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Hands Down These Are The Best Places to Visit in Osoyoos, BC

Last month, Team Jilly and I snuck out of the office and away from our families for a much-needed road trip and sleepover at the Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos, BC.

The team from the Watermark Beach Resort reached out to me to see if this is something that the girls on Team Jilly and I would be interested in, and we jumped at the opportunity!

I am so excited to share with you our itinerary and some of the best places (Team Jilly approved!) to visit in Osoyoos, BC!

The Watermark Beach Resort, Osoyoos, BC

Osoyoos, BC

We hit the road bright and early, packed the entire team into two cars, and made our way to Osoyoos, BC. We did have to make one pit stop for some much-needed caffeine along with some chips and dip for a late-night snack! LOL!

The drive to Osoyoos from Kelowna is about 2.5 hours, so the girls and I got some work done while Kristy and Carrie (thanks, ladies!) drove us to our first destination!

Kismet Winery in Oliver, BC

Kismet Estate Winery

Our first stop on the itinerary was Kismet Estate Winery in Oliver, BC! As soon as we arrived at their winery, we headed straight for the tasting room. Kristy and Carrie were our designated drivers for the day, so luckily, we could taste as many wines as our heart desired! While we were at the winery, we learned that ‘Kismet’ was derived from the Punjabi’s word destiny. How cool is that?

After our tasting, we popped over for a delicious lunch at their Masala Bistro! Luckily, it was such a gorgeous day in September, so we were seated outside on the patio. It literally felt as though we were nestled and eating our lunch right in the middle of the vineyard. Our meal was a fantastic blend of modern Indian cuisine, and the wine pairing was spot-on! Our bellies were full, and we were ready to head to our next stop on the itinerary!

Covert Farms Family Estate, Oliver, BC
Wine tasting at Covert Farms Family Estate Oliver, BC
Fresh strawberries from Covert Farms Family Estate
1953. Cherry-Res Mercury Truck Covert Farms Family Estate

Covert Farms

Covert Farms Family Estate was the second stop on our trip! It is a fourth-generation, 650-acre organic farm, vineyard, and winery situated in Oliver, BC.

After Gene and his wife, Shelley, told us all about the farm’s unique history, we were split into two groups. Half of us headed to a wine tasting, and the other half headed on a hands-on harvest experience of their acreage.

The first group had a wine tasting featuring a few of Covert Farms Family Estate wines. Our palettes were dancing while we sipped away on the most refreshing sparkling Pinot Noir, a Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Pinot Noir, a Zinfandel (that was actually created on a dare. If you go, you have to ask Gene about it!), an Amicitia, and a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. We also indulged in a delicious vegan charcuterie board curated with all organic produce from their farm!

The second group headed out in a 1952 cherry-red mercury truck for a tour of the farm! The tour is a 1.5-hour adventure that showcases all that the property has to offer! We’re talking, breathtaking landscapes, friendly farm animals, and we were able to sample so many delicious organic fruits and vegetables along the way!

I honestly didn’t want to leave Covert Farms; it reminded me of Biggest Little Farm on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, you need to!!

Dinner at the Watermark Beach Resort Osoyoos, BC


After our full-day jam-packed with activities, we headed back to the Watermark Beach Resort for dinner and an overnight stay!

We had the most amazing dinner prepared by executive chef Nick Atkin and his team. All of the ingredients were so fresh AND locally sourced. As we devourered each dish, we sipped away on the most amazing wines from Culmina Family Estate Winery that were paired perfectly together. If you visiting Osoyoos, I would highly recommend not only heading to the Watermark Beach Resort and dining at their restaurant but visiting the team at Culmina Family Estate Winery for a tasting. It was such an amazing experience!

Monthly Meeting

After a fun night filled with sipping on more wine and bonding with the girls on Team Jilly, we got right to it the next morning with our monthly meeting. Let’s just say it took us a little while to get going. We nursed on some caesars and coffee until we were in better spirits! LOL! As we talked business, the Watermark Beach Resort prepared an incredible breakfast arrangement featuring fresh pastries and croissants, and so much more!

Stoneboat Vineyards
Outdoor lunch venue at Stoneboat Vineyards
Stoneboat Vineyards Oliver, BC

Stone Boat Vineyards

We packed our bags, and we departed from the Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos. We headed to the final spot on our itinerary, Stoneboat Vineyards in Oliver, BC.

The team at Stoneboat Vineyards prepared a beautiful outdoor lunch venue with a fresh meal catered by Oliver Eats and a wine tasting with a few of their wines. We indulged in a beautiful butternut squash soup, a fresh prawn croissant sandwich, and a delicate cake. The wine, food, and service were out of this world, and I can’t wait to visit again!

We crammed a lot in 48 hours, but we had such a fantastic getaway. I want to thank the Watermark Beach Resort for hosting the entire team and organizing our itinerary. If you are interested in visiting the Watermark Beach Resort in Osoyoos and some of the stops on our itinerary, head on our to our Instagram page for a fun little getaway!



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