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Ask Jilly: Secrets from My Time as The Bachelorette

Hello everyone!! Today is episode THREE of Ask Jilly!! If you missed episode one and two, make sure to catch them here (and don’t forget to hit subscribe while you’re in there!!). Today I’m dishing some JUICY secrets from my time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I’m covering everything from dates to what REALLY happens in the fantasy sweet and the dirty little details on my breakup with Ed. This is one Ask Jilly episode that you won’t want to miss … ESPECIALLY if you’re a Bachelor Nation fan!!

You ready for this?? Let’s do the damn thing!! ?

Let me know what you think of this episode in the comments below and make SURE to comment below with any of your burning, unanswered questions and I will try to answer them in another episode … don’t hold back, they can be about ANYTHING!!!

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  1. Love you and this video!! I feel like you are the most open and candid about your experience on the Bachelor and it is so interesting to get the inside scoop!

  2. Love your honesty! So funny! “Shut those fuckers up” ?
    So interesting to hear how they start the brainwashing even before the first cocktail party! It’s crazy actually!

  3. Love you & your transparency Jillian!! One question-you’re so open about pretty much everything but I never hear you talk about your religion or spirituality. You mentioned being religious for a brief moment in high school-could you elaborate?

  4. Loved your honesty about the inner workings of the Bachelor/Bachelorette! I watched you on both seasons and thought you were awesome and beautiful! Shame on those people for saying those horrible things about you, you should never let anyone change who you are!! So glad you found true love ❤️

  5. This is kind of a silly question but what did you do with your dress from the season finale of the Bachelorette?? Did you get to keep it?? I remember loving it so much and trying to figure out where you got it! It was so beautiful!

  6. OMG girl those bangs….great video, thanks for letting us into your life, i feel like you are one of my girlfriends because you make me laugh, you help me shop and we share a love for wine!!

  7. Hey Girl
    Just curious….in your free time ….wink…did you read Andi’s 1st book yet? It’s pretty good and very candid. Thanks for being you, and so honest! Glad you found J.
    Tracie…aka Trixie (i sent you the Halloween card your 1st Halloween in the house ??)

  8. So genuine! Love it! Will be watching for episode #4!! Your personality made you my favorite! Glad you found the man meant for you!!

  9. Hi Jill!!!
    How did you find your live in nanny?
    Was it a friend or did you find her online?
    Looking into getting one for my son.

  10. Loved this video! So nice to hear details of when you were the bachelorette and I learned something new, I didn’t know you had your nose done. I love when you share details like this. You were beautiful then and beautiful now! ❤️

  11. Wow, I really admire your honesty! You just let it all out and were so real in the video. Thanks Jillian. 🙂

  12. Jilly, do you watch unReal-supposedly created by a former producer of The Bachelor? I’m dying to know if that’s what behind the scenes is like. After watching everything go down with Arie, I got the feeling that Arie was gold to act a certain way. Please tell! Love you so much!

  13. This video/your honesty and openness is incredibly refreshing . Love that you didn’t hold back! Also very funny!

  14. I LOVED your outfits on The Bachelorette and actually would take notes on what you wore so that I could recreate your looks! Did you get to choose your own wardrobe for the show?

  15. Wow! That was super honest but I guess that is why I follow you. It was sad to hear how much your break up with Ed affected you; you describing those emotions were so raw and exactly what many people go through in break ups but too afraid to say it the way you did. I do too wish it was longer because I love hearing how you tell it as it is, and I hope you will always continue to be that truthful!

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