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The Bachelorette Recap: Name Calling & Men Brawling

Hi everyone, it’s Abbi! I’m back on the blog to share another Bachelorette recap! I hope you are enjoying these blogs as much as I am enjoying writing them! If you missed last week’s Bachelorette recap you can check it out, here.

Let’s get into the drama, shall we? 

Right off the bat, the drama ensues! Yosef begins by telling all of the other guys how uncomfortable he was about the strip dodgeball date (that he wasn’t on!). A few of the men called him out for talking behind Clare’s back and not talking to her about his feelings instead. At the end of their conversation, he assured the guys that he would be addressing this with Clare tonight. Okay, was it just me, or did anyone else feel like he would be sent home after their conversation? 

Yosef did, in fact, pull Clare aside to speak with her about some of his concerns! He explained how humiliating it was to hear about the strip dodgeball, and he didn’t understand how any of the guys went along with that date. He said to Clare, “I am ashamed to be associated with you!”. Wow! Was anyone else screaming at their TV, “send him home!!”. Clare went to interject, and Yosef cut her off by saying, “I’m not done yet!” Clare quickly responds with, “Ya, you actually are done!”. And she sends him packing! 

Of course, Dale, her knight in shining armour, comes to her rescue! Once again, Clare confirms that Dale is everything she has been looking for. She admits that it’s not even the second rose ceremony, and she is already falling in love with Dale! 

Separate The Men From The Boys 

Deanna, the Bachelorette from season 4, surprises Clare to get the down-low on all of the guys! Clare confides in Deanna and tells her that one guy, in particular, made her heart stop as soon as he stepped out of the limo. As Clare was explaining the situation, she mentioned that she could tell how much this guy means to her just by the look on her face. At the end of their conversation, Clare foreshadows that this might be the shortest season ever… 

Clare tells the guys that she will be canceling the day portion of the date and just heading right into the night portion of the date to spend more quality time with all of the guys! 

To give you a quick recap, Clare spent pretty much the entire date getting really close AND personal with Dale in her room. She spent just over an hour with him as all of the guys were waiting to spend some quality time with her. The guys get controversial and confront Dale about how much time the two spent together during the group date! To make things even worse, Dale ends up with the date rose, and the other guys were NOT happy! Did anyone else see that coming? 

Zach’s One-on-One Date 

Clare and Zach head to the spa for a relaxing one on one date. Zach admits that this is his first-ever pedicure and indulges in a nice cucumber and avocado facemask.

After the spa, Clare and Zach head to the pool to unwind. She admits that she isn’t really feeling it. Nonetheless, Clare went in for the kiss and ended up pulling away. I think she saw a flash of Dale before she went in for the kiss. Zach tried to figure out what went wrong, and Clare was just trying to avoid the conversation. She ended up admitting that when Zach grabbed her, it made her feel very uncomfortable. It was a trigger for her as before coming onto the Bachelorette, she was in an abusive relationship. 

Zach waits for Clare to arrive for their dinner date. But, instead, Chris Harrison shows up, not the dinner date that he was expecting. Chris had to share some bad news with Zach that he would be heading home immediately! You could see the disappointment on Zach’s face. 

Don’t Take it Personally 

The guys figure out very quickly that this group date is going to be a roast. The legend Margaret Cho is helping the guys with their roasts AND it wouldn’t be a real roast without a live audience. So, all of the guys back at the villa get to be the roast’s live audience. Can anyone sense some shots heading Dale’s way? 

It’s only the first roast, and the shots are already heading Dale’s way! Clare realized that they are already taking shots at Dale, and she is feeling quite protective. Out of all of the guys, Bennet really took off on Dale. 

I have to say that Dale was such a class act! He took it all with a grain of salt. He also had a smile on his face after all of the guys were done ripping him to shreds! 

After the roast, the guys on the group date to spend some one-on-one time with Clare. She pulled Bennett aside first, and she was very interested in finding out what was behind his roasts towards Dale. On this date, all of her conversations were quite similar. She really wanted to figure out why all of the roasts were targetted at Dale! Clare didn’t end up giving the group rose out because she says she didn’t get what she wanted from the conversations with any of them. 

At the end of the episode, we got to see a sneak peek of the next episode. The preview ended with one of the guys saying, “what is next?” and they break to a clip of Taysia walking out of the pool! WOW!!

Also, don’t forget that next week’s episode is actually airing on Thursday night instead of Tuesday!



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  1. I love the recaps of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Please keep on doing them 🙂 It is always great to see what someone else got from the show as well. Thank you!

  2. This Bachelorette is so phoney ! I thought the last bachelorette was bad but this one takes the cake. No wonder she’s using the show to find a man. She actually deserved the guy she kicked out.

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