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My Bachelorette Recap: The Men Tell All

How many of you tuned into The Men Tell All last night?? It wasn’t what I expected it to be … there was lots of drama right out of the gate but the guys faced their differences straight away and for the most part, sorted them out!! Or, I should say, hugged them out. There were also a couple of the guys that weren’t afraid to ask Rachel some tough questions and grill her for answers that they were looking for (Here’s lookin at you, Dean and Fred!) …

For those of you who missed it, Dean questioned Rachel as to why she told him she was falling in love with him and then 4 days later “gave him the boot” … her answer was because at that moment in time she WAS in love with him and it was something she felt even before that particular day but in the end she had to make a decision and unfortunately had to let Dean go. I don’t know about you but I was so happy to kick back and listen to Dean all night. And I mean, looking at him never hurt the eyes either. LOL. But my FAVOURITE part of the night is when WHABOOM guy told Dean to shut up and Kenny got up and waved his finger around saying “No you didn’t” … LOLLLL … YES KENNY!!! YES!!! Side note … Dean … what were you wearing??? That suit needs to be donated STAT lol!!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette RecapJillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Speaking of Kenny … how FREAKIN ADORABLE is he with his daughter?! Are you kidding me?!?! They just love each other so much and it’s the sweetest thing in the world to watch. When Kenny started to cry a little and she wiped the tear from his cheek … my god!! I really hope he finds true love and a lady that will be a great role model for his daughter.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Then there was DeMario … oh man … he was called out on his girlfriend that showed up on one of the episodes and he was still in denial over that one even though Chris Harrison said he had proof … eventually, DeMario admitted that she was one of his side chicks … insert face palm emoji here!! LOL! I thought Rachel’s response to Chris asking her about DeMario was perfect … she swiftly replied “Who??” … LOL! Well played Rachel, wellllll played!

Can we also quickly talk about how heartbreaking it was to listen to Fred?! OMG!!! You can tell he really loves Rachel and it seems to just crush him that she can’t see him for the man he is today rather than the little boy she went to school with. Gah. As tough of a situation it is, I can really see it from both ends.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

I can’t believe the FINAL episode is coming up … I think this 3-hour episode calls for some tasty snacks and some vino!!! Don’t forget to follow me over on Twitter as I’ll be live tweeting throughout the entire episode!

Any final predictions?!?!



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  1. Still pulling for Eric…but agree that Kenny’s little girl, MacKenzie was gorgeous. Maybe a bachelorette some day? 😉

    Kenny for the next Bachelor!

  2. That was a total $#!+ show, which was exactly what I expected. THIS had to be “the most dramatic season ever!”, as in, these guys are sooo about the drama. Yawn.
    Kenny’s daughter is gorgeous, I felt so bad for Fred, and Demario did not make himself look any less douchey than we already thought he might be. Looking forward to seeing Dean in Paradise. Aside from those things, I would have to say the highlight was the blooper reel.
    Rachel handled herself very well, as usual, and I’m hoping we’ll see her glowing along side her new fiancee next week.

  3. Ask Jilly was too FUNNY ! Please do another post .. What is most admirable Jill about you on camera is that you are so authentic ! Keep it up!

  4. I hope she picks Eric . And NOT .because they are both ” black”… Eeeek.. No! No! No! … Nothing to do with anything. They just seem to have very compatible,fun personalities and are really comfortable together.
    Peter is too unsure of his future feelings… And Bryan? Dunno… Just seems a bit too overconfident to me … Plus his mother would be a real issue I’m thinking… Guess we wait and see.

  5. Ask Jilly Episode 1 was AMAZING!! Can’t wait for episode 2! And Nacho at the beginning…. it was fricken hilarious! Lmao! You handled it like a champ! Went right back to your answers without even being distracted!
    I just loved how casual, relaxed and natural the whole interview was.

    1. I’m HOPING it is Peter because I feel that they have the emotional connection which is needed for a lasting husband and wife relationship. He just seems so much more realistic, genuine and caring outside of the Bachelorette bubble versus all the physical chemistry with Bryan (I blame it on the edit) But I get this feeling Rachel will pick Bryan.

  6. Fred couldn’t have been in love with Rachel. How many times did he attempt to contact her on his own(before the show) since they both live in Dallas? Rachel couldn’t get pass their past (if that makes sense). He’s upset because he got the boot early and really didn’t get to travel or any airtime.

    Rachel & Dean’s conversation was cute short. I think the edit was so bad, it almost didn’t make sense.

    I hope Kenny finds true love but not on the Bachelor. I personally will not watch another season of this show. Too much drama and bad casting.

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