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How to Celebrate a Birthday During Quarantine

Most of you know that I love planning the most elaborate and intricate parties. I have to admit I also planned my entire bachelorette party (which has now been canceled until further notice 😩) because I just can’t resist party planning! These parties usually consist of a large group of family and friends, lots of yummy food, some good tunes and of course… wine LOL! 

I had an elaborate plan for Justin’s birthday party which was in the works and then all of a sudden we needed to do this thing called social distancing (whaaa!). To be honest, I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t throw Justin a party for his birthday this year.  

However, it really got my creative juices flowing! How am I going to plan the most memorable birthday for Justin during this time?? Today, I am so excited to share some of my ideas with you to help plan the perfect celebration for your loved ones! (Ps the pictures below are of Annies birthday not Justins because I used the paper lanterns but didn’t take pics! Also 😩)

Up Up and Away: Annie's First Birthday Jillian Harris Annie's First Birthday


I made sure to set my alarm for the early hours of the morning so I had enough time to clean while everyone was still asleep. This took a little longer than normal because I was trying to be super quiet so no one woke up!

Quarantine Birthday Party


After I cleaned the house top to bottom I quickly decorated the kitchen and the living room! I had some extra reusable decorations from Annie’s birthday from Oh Happy Day that I taped to the ceiling and the walls. 

Jillian Harris Leo's Birthday

Roll Play

Get your mind out of the gutter… LOL! Once the house was cleaned and decorated  I built a fun golf course in our yard for Justin. At each hole (bucket) there was a fun prize. Whether you live stream a concert (all the stars are doing it), set up a faux golf course, or re-create a shopping experience it’s the effort that counts and will be sure to make the birthday girl/boy feel extra special! 

COVID Birthday Parade

Image Source

Birthday Celebration Quarantine Style

Image Source

Birthday Drive-By Parade COVID-19

Drive-By Parade

Before the COVID quarantine, I was really excited to have everyone over to the house to celebrate Justin’s birthday! Since we couldn’t have anyone over, Justin’s parents still made the most of it and did a little drive-by. They stopped at our gate with some gifts for him and made sure to sing him Happy Birthday. While your entire family might not be able to get together, have each of them send in a video clip with a special birthday message!

Looking Through Rosé Coloured Glasses: New Prints + Our Rose Love Preset is Here!


Nothing makes me feel better than a fresh bouquet! Why not order an arrangement from your local florist for their special day! 


I am definitely no Cake Mama, but I always love baking up a storm! Find a simple recipe online, use the ingredients that you have and enjoy a sweet treat! Or better yet, order some delicious treats from a local baker and help support their small business during this time! 

Birthday Shoutout 

Did you know that you can book a personalized video shout-out from some of your favorite celebrities on Cameo? Talk about a one of a kind birthday message!! You can also book a personalized message from me here

While these are just some of the ideas that I had there are so many creative things you can do to make someone feel special on their birthday. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas!!



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  1. Our local fire department and police department will do a mini parade past your house if your child is having a birthday while in isolation. Fun for them to see the vehicles and hear the sirens!

    I love how our community is coming together to support one another during this time!

  2. Bravo Jillian! Our 40h Anniversary is on Sunday, my Husband and I are going to sit down and figure out what special dinner we are going to cook for ourselves. I am high risk so my husband has been doing all the grocery shopping (what a sweet heart!) as well as trying to run his business. I’ll be making him a card, so this year will be a little different than usual, but we are adaptable.

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