Episode Kelly & Steve: Outfit Details

Did you love my outfit’s on last night’s episode of Love it or List it Vancouver?!?! Well then you’re in luck….I’ve decided to share all of the nitty gritty details with you!!! AND I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to shop every outfit below!!! I don’t know about you but these were some of my favourite outfit’s so far this season….

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Leopard Pants | Grey T-Shirt | Black Blazer | Black Heels | Black Watch | Navy Blazer | Pink Top | Black Dress Pants | Pink Heels | Necklace

What are some of your FAVORITE outfit’s that I wear on the show!?!?!



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  1. I love both of these, and also loved one you wore recently that was pale pink denim and a baby blue and white striped blouse? SO spring-y and cute!

  2. You wore a white blouse with the most adorable black eyeglasses print maybe 2 or 3 episodes back? Would love to know where you found that!

  3. You wore a pink plaid shirt when chatting with Kenny about relocating the plumbing…do you remember where that was from? 🙂

  4. Loved the black dress you wore at the beginning of the episode with Una and Christian!! Where is it from? Love you and the show 🙂

  5. I have been looking for the heart sweater you wore on the “Tessa and Jay” episode. It is absolutely fabulous!!!

  6. Hi Jilly!! As a new mom, I am always looking for comfy outfits that are still fashionable and put together. Yesterday while watching your show, I fell in love with your green and white striped top with the navy block at the bottom. I also adored your blue necklace! Can you tell me where I can find these items? ??? thanks! Sharon

  7. Jillian help!!! I loved this! I want to know where it was from! I saw you wearing a camel sweater jacket this season it was gorgeous…I can’t quite remember the episode but can recall you being late, and you and Todd were on the beach!

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