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Apple Picking in Style

Can you believe it’s October 2nd?! Eeeep!!! I’m so excited! I absolutely LOVE this time of year in Kelowna, I love the fact that so much is being harvested, delicious apples, pumpkins, squash … I love the crisp air and the changing leaves. I have a soft spot in my heart for autumn, I honestly like it better than spring and summer because I love the idea of change and I love knowing that winter is coming and with that brings a different lifestyle and fun new adventures! There are so many things I want to introduce Leo to this fall and winter and one of them was the pumpkin patch (check!) and apple picking!!

Jillian Harris and Leo Apple Picking

Leo LOVES fruit and he loves being able to eat his fruit whole, there’s nothing cuter than just watching his little hands grip a big piece of fruit as he devours its juiciness and delish flavours!! We recently took a trip to Davison Orchards in Vernon and wandered through the apple orchards, it melted my heart to watch him pluck an apple straight from the tree. It’s these little things that make me so appreciative of Leo, he allows me to slow down and enjoy the little things every day.

Jillian Harris and Leo Apple PickingJillian Harris and Leo Apple PickingJillian Harris and Leo Apple PickingJillian Harris and Leo Apple Picking

How adorable is this red cardigan by the way? I have so many cardigans in my closet, they’re one of my fall wardrobe staples! However, most of the cardi’s I have in my closet are grey and black so it’s nice to change things up with this pop of red! If you’re wondering, this cardigan is from Joe Fresh! They honestly have the cutest items at a freakin great price point! Check out my shoes too … I mean c’mon … love them! They’re also from Joe Fresh and I THINK they might be sold out online right now BUT they have so many cute leopard print shoes … it’s crazy!! Check ’em out …

Jillian Harris and Leo Apple PickingJillian Harris and Leo Apple PickingJillian Harris and Leo Apple Picking

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Cardigan | Shoes | Hat | TeeJeans | Leo’s Shirt | Leo’s Jeans

What fall activities are you looking most forward to?? Comment below!!








Thank you Joe Fresh for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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    1. Hi Bernadine!! Yes, I am!! We are just waiting to do the photoshoot and then I’ll be sharing each room individually!! XOXO

  1. Gorgeous photos! What a great memory you made. Thanks for sharing!

    Would love some of your photo shoot tips. You are a pro. And Leo could not possibly be cuter.

  2. Hello Jillian,

    this is my first time leaving a comment, I just wanted to say I read everyday, follow on Instagram and love all the insta stories, your journey is a brave one and extremely encouraging as you document the happenings in your lives; your team is very talented and shows in all the projects that you take on! keep it up it’s refreshing and enjoyable Happy Fall to all of you on Team Jilly 🙂

    p.s. Fall is my absolute fav time of year too!!!

  3. Apple picking and the pumpkin patch are my two favourite family Fall activities! It is so much fun to experience all of these things through children’s eyes. Leo looks like an absolute sweetheart! I always love reading your posts, thank you for always being so positive Team Jilly 🙂


  4. Jillian, I just want to let you know that when I see a pic of you, I smile. You are very enlightening and your baby Leo is booooooodiful. I have never commented on here before but I personally believe this world needs more people like you. xox

    1. I just picked up a pair of these shoes from Joe Fresh – in snakeskin black – they are SO comfortable. They feel like slippers and are a great price.

      Thanks Jill!

  5. Hi Jillian! I am loving your fashion post! I am a kindergarten teacher and I am always looking for fresh ideas for my wardrobe! Having said that, I love the shoes you posted; the leopard print casual shoes from Joe Fresh. They are sold out…do you know of another fun/funky print that could pair well with skinny jeans and leggings?

  6. Oh my goodness! Leaf crunching has to be my absolute favourite! I will go out of my way to find a crunchy pile of leaves to stomp through! Even better with a cute pair of boots! Eeep!

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