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The Best Diaper Bags

Ok guys, it’s officially crunch time!! We have just over 3 months to go before our little family of 3 becomes a little family of 4!!  (OMG!! I just had a little inner freak out! It’s coming so fast!!)

As you know, I’ve been focusing on decorating the nurseries (because that’s the fun part!!!) but what about travel necessities!! I am still going to be travelling between Kelowna and Vancouver for Love It or List It, so first things first – I need to tackle the dreaded DIAPER BAG DILEMMA!!

I had no idea what to look for, other than the fact that there is no way I will go function over fashion LOL, so I asked some of my mama friends what they recommend and here are a few great points they had to share:

  1. It must have compartments!! There is nothing worse than putting something in the diaper bag but not being able to find it! The more organized, the better.
  2. Choose a bag that is easy to get into with one hand, as you are often holding your babe with the other.
  3. Comfort is key! You must be able to carry it comfortably without it constantly falling off your shoulders.

So the search was on for something with lots of compartments, with easy access, that is also comfortable AND of course fashionable. Is this even possible? Well, I did some digging and was pleasantly surprised!! Here are my top 3 choices, followed by the complete round up below…

SoYoung Slate Emerson Diaper Bag
 ‘Slate Emerson Diaper Tote’ by SoYoung

There were a few reasons this bag made my top 3. First of all it’s unisex, so Justin won’t feel embarrassed if he needs to carry it around. Secondly, it has a ton of compartments, on the inside and out. It’s easy to access and best of all…it has a specific spot for my laptop!! Perfect for a working/travelling mom like myself.

millie black and white stripe diaper bag

‘Millie’ by Sole Society

Maybe it’s just the season, but I love the look of this bag because it reminds me of something I’d take to the beach! It is the largest diaper bag I found, which I was a little hesitant about at first, but the strap looks comfortable and the compartments inside look like a dream!! It has two open side compartments for easy access AND a zippered middle compartment to store all things you don’t want to lose. All in all, a great option!

honest city diaper backpack

‘Honest City Backpack’ by The Honest Company

I absolutely LOVE The Honest Company and their site was one of the first places I checked for diaper bags. They only have a couple of different options to choose from, but they are all very stylish and functional designs. I don’t typically wear backpacks but I love the idea of being hands-free with my babe and not worrying about it falling off my shoulder. I also absolutely LOVE this light, neutral colour and the fact that it is super easy to clean!

Jillian Harris Diaper Bag Round Up

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Find more diaper bags below!

Which one’s your favourite!?! Let me know in the comments below …



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  1. My friend (and her mom and sister) got me the fawn diaper bag in the grey! I don’t have it until my shower next month but I’m soooo excited because they are apparently amazing!

  2. You have to have to check out JUJUBE! Seriously Love the patters and variety in styles of bags! The Be Classy in a legacy print??

  3. Thanks for this post! All the bag are beautiful and affordable!!! I am absolutely loving the one from honest company as I am currently expecting my second child and I feel with a toddler and infant hands free is the way to go. Also LOVE the space for the laptop as I am self-employed and will also be working throughout the 1st year. That would be the one I would go with if I was you! But have to say the So Young bag is pretty awesome too. They are so well priced go for 2 🙂

  4. Exciting! this has been my second favourite part of pending babe’s arrival! I personally am going to go with the Fawn! I love it too much and backpack or messenger bag style is too appealing for me! it’s also faux leather – but i am a sucker for vegan brand Matt & Nat also – such an amazing ocmpany!

  5. Jill, I was on a hunt for the perfect, practical, fashionable and organized work/laptop bag. Although not a specific diaper bag, the 15″ tote from Dagne Dover resolved my dilemma. I searched high and low for over 2 years to find this treasure of a find. Hope it suits your needs too.

  6. Really have to look at the tuk tuk bag by Lug bags…I got my sister one as a shower gift – those things are indestructible and cute!

    1. Do you find it has enough storage? I’m expecting my second as well and I have been looking at the bodomint bag for weeks now trying to decide between it and the matt and nat diaper bag! I dislike that they don’t show you pictures of the inside of the bag so I’m having a hard time deciding lol!

    2. Do you find it has enough storage? I’m expecting my second and I have been looking at the bodomint bag for weeks now trying to decide between it and the matt and nat diaper bag! I dislike that they don’t show you pictures of the inside of the bag so I’m having a hard time deciding lol!

  7. I’m expecting my first too and went with Bodomint – but we’re constantly outdoors playing/exploring and function trumps fashion for me. Plus, the hubby has got to be able to carry it and this bag is super functional and durable. Backpack or messenger bag. Your man may like this one too! It’s a kickstarter bag.

  8. I wanted a Kate Spade diaper bag the first time I was pregnant, but then I ended up with a more neutral style. It ended up being a good idea because we used that diaper bag everyday after we took our little guy to daycare and it would not have been practical with a KS bag. This time around, I bought a Stella and Dot bag (the “how does she do it” one) which doesn’t have a ton of inside pockets but is big, wipeable, and stylish.

  9. I was the Prada diaper bag recently seen on Chrissy Teigen (also Jessica Alba and Courtney K). It’s pricey, but not over the top. I love it in the blue color..

  10. I have two diaper bags, a Tory Burch messenger bag and the Honest backpack. Honestly, if I had to pick one, it would be the backpack. Hands free is the way to be, especially when traveling or your by yourself with the babe.

  11. Your diaper bag will become your purse, so make sure you love it! I have the Kate Spade Stevie in polka dots and I love it!!! When my man needs a bag, he carries his own back pack, but that didn’t happen until babe was over a year. No regrets from either party on getting a girly bag.

  12. I love #6 . The bag can be used as a back pack or with handles. You can wear it later on. It is smaller in its design ( not as wide) and you are a small woman. Yet it won’t be embarrassing for Justin. As for functionality it has it all. The #2 bag comes second because it is so wide – bigger bag more stuff. I found less is more when out for a while or travelling with babies. Backpacks are the best way to go – baby in front and backpack in the back. Reverse that when they get older!!

  13. I have the KS and love it! So stylish, easy to clean, the clips and straps inside are great so you can also clip it to your stroller for hands free. And lots of storage and pockets.

  14. I am going to go with number 3. We are off to France soon and man it looks like the perfect bag to take on outings and to the beach in Nice!

  15. It took me forever to decide on the right diaper bag, but in the end I decided on getting the CoolBELL brand. It is a diaper back pack that is stylish, durable, and inexpensive.

  16. I am having my first baby and am trying to pick between the fawn and honest company both are backpacks… But I’m wondering for a new born which would be best?!

  17. You share the such a beautiful diaper bags. I like your bags. Various design found on your blog. I’ve enjoyed reading the post. It is very supportive and useful post. Thanks for sharing this so interesting post!

  18. Wonderful list. They all don’t look like diaper bags. also looks Very stylish and comfortable. I like the ‘Honest City Backpack Diaper Bag’ for everyday use. Thanks!

  19. I have missed the Luli Bebe Diaper bag in your list. Luli Bebe diaper bag is styled after a backpack as mothers can wear it in whatever manner they prefer. If you’re a fan of wearing your bags over your shoulder, then you can make use of the adjustable backpack straps to fit your needs. You could also hang it over the handles of the stroller or even carry it using the top-carry handle. No matter the choice, you’ll find that both our diaper bags come with a rich roster of options to choose from.

  20. Thanks for the list! I think you missed the one of the best diaper bag at reasonable price is Luli Bebe Monaco diaper bag. These bags are created for moms and designed by a mom. Security and Storage Capacity should be the main focus when creating a diaper bag for a mother with an active lifestyle. These bags are must buy if anyone have children less than 3 years. Have a look:

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