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Home Tour Series: Entryways

Good morning! Today marks the third post in my Home Tour Series!! I kicked this home tour series off with our Spare Bathroom then Leo’s Playroom, and today, I’m sharing all of the details of our entryways with you!!

So, there are two entryways that I want to share with you today, and we will start things off with our back entry! We had extra space in the back near our spare bathroom, I wanted this space to be functional and I really didn’t have a design plan for it until the very end but it didn’t take long for us to realize that we needed an entry here for people to access the spare bathroom (aka the pool bathroom!). This space was originally pretty bare and it didn’t have much personality, and being that it was the “pool bathroom entrance” I wanted to liven it up a bit so I decided to paint the door a BRIGHT yellow!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways

I found this bright yellow paint at Benjamin Moore Kelowna and it’s called Hannah Banana! I think it’s the perfect colour for this space as it’s not CRAZY bright but it still adds a fun pop of colour and I think it goes great with the tile!! Speaking of the tile, this is Atlas 1 from the Cement Tile Shop, not only is this in our back entryway but it also flows through to our laundry room and our pantry as well.

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series EntrywaysJillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways

The bench above is from one of my favourite stores here in Kelowna called Lakehouse, it’s filled to the brim with beautiful decor and home goods!! I also wanted to create a feature wall in this space to add some texture which is why I decided to cover one entire wall in shiplap from Woodtone! You’ll also notice we designated this area for Nacho, this is where we like to keep his food and water and we also made sure to install a locking doggy door here for him so he can come and go in the yard as he pleases … however, this hasn’t stopped him from running up to the front door and scratching my beautiful periwinkle doors at the front … or running in with muddy paws and jumping on my freshly washed white sheets ??‍♀️ … it’s a work in progress!

Moving on to the front entryway … I have ALWAYS wanted a foyer as our last house had absolutely NO ROOM for coats, purses or shoes so people would always end up putting them on our dining room table or draping their coats over the couch and shoes would be cluttering the entrance way and it drove me CRAZY!! So, in this house, I made sure that we had a designated area with lots of hooks (ours are from Pottery Barn!) for coats and purses and lots of room for shoes!! I had planned that this entrance would mainly be used for our guests so it wouldn’t become bombarded and cluttered with all of OUR things which is why we also made sure to include a ton of storage and hooks for our things in the garage … more on this space to come!

We did run into a little issue with the hooks in our front entrance though, it seems as though when they were installed they weren’t installed with any backing so unfortunately a couple of them have fallen out … let this be a lesson to you, if you are installing hooks make SURE to have backing on them so they are strong and can hold up a few coats and purses!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series EntrywaysJillian Harris Home Tour Series EntrywaysJillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways

I went for the colour “Athabasca” by Benjamin Moore for our front doors because I wanted to do something a bit different … trust me, it still throws me off when I think that I actually painted my doors blue and yellow but I REALLY love it!! I’m also a big sucker for wainscotting … I FREAKIN love it so I knew it was a “must-have” when it came to our home, the folks at Metrie did our wainscotting and you’ll probably notice the V Groove on the ceiling, this is from Woodtone! A funny story about the V Groove is that I had brought it in to be painted … I was originally going to go all out here and actually paint it navy blue but as I was choosing a colour, they had been sanding it down and I absolutely LOVED the way it looked so I asked them to sand a few more spots down to give it that weathered look and that’s exactly how we left it!!

The doors in both entries are from Plygem and the hardware is from Emtek, our flooring is from PurParket, the beautiful pendant light is from Visual Comfort & Co with lighting from Sylvania and the wall mounted hurricanes are from Pottery Barn. Sitting on top of the gorgeous table by Urban Roots Furniture are a couple of items from The Cross, such as the big wreath on a stand, the smaller wreath on a stand the mirror and florals from A New Leaf Floral Design! Oh! And the hand-woven area rug at our front door is from Wayfair!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways Jillian Harris Home Tour Series EntrywaysJillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Entryways

photo credit

There you have it!! Make sure to check back next week as I will be revealing another area of our house and I can’t wait to share all of the details with you!!



Source List (Back Entryway)

Photographed: Janice Nicolay

Flowers: A New Leaf Floral Design

Pot Lights: Sylvania

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kelowna

Floor Tile: The Cement Tile Shop

Bench: Lakehouse

Shiplap: Woodtone

Hooks: Pottery Barn

Source List (Front Entryway)

Photographed: Janice Nicolay

Flowers: A New Leaf Floral Design

Pot Lights: Sylvania

Electrical: Bridge Energy

Floor: PurParket

Wainscotting: Metrie

V Groove: Woodtone

Doors: Plygem

Windows: Plygem

Hardware: Emtek

Pendant Light: Visual Comfort & Co.

Wall Mounted Hurricanes: Pottery Barn

Table: Urban Roots Funiture

Wreath on a stand (big): The Cross Design & Decor 

Wreath on a stand (small): The Cross Design & Decor

Mirror: The Cross Design & Decor

Rug: Wayfair

Bonjour Sign: Gauge NYC

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kelowna

Justin and I are so excited to work with all of the above-mentioned companies throughout our renovation and we’re so grateful for partnering with some of them on this huge project of ours!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is darling. Bravo, this space is beautiful.
    And, that ‘bonjour’ piece, all the heart eyes.

  2. These spaces are beyond beautiful!! Can you provide some details on your hardwood floor? I just love the stain colour!

  3. Wow – these are so beautiful! I have been obsessing over your front doors for awhile now! What is the paint color on the actual walls? So gorgeous!

  4. I love how honest you are!!! Makes me feel better that I’m not the only one battling two dogs and white sheets and scratches on my door!! Your taste in incredible! I love reading your blog.

  5. Beautiful! Could you give more details on the wood floors you used. Type of wood? Finish/colour? We’re redoing our floors this summer and I love the look you chose. Is this the same throughout your main floor?
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Do you have any tips for creating an entryway when you don’t have a proper one? My kitchen table is a dumping ground rather than a table because it is so close to the front door.

    Also, I love all of these recent home features!

  7. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!! What are your go-to colors for walls/trim? That was the hardest part of building our first home!

  8. Love these spaces!
    I was wondering if the tile in the back entry and laundry room came sealed or did that need to be done during the install process?

  9. I LOVE the colorful doors, from the subdued periwinkle to the perky yellow!! Love seeing you prioritize seating and storage in these areas! I am dying to see your master ensuite and hearing the steam shower reviews, as we’re close to having to make selections for our ensuite 🙂

  10. Beautiful entry ways! It equally drives me crazy when people have “unusable” foyers, aka nowhere to put coats and shoes. They are both beautifully functional!

  11. I love your place. Thanks for the tour so far. Are you going to be doing one of your living room? We are building a house this spring and have been looking for the same type fireplace but having a hard time finding one. Do you mind sharing the brand and series?

  12. I love how your front entryway is more formal, and the back is more fun. The way the front has the 2 side alcoves, and then you enter the main house through the arch, is perfection. And I never would have though to do anything with the ceiling at all!

  13. LOVE your floors Jill! Are they hardwood or laminate or vinyl or..??

    We bought our house with hardwood already installed on the main floor and with dogs scratching it up, dropping things, etc. it looks terrible! So many dings and scratches and dents. I would never get natural hardwood again, if I have the choice. What do you recommend for a good durable floor, that still looks natural?

  14. what color is the paint above the wainscotting ? Its beautiful and the white that you used was it simply white ?

  15. Your home is beautiful and thank you for sharing your photos and words with everyone. I love your flooring, would you be willing to share a photo of how your floors transition from the hardwood to tile? I am building a new home and I’m not sure how to do this!!
    Thank you!!

  16. Love everything about these spaces!! So beautiful and fun. Just wondering what the colour is on the walls?


  17. Absolutely in love. Thank you for sharing your details. I get sooo much inspiration from you! What colors did you do for the wall and trim?

  18. Hi Jillian, I was wondering the type of wood you used for the flooring. I love the color, it’s timeless. I looked at, but couldn’t determine which you used. Thanks!

    Also, I’m sooo very excited for your show to come back! Any idea when it will start airing?

  19. I loveeeee your entryway! Maybe you already said this but what colour is on your walls in your entryway?

    I am renovating our place and painting everything, I am having such a hard time picking colours. We have ALOT of windows so we have a lot of natural light… I have honestly thought about picking the colours you have on your blog you posted about many months ago, lol. It’s been a go-to for me.


  20. Hi Jilly!

    SUCH beautiful entry ways! Just love!!! It looks like from your other paint post you painted your entry way “Simply White?” It looks like the wainscotting and walls are different colours? What colour did you paint the wainscotting?


  21. Jillian love your colors of your front and back doors. It really adds a pop of color to the entry way. Very clever. You are a great designer.
    Can’t wait to see your master bathroom as I want to update ours and will be able to pick some tips from you.

      1. Where did you get your exterior (Front door) -Topiary Trees? Are they fake or real? Thank you for your kind attention ??

  22. Hi Jilly;

    Really enjoyed viewing all the rooms in your home BEAUTIFUL!!.. Would you mind sharing with me the colour of your flooring in the entryway? It’s really lovely….

  23. Hey Jill,

    I have been searching HIGH and LOW for a mat like the one inside your front door. Where did you find it! I love the neutral and timeless look, and if I slip on my tile at my front door one more time after walking in from the rain… I may snap. haha


  24. What is your favorite white for the walls? Do you use the same color for the trim, but with a different finish?

  25. Can you help me pick out my front door Color.. I am stumped.. we just built our house and I would love a pop of Color in my very white home.

  26. Hey, Where is the front entrance light from? I tried to click on it and the link is no longer working! Thanks

  27. Love your home!!! I see you use cloud cover for the walls- what color did you use for the millwork and trim? Just beautiful!!

  28. Hi,

    I noticed the Bonjour sign in the front entry and there’s no mention of it in the post. Could you tell me where it’s from please.


  29. Love your choice of colors. Are you in Kelowna? We are there for a weekend back in March. I didn’t know anyone knew where this place was. Did stop in a lovely design store, but I couldn’t tell you where is was. Went to a fabulous winery, too.

  30. Hi , I love your house Jillian. Can you please tell me what color paint you used on your kitchen cabinets and what kind/color wood floors you did?

    Jenny Goldman

  31. What color is on your ship lap wall in your back entry? I know the color on your other walls are cloud cover. Are they all the same?

  32. Hi Jillian,

    What style of drapes do you have in your dining area? Is that an inverted pleat style or ripplefold? I love your Instagram stories btw.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Ohhhh you must be a mind reader Carol!!! I’m currently writing a blog on my drapes now and I will be sharing ALL of that info!!! STAY TUNED!! XO

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