brand Strategy: Tuesday, April 6th 

The Content Creator: Tuesday, May 4th

The Growth Accelerator: Tuesday, June 8th

8. When will I receive access to the course material?

You will receive access to the course material as soon as the course is released. If you purchase The Jilly Academy bundle you will receive access to The Brand Strategy on Tuesday, April 6th, The Content Creator, Tuesday, May 4th and The Growth Accelerator, Tuesday, June 8th. And if you purchase an individual course you will receive access to the material on the release date! 

9. Is there an incentive for purchasing a course during the presale?

You may be wondering if there is an incentive for purchasing an individual course or The Jilly Academy Bundle during the presale. I’m so excited to share that if you purchase a Jilly Academy product from Tuesday, March 23rd to Monday, April 5 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST, you will get an EXCLUSIVE invitation for: The Jilly Academy Launch Party! Join me live (with or without a glass of wine) to celebrate the launch of the FIRST Jilly Academy course on April 6th. The event will be filled with a live Q&A, special guests and a few more surprises that you’ll just have to wait and see 😉.

Well, there you have it! I hope you see you all in class on April 6th, make sure to sign up for our Jilly Academy newsletter here to get all updates delivered right to your inbox! 



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