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COVID-19: Flatten the Curve with These 2 Tips

I know this has been a crazy time for everybody!! We are trying to provide you with as much insight as we can during this time, but this has proven to be quite challenging as we are not doctors or professionals dealing with this virus at the forefront! What we do best is provide you with content relating anywhere from; kids, money, DIY’s, managing a team, etc. it is difficult to give you any advice beyond what we know! 

We have found that there are so many ideas and thoughts that are being shared all over social media and it is confusing to know which are accurate. I don’t know about you, but I have found this very stressful and overwhelming!! I was lucky enough to stumble upon Healthy Canadians on Instagram, an account that is managed by The Government of Canada and a great source for accurate COVID information and updates. Shortly after this, I was connected with The Government and they were able to paint a clear picture of what we need to do to help reduce the spread of this virus. 

Home is Where Your Ass Should Be

COVID-19 Flatten The Curve

The Government of Canada wants to remind you of two important things:

1. The Importance of Staying Home as much as you can

2. Practicing proper hand washing techniques and social distancing (6ft minimum) if do need to leave your home

All of this information can be overwhelming, but if you just take away a few things from this blog it should be these two important reminders! 

Proper Hand Washing

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As a society, we need to work together to combat this awful virus so we can be reunited with our loved ones. Let’s continue to work together and #FlattenTheCurve!!

For those who may be wondering, this blog was not sponsored by The Government of Canada (and I was not compensated for this post). I know that we have all heard these messages time and time again but I thought it was also important to share the reminder on my platform as well and help The Government of Canada share these reminders with as many people as I could. If you need to go out for whatever reason please make sure you are social distancing (at least 6 feet away from others) and using proper handwashing techniques when you return home. Stay safe everyone, we are in this together.



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