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Ask Jilly: Episode 1

OMG YOU GUYS!! I’m soooo excited!! This is our very FIRST VLOG!! If you’re unsure what a vlog is, so are we!!! Just kidding. A vlog is a video blog. We’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now but never found the time to get around to it and we finally buckled down and got one filmed for you!!

For those of you who follow me over on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll know that recently I asked if you had one question to ask me about ANYTHING … what would that question be?! Well, I asked and YOU delivered!! There was such a great response back from everyone!! We sorted through the questions and chose a bunch to answer for you today!! We want to get to all of the other questions as well so there will be a follow-up vlog in addition to this one … hopefully, we can turn this into a regular series! How fun would that be??

Alright, without further ado … here it is … Ask Jilly, Episode 1!

Dress | Watch

Sooooo what did you guys think?? Thumbs up?? If so, make sure to comment below with ANY questions you want to hear from me next time and we’ll try to squeeze them in!!



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    1. Love this!
      My question: Seems like you have a very positive (but busy) work life. Do you have any tricks or tips to maintaining motivation, inspiration, and positive relationships in your work life?

  1. You’re amazing Jillian! We met in Jasper this year. We were the girls in the black Smash + Tess Sunday rompers! You gave me a hug right when you walked in, it aired on your show. Made my year!! ❤️️

  2. Excellent vlogging! Love to hear all about what is happening with you. It was very long…might want to divide it up a bit with the questions but loved it all!

    1. Hi Jill. I follow your Instagram stories and I really appreciate your openness and honesty.
      In a future “Ask Jilly” can you explain who everyone is that are in your stories and how they are related to you and each other. Being a detail person I know I would appreciate this and then next time you mention one of them I can picture who they are.

  3. I am thinking tht you are the ideal person to speak honestly about our country and all of its great qualities plus looking at the reality of what life is like for all walks of life. Not the sort of “let’s fix it'” or “let’s analyze it” but instead being in the life of people from all parts of Canada. Incorporate what you are good at and that would be thinking about design for interior of homes as well as design for direction of life….food, clothing, love, friends, belonging, …..this is me just simply listening to your Vlog and beginning the ‘brainstorming’…..we are part of a great country where differences abound yet what binds us as a country is our differences and willingness to change and adapt and learn resiliency….so, what do you think?

  4. Hi Jillian. Just finished watching your 1st episode…..I loved it! You are so outgoing, normal and down to earth, keep it up! I am a big fan of you and your Love It or List It, sure hope it returns!

  5. I’ve received from a semi detached to single family home, which is much much larger. I don’t have nearly enough furniture to furnish the house or pictures…etc. I do have pictures and some decorative items but I have no idea where to put them or what to do with them. I want to paint. There is so much and I want it all done like now. So I guess I need help with do I decide where to put what I have and what should I work on first. I have a kitchen, and it’s okay, but I want to blow it out and put in a new kitchen and new flooring with a huge island. But that will take time and money. So like I said in one of my messages to you on facebook, if your ever on the East Coast I’d love to have my house decorated by the one and only Jillian Harris. lol. Thank you, and any response is appreciated.

  6. Awe love this! I want to know how you learned to let go a bit after being a new momma. I love our sweet baby girl who is now 2 months old but oh my gosh I still find I can’t adjust to a messier house! Dog toys, baby gear, oh my!

  7. Omg I love Nacho! I feel your pain … we have a boxer “Stella” they are crazy! Just literally laughing out loud right now.

  8. The whole Nacho part had my laughing so hard! That’s real life (at least in my home) and it was nice to see ? You are just so sweet and personable.

  9. Thank you so much Jilly and Team! Great first vlog! It takes great courage to be vulnerable with such a big audience and we are all so grateful! Looking forward to seeing more! xo

    1. Please Jillian just go with whatever is going on around you…misbehaving Nacho, parents leaving your house etc. That what mad it so real and non-boring!

  10. Love you and this was hilarious but oh my gosh PLEASE put Nacho in a different room next time because after about 2 mins of all the rustling and yelling I had to turn it off it got so annoying. Also not sure if it just the upload quality but mine was super blurry… I swear this isn’t meant to be passive aggressive – would love more Vlogs just with better sound quality! xo

  11. How I wish you and I were girlfriends! You seem so nice and natural and I have loved you since the Bachelor. Rock on my fellow Canadian! Xoxo

  12. Loved this!

    I just have to say I love how down to earth you are Jillian. This makes it so much more enjoyable to listen to you talk about everything from your designing journey to being on television to funding the love of your life to being a mama.

    So thank you for sharing the personal window into your life’s story! ❤️

    As for what you could do next…

    Definitely more Jillian home touches and design for sure! You’re previous home and your new home have given me so many ideas for my own home that I love! More! More!

    And as for babies/children, being a mama myself, I would love to see more of that stuff in the future!

    Looking forward to another vlog!


    PS – definitely going for The W Network to pick up another LONGER season of Jillian & Justin!!!

  13. Looking forward to the next episode!
    Please come to Grande Prairie on your book tour; I’d love to meet you!

  14. Lol love the vlog! Really cool alternative. Gotta say…nacho was a little annoying for the first time ever, it almost made me stop watching! But as always….love your responses and you’re always so down to earth!!! <3

  15. I loved the questions and responses xo I follow you on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. I found it hard to hear your voice with all the background noise but I am picky about background noises lol You are a natural for VLOGS 🙂 I am a 34 year old single-working MOM that lives in northern Alberta. I have this amazing 10 year old SON that looks up to me. I constantly feel like a failure because all I want for us is to own a home to call OURS; working full-time and trying to get an education on the side plus sports and making sure he maintains above average on his grade levels catches up to a girl! I have went from one toxic relationship to another and have always kept focus on being a “good” MOM and supporting my partner but I have always found myself alone and struggling trying to keep it all together. How do you find time to juggle everything and keep a positive outlook on life? Have you had moments where you couldn’t get out of bed and what was inspiration to move forward?

  16. Thank you for sharing your life so publicly, I enjoy following along with your and your beautiful family!

    Please share more vlogs ? Would love to watch and learn more about your journey.

  17. Loved your free flowing authenticity…so real. I will say though that the constant interruptions with Nacho and people were distracting. So would suggest that be taken care of next time. But you’re always so full of energy and fun! Great start!

  18. Jillian, Loved every bit of this. You’re such an inspiration to watch and follow.
    Couldn’t of asked for a better morning with my Coffee, fur babies and getting to watch Q & A’s with Jill.

  19. Love this! However, it could be a little shorter and I feel like you were too far away. Really enjoyed listening to your answers! Very real.

  20. Love it! Loved seeing nacho being crazy on there! We have a dog that would have been doing the exact same thing!
    A question I would love to have answered is what are some of the things you do to balance being a mom and your career? I have a baby alittle bit older than Leo and it’s something I stuggle with and I’m sure many others do as well.

  21. Yes to Ask Jilly #2!! I love how down to earth you are and I laugh right along side of you! I’m a Snapchat/Insta follower and love how you connect with fans! Keep it up! ?

    1. Love it!! Keep Nacho and other interruptions…love it…it is sooo real just like you are!

      Come to Ottawa on your book tour please!!??

      1. Suggestion for topic . .being an only child…do you feel guilt if you don’t spend a lot of time with your you call them daily or feel like you should…do you worry as they get older it is just you to care /help them …do you ever wish less focus on you, that it was spread around (other sibs) etc..i think it would be interesting from an ADULT perspective to hear how it is NOW as an adult (we only hear about a child’s view of it) so many are “one and done” (and not everyone has a large extended family)..would be good topic perhaps !!

        Love your vlog ? (20 mins each and I’d it even more…busy life lol)

    2. Loved it thought was very interesting love nacho sounds like me yelling at my dog Chanel ! I think you should do bedding and pillows line ! I know you love some fancy pillows ! But would think bed linens and sheet would be good buisness !

    3. Really hope your show Justin and Jillian comes back. Really enjoyed that! Love watching you guys.

    4. Love the vlog idea. Can’t wait to watch the next one. To answer your question at the end about what you should do next. Just do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what everyone else wants. 🙂 Nacho was cracking me up at the beginning. I think on one of your wine nights you should replay this video and every time you say Nacho you all have to drink. Lmao! Thanks for sharing!

    5. Hi Jillian…it’s me…Johnny…the Fedex guy and your most memorable fan that you met…awww I was so touched that you remembered me…you captured my attention from the very first episode I seen you on the bachelor…when I walked by you that day it was like all the rays of sunshine were shining on you through the window…and that’s cause you are a ray of sunshine for all of us ☀️I love seeing your life unfold and so happy for all your successes and beautiful family…keep shining Jilly and thanks for mentioning me…and remember it’s Johnny ?great vlog ?

    6. Gosh, I love how natural and relatable you were in this post. My second son was born at KGH at the same time as Leo so I like we are birth sisters that way, hurt vaginas and all hahahahah. As you describe slowing your schedule down, mine has ramped up with going back to work full time and having two little ones. It was inspiring to see you talk about the value in stepping back a little bit from some of your obligations for more important priorities like family. So I’m having a moment here writing this (where’s the rose!!) so I just have a big thank you for being so candid and honest and creating a bit of food for thought from one mom to another. That being said, let’s get the little ones together (Leo &Rowen) so they can play (we live in kettle valley)! And we can drink…ahem, I mean oversee their activities 🙂 thanks again girl!! Xoxo

    7. Keep doing designing. You have the best designs and eye for that. But i like your chemistry wirh Todd

    8. What I love most about you is that you have kept your humanness! This is why you have become even more successful. You have stayed true to yourself and everyone that you have touched. I absolutely love that you remembered that one fan before he recognized you. You truly connect with people and that is what I admire the most. I think of you everyday (not in a creepy stalker way lol) but in my life and business quite often I tell myself to bring out my inner Jillian and that just helps me have a sense of humour about myself and life and to have more confidence. When work gets over whelming I always remember how important it is to connect with our clients/people and make sure they are heard and taken care of! Anyway I’m babbling but I think you are fantastic and you are killing it as a mom to little Leo and I enjoy being a part of your “life”! High five ?❤️

    9. So enjoyed watching your first vlog! You are truly amazing my favorite girl to follow ! Your the best friend that every girl wants. Looking forward to sharing in your next adventures and also so happy for your little family! Cheers!

    10. That was super fun! I’m looking forward to your next one. You’re such a natural Jillian and I know you will succeed in whatever you decide to do next. Your honesty and openness is why I’m coming to really love you.

    11. Please please, I am waiting for designing advice, my house need a makeover. Not money to hire a disigner but an App where you can pay some $ and let send your pictures with space and receive a guidenes, will be nice ??????????

  22. You are so gifted in design I would LOVE to see more clothing or jewellery designs from you! Maybe one day even your own home like too!

  23. Loved it!! My heart almost lept out of my chest when Shay said; Erika has a question! That’s MEEEEE no wait, another Erika LOL

    Your realism is a great reminder that we are all humans, just trying to make it through each day. So what if this person has a bit more pazaz in their life; we all experience many of the same worries, hopes and dreams ✌? Much love

  24. That was freakin awesome! I love that u are so real and I love watching you! Maybe one day I will get to meet u! That would be so cool! Do you think you will ever visit the east coast??(Newfoundland and Labrador??) I’ve beeb such a fan since your bachelorette days!Please do episode 2 soon please!! ?? please follow me on instragram!!

  25. I have been following you since Jason’s season of the bachelor and as a fellow Canadian (Toronto ?) and I just love you!!!! I feel like I know you well already BUT since I started following you because of your fashion sense, my question is in regards to just that! Do you shop on your own or do you/are you sponsored and sent clothes from stores that you post? Do you remember that green dress from club Monaco you wore way back in the day (I believe it was on the bachelorette) well I had to drive over an hour to a club Monaco that had that dress in stock!!! See loyal! Ps I searched EVERYWHERE for the guess dress you wore on your final episode of Jason’s season…I never did get it and now I feel sad again thinking that I didn’t get it LOL

  26. I really enjoy your blogs and photos! I love Nacho. Reminds me of my crazy dog Winston!! Keep them coming Jillian!!

  27. What is it with dogs (and children) not listening when the pressure is on! I swear my dog & children purposely have to add to my anxiety by having selective hearing when something important is happening! A+ behaviour all throughout YVR parking lots, lineups and all, it’s not until Customs that they pull out all their best tricks!

    Looking forward to the next vlog, I would really like to hear more about when and why you switched to a plant based diet, I know for my family it has been tricky since both my husband and I grew up with such a ‘meat and potatoes’ type of diet. Also, maybe some tips on getting small children to eat more veggies… because local fresh produce is apparently a punishment. Ha!

    All the best!


  28. Hey Jill!!

    Love hearing about what goes on behind closed doors for you and to learn more about you!

    I am also in the same spot of wishing that I had saved more and spent less on silly things (even though I am only 26. haha)

    Just a little tip, the plant was in focus the majority of the time, and would love for you to be sharp in the video instead to help us clearly see ya!!

    Can’t wait for episode 2!!


  29. Fun!!! I think you should definitely do it again. (but you should probably make sure Nacho is occupied!)

  30. Love this vlog! I’m going to show it to my 18 year old daughter. What came to mind when watching this is how fun it would be for you to have a 30 minute “Martha Stewart” type show but not so stuffy. Just being yourself like the vlog today. Loved how you called Nacho and were natural. HGTV needs to give you your own “Jillians at Home” show. Broadcast it from your kitchen/family room. I know a lot who would watch it! PS. What works for my dog is “CHEESE, WANT SOME CHEESE??!!” LOL.

  31. Absolutely, loved it – you are so ‘down to earth’. Love listening to your stories and advice. Looking forward to the next segment. Cheers!

  32. You are a fresh breath of air in this new world….keep it up! Love your down to earth, easy, laid back style.

  33. So you answered my question. It was about the cookbook and how it would be categorized and if there would be a book tour. PLEASE do a book tour in California. There is no way I could possibly get to Canada and I am dying to meet you. PLEASE!

  34. Loved the vlog. Real and authentic! Great advice. Maybe for the wedding try having a wedding planner to worry about the little details . Wish you well!

  35. Hi Jillian.

    I love watching your instastories. And the blog was awesome. But I could only watch half of it nacho was just to much in it.
    Love you tho!!

  36. I still can’t follow you on Instagram. I watch all your stuff and I love you and your family!!

  37. Cheers love that video Nacho and all! Would love an affordable clothing line as a new adventure. Your style is amazing and would love to order and ship within Canada ?? supporting local. I am in Ontario, outside of Toronto. I would also love to visit you on a book tour if you happen to come this way. Wishing you all the very best. Enjoy every moment with your beautiful family xo

  38. Hi Jillian,

    As a young Interior Designer in the making, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your career advice! It’s really inspiring to hear from someone like yourself that setbacks and failure are okay!

    I look forward to episode 2!

  39. This is amazing Jill! Please do more of this. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing and smiling during the entire vlog. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us!??

  40. Love reading your blog and watching your new show. I adore your decorating. We have the same taste in a lot of things. Great job on the vblog, can’t wait for the next one. I would love to see pictures of your new home.
    I just went to a second hand store and bought myself a pair of Calvin Klein overalls for $10.99 I was so thrilled. I saw the fashion article you had on them.
    I read a lot of decorating and fashion blogs as my down time at night…..with a glass of wine…teehee
    Thank you for all you do.
    Big hugs and cheers,

  41. Miss Jillian, you’re so darn inspiring!! Thanks for being a positive light in my social media venues. Keep on keepin’ it real. I feel like you connect so well just by being yourself. You’re the best! Make more babies (when you’re ready of course… wine is good too)! lol

  42. My question is……drumroll…..

    Many look to YOU for inspiration when it comes to design and lifestyle.
    Who do YOU look up to for inspiration?

    Loved the Q&A!
    PS, My five year old LOVED watching your show whenever he passed by the tv while I watched. He always said “I love that baby! He’s soooo cute!”

  43. I am hoping to start my own interior design business in the next few months. What is your i great piece of advice for a successful launch?

  44. That was awesome! Really enjoyed it and hope you’ll do another one soon 🙂
    Happy to hear you’re enjoying your summer. From your insta stories it sure seems like you’re making the most of it with lots of pool and family time! Xox

  45. Absolutely loved this! I watch your instagram stories every day (actually get sad if I miss one), and I have to say that you have such an incredible ability to make your viewers feel like they are friends. You are so honest, and I feel like I know so much about you and your life. You always make me laugh, and I love that you don’t edit out the not-so-perfect clips (the nacho part of this vlog was hilarious). So keep doing what you do, because you are rocking it! Some ideas for the future – maybe something with wedding planning?? (I know you aren’t doing much yet, but I’m sure you will have the best ideas!) Or a kids clothing line!


  46. Hell yeah episode 2!! I felt like your words of advice at the begining were directed right at me!! You rock! Love all the entrepreneur talk – not just on here, but anytime you’ve talked about how you got where you are. Inspiring! Sincerly a photographer/photojournalist trying finding her way.

  47. Oh Jillian! You’re just the sweetest and cutest! Love watching everything you do! I think what you should do next is totally relax and enjoy this unmet with your little man. You sooooooooooo deserve it!

    Second of all, you should focus more on fashion with your brand! Maybe more on your clothing line? I am obsessed!

    Love your big fan,
    Katie 🙂

  48. Hi Jillian,

    What would I like to see next? A furniture and home decor line!!!! Designing and furnishing a home using your style as inspiration has been great, but it would be even better if I could go into a store and buy Jillian Harris branded items! Hope my idea makes your team rich and you’re closer to that yacht (wouldn’t mind an invite to come a drink rose with you on it at all)!

  49. Love the video and love the idea of more blogs but Nacho needs to be out of sound range haha and also the plant was the thing in focus the whole time

  50. This “Vlog” was the best!!! Loved how you are just being you, sitting on the swing, drinking a glass of wine, yelling at Nacho, saying goodbye to your contractors (??) AND answering questions as if it was nothing at all! Loved it was natural, real and fun!!! Loved your comment about embracing failure – a very important thing (one I didn’t learn until very late in life!). I hope you do this again and again – and in the same format – not contrived or posed – just you being you! So glad you are able to enjoy this time with Leo and your family and friends. Enjoy this little down time – it probably won’t last forever! Happy 1st Birthday to Leo! Enjoy! XOXO

  51. Yessss! This was awesome, can’t wait to watch more!
    I’m curious, how are you able to live through ongoing renos while trying to make design decisions without second guessing yourself, and a one year old?
    I’ve been living through renos for over a year, I have two babies under two and it is completely overwhelming.

  52. Jilly, you have the potential to be the Canadian Oprah! Please consider starting a talk show or magazine. Expand into those avenues and I think, know…you’ll soar <3


  53. You are so much fun to follow. Thanks for keeping it real! May I ask where you got the awesome porch swing? It is lovely!

  54. love it you should do more youtube videos moving forward!! I would love if you did daily vlogs, cooking ideas, outfit videos, decorating videos, monthly favorite videos, baby must have videos , videos about family, make up videos, travel videos, the list goes on I love your blog but being on youtube will be awesome!! you can start monetizing and can actually grow into a huge business! love you Jilly!

  55. So awesome, A) that porch swing is adorable B) love Nacho being a pain ha its real life C) cant wait to watch/listen to more VLOGS thanks for sharing Jilly! Ps what kind of rose was that?! Ill make my boyfriend buy it for the next vlog , he will be annoyed haha not another Jillian thing!

  56. I loved this idea! I have a question about your renovation project – what is the hardwood flooring you used in your house? I absolutely love the size and colour!!

  57. Adored every second of this! Would love to hear and see more design-related stuff, as always, but I love it all!!!

  58. Love the Vlog!! So on board for Episode 2!!
    I love how relatable you are, and the whole nacho thing…I thought I was watching myself talk to my dog!!

    As for what I’d like to see from Team Jilly…CLOTHING LINE!! Doooo it!! I was listening to your Priv Talks Podcast and I think that would be something you guys would totally kill! I love all of my JHforPriv items and I’d love to see what you guys would create! <3

  59. Omg I wish I would of seen thins I would of asked something!!! Well I can’t wait till the next one!!!

  60. How fun was that????

    Jillian is always a breath of fresh air and is so normal….. I have loved her since she was so natural on Jason’s Bachelor season. I am so happy for this extremely talented and fun loving woman. Can’t wait to see the next vlog. I loved it was just so natural and Jillian being Jillian is the best. The swing setting was darling (loved the pillows) and the ponytailed girl in the white dress was great. Nacho being a typical dog was perfect.??✨

  61. That was so fun! Definitely do more Ask Jilly vlogs in the future! Maybe next time, don’t invite Nacho 😉

  62. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I love this so much!!! ENCORE!!!

    1) I recently stopped eating animal products and milk products. Why did you decide to do this too Jillian??? I decided after watching netflix docs (forks over knives, in defense of food, veg-u-cated), and researching the impact of animal products on your bod… also I’m obsessed with my Golden Retriever Bailey… And I just couldn’t imagine eating her 🙁 … Also PLEASE keep up with the vegan recipes!!!! It’s been so enlightening!!

    *On a side note…. how do you cope with non-veg haters… I live in cow town Calgary and I can’t even call myself the V word (Although, internally, I’m so proud of it!) … I think I would be disowned by many lol… so I’m just a “not hungry right now and dairy gives me a stomach-ach” instead of the V-word lol.

    2) How do you stay thin / toned lol?!? My girlfriends and I are all curious about your exercise/diet as we are always trying new exercise/diets… and when babies come… the struggle is even more real!

    3) That’s all, I love you! thanks to you and your team for making this world a kinder/better place!

    Much Love,

  63. I wish the video was a bit more edited because something about a 20 minute video consisting of a lot of interruptions is kind of hard to watch the whole way through.

  64. As a recent interior decorating graduate, I’m really interested to learn about how you started your design career?!

    Ps. Loving that you’re starting to vlog!

  65. OMG Nacho!!! Hilarious! (i love that you didn’t edit that out!) Would love to watch a volume 2!

  66. OMG this was the best, you’re the best! My weeks just aren’t the same without any Love it or List it Vancouver or Jillian and Justin to look forward to, so keep ’em coming! I was visiting Kelowna for the first time back in June and, I won’t lie, I was secretly hoping I would “casually” bump into you!

    As someone who will be renovating their forever home soon, I’m hoping you have some advice – here’s my question: if there is ONE thing you wouldn’t spare expense on, what would it be?! (this girl needs some leverage to use on her fiance from a professional! LOL). Also – what is your favourite “indulgent” purchase from your recent reno!?

  67. Hey Jillian! Watching you from Quebec, Canada. (I’m french-Canadian so indulge my english writing!) I have to tell you I discovered you on the realllllly bad french dubbing of Love it or list it Vancouver that airs in Quebec. (You have to watch it someday you’ll have a laugh for sure!) Despite the awkward dubbing I thougt you looked pretty cool and started following you on the blog and on Instagram. I love the variety of subjects that you talk about on the blog and in this vlog. I have two sons, my youngest is about Leo’s age, so I was really happy when you got pregnant and started making pregnancy and baby posts! Here is a question for you: will we get to see your house renovation on TV or on the blog? Thanks! Kisses from the east coast! 😉

  68. I think that u can do it all by yourself.
    Why not producing your own tv show? U don’t need a network , you are who u are, bundle of 4 (I’m including the one who should listen more to u , talking about Nacho)
    No matter the network no matter the show can be design, your life, and even your own daily or weekly show just with u.
    If there is a Marilyn show for older people, I picture u doing your own Jillian show
    I will give u my biggest discovery of all time
    It will reduce stress, anxiety and make u a better u , wife ,mom , friend
    Go to Zivamind and learn meditation with Emily , your heart and mind will tell u what’s next
    With all my love , can’t wait to hear your next vlog, post from you

  69. Fantastic advice about love!
    Everything you said is so true and probably how so many women feel when they just want someone to love and love them back equally.

    Thanks for keeping it so real girl!

  70. Love this vlog!! Would love to see more, also please, please, PLEASE come out with a line of home decor!!!! 🙂

  71. Thank you for being so genuinely you. It’s so simple, but I (and clearly so many others) find it truly inspiring.

    We met once at The Cross, and I was nervous and awkward and I didn’t know what to say but you were so patient and kind. In fact I was so nervous that you started asking ME questions to fill the awkwardness (I swear I’m not usually like that). I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that you ignored how starstruck I was to ensure I didn’t walk away feeling disappointed or silly.

    I also wanted to thank you for things like this video. For your Insta stories and posts that remind us that you are a normal human who’s dog doesn’t always listen, who eats normal amounts of food, argues with her significant other, enjoys a glass of wine (or three), is always willing to learn, and who tries her best.

    I think it is refreshing for women (and men) of all ages to have someone to look up to who isn’t afraid to just be unapologetically herself.

  72. Love this interview, so candid.
    I would like to see your line of furniture or furniture accents. The cookbook is too generic and everyone is having one.

  73. First of all, love you Jillian and loved watching you on Love it or List it Vancouver, and also on Jillian and Justin, I PVR’d them and I still love watching them!
    So my question is how did you begin blogging and what made you want to start blogging? I have followed your blog for a while now and I absolutely love it! Where did all your ideas for the blog come from and where did it all begin? 🙂

    Karli, from Lethbridge, Alberta

  74. I just watched it and loved your vlog please do more! .. I do have a question would you consider going back into business for Charlie Ford Vintage? I know you said it was a pretty bad experience but, even on a small scale would you consider it? I think you would do really well.

  75. Love you Jillian, but I have to be honest, the issues with Nacho were seriously distracting. I couldn’t even make it through the whole video.

  76. I loved this! You are the real deal! I just finished watching the first three episodes of Jillian and Justin. Is episode 4 available online? I love your show and hope that it continues in the future.

  77. I absolutely LOVED this! You are just so sweet and real – its great.

    One thing I think you should do moving forward with your brand is play off your powerhouse girl vibes. I feel like as women we are moving towards this really cool time where we are banning together to help one another reach their goals instead of tearing each other down.

    If you started a meetup or a support or something that encouraged women to work together and help reach the highest of success that would be super cool. Like maybe one week for aspiring bloggers and the next for new mommas and just make it a laid back “Tuesdays with jilly” and every Tuesday you take a group of women for cocktails and just create this super cool movement of bringing women together and making friends and helping push each other to success.

  78. Hi!! I have an idea for a next project! 😀 I absolutely loved all of your designon the Love it or List it show so I got to thinking… maybe you could have your own renovation show just like Sarah Richardson had or something like that?? 😀

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