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A Father’s Day Inspired Q and A Interview With My Dad!

While scrolling through social media (what else is new LOL!), I came across this adorable Q&A style video between a dad and his daughter for Mother’s Day and I knew I wanted to recreate it, but instead of with the kids I wanted to do it with my dad. So without further ado, here is a little Father’s Day-inspired Q&A with my dad, Glen!

1. What was your favourite memory of being a dad? 

There isn’t just one best memory, it’s actually impossible to have just one when you have so many wonderful ones with your daughter. There is a conglomeration of many memories that actually make your heart swell. The fact that you and I resonate so well together, and have had such high respect for each other, we’re a team! I didn’t need a son because you provided me with that as well as being a daughter, so I don’t think I was left out in any way shape, or form. From quading, farting, fishing, bad jokes, dirty jokes, and everything in between we’ve always had such a great connection.

One of my favourite memories with you dad is the day that you got to hold Annie because we named Annie after my dad’s mom, who is not with us anymore.

2. What has been your favourite moment of being a papa? 

Oh, being a Papa is just one of the most wonderful things you could have ever asked for. It’s just beautiful, look at those kids, they are just enormously wonderful. Like I say, there are so many heart explosions that you have brought into my life.

3. What did you have or play with as a child that kids don’t have today?

A good ol’ stick and a ball! We never had video games or any stuff like that, everything we did was left up to our imagination from movies or comic books. I couldn’t imagine running up in the hills pretending I was a character from Minecraft like the kids would today haha!

4. What’s something your mom or dad used to tell you growing up that later turned out to be true?

Mom and dad were really big on respect, and it sounds cliche, but treating people how you would want to be treated! Something I love about you, Jill is that you are super respectful to others and I think that has a lot to do with how my parents raised me and in turn how your mom and I raised you.

Another great lesson they taught us was to always cherish and be grateful for the upbringing that you had. I never idolized the rich people, we were brought up in a more conservative lifestyle and we learned to love it because our parents made our lives so great.

5. What was a favourite family tradition when you were growing up?

We would go out on outings to lakes, which was one of my favourite things. It didn’t happen very often because we never owned a car, so when someone was available that had a car and we got to go to the lake we had such a fun time.

6. What are the three happiest moments in your life so far?

One of the best moments of my life was meeting your mom. I just feel so fortunate to have your mom in my life, to have you as a daughter and Justin as my son-in-law.

7. What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment I would say is my marriage. A personal accomplishment is my career, I’ve done well with it. Another great accomplishment is having a daughter like you that is so successful, and seeing how you’ve developed. You have a great thing going with your business, you’re such a wonderful daughter, you have 2 incredible kids and I just adore Justin.

Dad, thank you so much for this wonderful little Q&A opportunity! I can’t believe after 42 years, there are still things I’m learning about you every day. I love you dad, Happy early Father’s Day!



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  1. What a Man your papa is Jill!!! Makes my heart swell to hear him talk of you & your mom with such HIGH regards!! Also loved to read what he had to say about his parents! What a Gem that Glen is!!!😘😘😘

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