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The Bachelor Recap: Episode 4

Last week someone told me that last weeks blog was bad and  I could do better…well, I have to preface these blogs by saying after filming Love it or List it, getting home, watching Love it or List it, walking Nacho, feeding myself, going to yoga … well my energy and time is limited!!! lol … So I will keep these blogs BRIEF, succinct and to the point – I won’t draw them out to anything but the necessary!

1. I need to tell you … being on the show LITERALLY makes you crazy. I used to wake up really early before everyone else and walk in the field behind the house telling myself over and over again “ok Jill, try to be normal today, try to be yourself” we all have to  remember that on the show you are basically quarantined. You have NO phone, no computer, no books, no magazines, no newspaper. NO TV. THE ONLY thing you have to keep you busy is your mind, and you have producers reminding you about the lack of love in your life every moment, and how ‘Chris’ IS the one for you. When they walk away you find yourself looking at all the other girls and wondering WTF is going on! It takes a REALLY strong individual to stay sane and on point … so having said that, I feel for both Ashley’s … and Jillian.  It is really hard to use your best judgment and ‘be yourself’ when you have LITERALLY NEVER been in that situation before … you haven’t defined WHO that person is in that situation yet – and so… we really have to give these girls a break.

2. The camping date. I’ll make this brief. I love camping. This is my dream date… but WHY did girls need to get naked?? I mean… let’s be serious –  I love a good skinny dip. And there are recent times of my life I’ve probably dropped my skivvies a bit early in the day … but OMG in front of the man your crushing on the most when you know it’s going to be on National television? All I can keep telling myself is what I just told you above. I think you lose lack of judgment on the show… and having said that… even though I was shocked … I won’t judge. She did get the rose after all lol … we also have to remember regardless if WE thought it was right or wrong, Chris is looking for the girl that is right for HIM … not for the rest of us. (don’t judge Jill, don’t judge! lol)

**UPDATE – I just received some insider information … what we DIDN’T see in this scene was that the girls were ACTUALLY playing truth or dare when their skivvies were removed. They were encouraging one another and it was the heat of the moment. Would I still do it… I don’t know!? BUT it makes me feel better knowing that it wasn’t just out of the blue. These girls are fun, spontaneous and don’t play it safe … otherwise they wouldn’t be on the show!!! Just another scene to help show us their quirky and individual personalities!!!

3. Jade’s date. I was literally crying. Ask Justin, he caught me. I’m a Disney freak.  I have all the VHS movies still in their wrapping. I’m that girl … so Jade’s date was UNREAL and she was SO deserving of it. I totally fell in love with her last night, and I think Chris did too. She’s my favrioute at the moment … but did I hear that she has had a bit of a dirty past??? As seen in OK Magazine … again not judging! I think she seems like a doll and no one is perfect, but it made me chuckle a bit, and maybe even like her a bit more!


4. After last night, I also really loved Carly, she’s adorable, smart and funny!

5. Ashely S. I want to meet you!!

6. All the crazy things from last night reminded me of how fun MY season was, and so I dug this up…..!!!

[x_video_embed no_container=”true”][/x_video_embed]

Well … that’s it for now … until next week!!!!!




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  1. Just want to say, I read Chris’ blog and he mentioned that what we did not know, is that they were playing truth or dare….hence one going topless and the other going bottomless. Just throwing it out there 🙂
    Also, I had to mention, that Juelia, handled her exit so well. She was so classy, and she has been through so much.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jill! We know you are one SUPER busy lady, and appreciate that you take the time to write a blog! Xo

    1. Thank you Jessie!!! I just received some insider information on the truth or dare as well so have updated that part of the blog!!! Thank you so much for your support and following along 🙂 xoxox

  2. I hope they said it was bad and you could do better in a nice way!! Geeze! Blogging is a tough gig especially with all your other commitments! I throughly enjoy your recaps and look forward to them every Tuesday

  3. No!!! I just clicked over and read about Jade’s past and I am so disappointed! She was my favorite too and seems so sweet and innocent. Oh well…still fun to watch!

  4. I LOVE Carly and you’re the only person I’ve seen blog about her. She seems genuine and down to Earth and it really seems like she’s there for the right reasons. She’s a doll! Good luck to her! This is the first season in a few years that I haven’t read the spoilers so I’m not sure how far she makes it and don’t wanna know but I hope she makes it to the end! If not #TeamCarlyforBachelorette!

  5. Real Talk – I love that you keep it short and sweet. It means I can sneak in a read at the office for a pick me up! Though much more importantly: Is a new season of Love it Or List It Vancouver on? I looked for it on the W network the other day and could only find what I thought were reruns?

  6. I wish I had seen your season because it looks so much more fun than the recent ones!!
    Thank you for the insider perspective, it’s hard not to judge some of the girls (Ashley I) when we have never been in that situation

    Mostly I enjoy the recaps anyway. If people want lengthier ones check out

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