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A Day in the Life of Team Jilly: Our First Team Meeting of 2018

Morning everyone!! I’m sooo excited to share this vlog with you because so many of you have asked for behind the scenes glimpses into how Team Jilly functions and we thought, what better way to show you than to bring you along on our very first team meeting of 2018 in VANCOUVER?!?!

72 hours after we got back from our trip to Mexico, we boarded yet another plane and took off to Vancouver for our very first MASSIVE team meeting of 2018, I already had an appearance booking in Vancouver so we decided to make a team trip out of it and make it as productive and efficient as possible! We arrived at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel and hunkered down for a good night’s sleep, the next morning we met over breakfast and reviewed our goals, visions and upcoming partnerships for the year ahead … we were on such a roll (and fueled by LOTS of coffee) that next thing we knew, 4 HOURS had gone by and we had to wrap up our meeting and get ready to hail our cab for the next!!

Our second meeting of the day was with Melanie Auld!! It was soooo much fun to see their new office (how FREAKIN CUTE is it?!?) and sit down with their team to review samples for our new upcoming collection which will be released THIS SPRING!! Eeekk … I’m so excited about it and so are the girls!!

After Melanie Auld, we hurried on over to our next meeting at Saje Natural Wellness!! As soon as we got there, their team took us for a tour around their space …which smelled heavenly … obviously! LOL! Once we were done our tour, we kicked off our meeting the Saje way, with a check-in and some fun questions which everyone answered to break the ice!! We spent some time reviewing the background of their company and digging into the details of their products and had a FUN AND SUPER EXCITING chat about a few ideas coming down the pipeline … which we can’t share juuuuust yet!!

We wrapped our long (and uber-successful!) day with a hearty dinner and made our way back to the hotel to change into our suits, grab a bottle of wine and hit up the rooftop hot tub at the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Pacific Rim to catch The Bachelor together!!

The next day I headed to a shoot with Becel and the girls stayed at the hotel to cowork after their early morning workout and then we flew back home that night!! It was SUCH a productive couple of days and we were so fired up after our day of meetings, we couldn’t stop talking about the year ahead on our way home and we can’t WAIT to share all of the details with you soon!!

Make sure to share your thoughts below and let us know what you thought of this behind the scenes glimpse and if you would like to see more videos like these!!



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  1. Hey Ladies… I never really comment on social media very much.. few likes and hearts here and there.. but starting to be more active with I’m more of the silent insta user.. but wanted to tell u I’m loving the vlogs. I actually watch a lot on YouTube vlogs and just wanted to say ur doing amazing with the whole concept in allowing us the followers to have glimpses on what u guys are up to in a 6-10 min vid! Keep up the good work and so excited to watch this year unfold for team Jilly ❤️

  2. Hi Jillian…I love you blogs and your home style, and fashion sense! I actually love your bangs, and even went and got my bangs cut the other day! I don’t think they look like a mullet…lol. Anyway keep on blogging and posting lots of pictures.

  3. Great video, you ladies are so cute. I had the pleasure of meeting Jillian and Shay at their appearance at the Cross. It was so nice to chat with both of you and of course to meet you both. Good luck and you all are the dream team, keep up the great insta stories/posts etc., I enjoy them all!!

  4. Awesome …so love your updates on how you are doing…come see us on your wine tour this summer in Summerland…… Ww are from the Peace Country in Alberta…..

  5. Jillian, I am so stoked to see the real nitty-gritty details of your success, you are very inspiring! Keep doing you, girl!

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