Easy Costume Ideas for Your Toddler

I know we are a little ways away from Halloween yet but do you think I can stop thinking about what I want to dress Leo up as this year?! NOPE! Last year we had the cutest freakin’ costume (well, I liked it … maybe not so much Justin and Nacho … lol) and I really want to do something fun for the whole family again but I can’t figure out what the heck to do that won’t suck up a lot of time! So I’ve been cruising a few sites to see what was out there and there are a few good ideas floating around. I mean, I really WANT to make a costume for him but let’s be real … WHEN?! When am I going to do that?! LOL!!! I want something EASY!!

Jillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers Jillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers Jillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers Jillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers Jillian Harris Halloween Costume Ideas for ToddlersLeo in first pumpkin halloween costume

As I was poking around a few sites it dawned on me that it’s probably not just me already thinking about costumes, there are probably a lot of other mamas out there starting to toss some ideas around so I thought it would be fun to share some ideas with you that are super simple ways to pull off costumes for your babes that don’t require a lot of brainpower … time … and money! So here we go!


Sometimes all you need is a cute mask and comfy clothes for a costume. I think most toddlers find masks to be the most fun … or face paint for that matter! But some masks are pretty darn cute these days and some of the ones linked below even come with a built-in noise-maker … how perfect is that?!


Talk about a win-win and total mom hack here … but seriously, the pj’s these days could totally pass for a costume … some even glow in the dark which is great for safety as well … annnnd they’re all ready for bed once they come home! LOL!!!

Comfy (Pre-made) Costumes

There are some really cute costumes out there that are affordable, can be used for more than one year and are freakin cute!! Some of the options below can even be personalized with your toddler’s name, such as the chef, and the veterinarian and the train engineer … I mean … that alone is just adorable and worth the money! LOL!


Some toddlers may not even like dressing up quite yet so accessories may be a simple and fun option, such as a crazy wig, a cute headband, mini witch hats or fake glasses … hey, it’s the thought that counts, right??

Halloween Tee’s

I mean, just like the PJ idea … this is seriously easy peasy … toss on a Halloween graphic tee and some pants or leggings for the girls and you are out the door! LOL!

Jillian Harris Toddler Halloween Costumes

1. Chef Costume | 2. Fake Glasses | 3. Skeleton PJ’s | 4. Thing 1 Costume | 5. Train Engineer | 6. Firefighter Costume | 7. Party Blowers | 8. Lion Mask | 9. Spider Tee |10. Bodysuit | 11. Vet Costume | 12. Mini Witch Hats | 13. Leggings

What do you think?? Do you have any other tips and tricks for pulling off simple Halloween costumes for kids?? Let’s hear them!!



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  1. These are very cute! You even included what I just bought for my 18 month old boy/girl twins: his and hers Frankenstein jammies.

    I had visions of these elaborate, adorable costumes, but the simple fact is that both of mytoddlers will not tolerate headbands, masks, hats, etc. It’s their goal in life to take those off as quickly as possible. That pretty much rules out the cuteness of all the regular costumes. I decided to go the safe route and buy jammies that can be costumes. The fact that they had coordinate boy and girl versions really sealed the deal for me. Can’t beat $12/costume.

    If I had time for a DIY project and thought my kids would wear accessories, I was planning to dress my whole family up as the Berenstain Bears, my favorite childhood book series. SIGH. Maybe next year.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I liked your ideas. Here you give some ideas for SUPER last minute Halloween costumes. All of these are quick and easy to make with things that I could probably find around our house. Thanks again for that.

  3. I’m working on my Halloween costume already. I always start months early, because I buy the pieces of my outfit individually. Last year I was a Steampunk Harley Queen, this year I’m going to be a Victorian Queen of Hearts, but with fake blood and liquid latex, I’m going to make it look like my head is cut off.Thanks for this blog.

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