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Gifting 101: Creative Wrapping Ideas

It’s that time of year again when we spend A LOT of time wrapping presents for our loved ones! During the holidays I’m usually up for hours after the kids go to bed (with a glass of wine …. or two 😉🍷) wrapping like one of Santa’s little elves in the workshop! LOL!

While there are so many cute wrapping paper options out there, I thought it would be fun to roundup a few ways you can wrap things with items other than your typical wrapping paper! Let’s get right into it!

1. Re-Use Ribbon

I always keep the ribbon I receive on gifts and over the years I have accumulated a pretty good stash of ribbon that vary in colour and size! I have 4 little baskets above my wrapping station that are organized (somewhat … LOL) by colour and more than half of it is from saving it from items I have been gifted! Ps. This year, try saving gift bags, tissue, and wrapping paper (you have to open your gifts slowlyyyy to preserve this which can be tough! LOL) from the items you receive to re-use next year!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Laundry Room


2. Brown Kraft Paper

Brown kraft paper is awesome because it is 100% recyclable, and generally comes at a lower price point! You can also use brown paper bags which makes for a great gift bag alternative! Don’t worry, there are ways to make this pretty! LOL! A few years ago we did a blog on DIY Stamped Wrapping Paper, which would be the perfect way to glam this up, and plus it’s really fun too!

Jillian Harris DIY Wrapping PaperJillian Harris DIY Wrapping Paper

Brown Craft Paper

3. Re-Use Fabrics

If you have any extra fabric (or even clothes!) that you aren’t using anymore you can use this as gift wrap! I found a really cool wrapping method to do when using fabrics, it’s called Furoshiki Wrapping and it turns out actually really beautiful! You can check out how to do on The Ultimate Guide to Furoshiki Wrapping! I have shared some other cute examples I found below too! Not to mention, you can also use old pillowcases, table cloths, scarves, and sheets too!

Jillian Harris Eco Friendly Wrapping

Photo Credit: Home Beautiful

Jillian Harris Eco Friendly Wrapping

Photo Credit: Humphrey & Grace

4. The Market Bags

The Market Bags are my go-to when it comes to grocery shopping and everyday use! Well, they also launched their Holiday reusable gift bags for an eco-friendly and small shop friendly alternative!

Jillian Harris Eco Friendly Wrapping

5. Giving Gifts Within a Gift

Give your gifts in something that can be repurposed, or that is a part of the gift itself! This can be as easy as picking up some cute baskets or boxes from the thrift store, and putting items inside of them! You can also use mason jars which would be really cute and there are so many purposes for them after!

Jillian Harris Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper.1

Photo Credits: Maison de Pax

6. Use Burlap

Using burlap has to be one of the easiest eco- friendly wrapping options! You can get really creative and have some fun with it! The best part about using burlap is that you can reuse it because it doesn’t get wrecked after opening it! It is 100% biodegradable, and it is an earth-friendly fabric made from naturally organic fibers! You can also get this in a roll and in cute little baggies, I’ve linked both of these below!

Jillian Harris Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Photo Credit:

Jillian Harris Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Photo Credit:


There you have it guys! If you have any other ideas on sustainable gift wrapping I would LOVE to know in the comment section below!



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  1. I struggle with loving Christmas and all the waste that come from it! Thanks for the inspo, I plan on using a mix of kraft paper wrap and bags this year. I’m making bags for stocking stuff and small gifts out of old fabric scraps and Christmas PJs that the kids have outgrown. Happy Holidays Team Jilly xx

  2. I absolutely love this gift wrapping ideas…I love how simple and perfect they are Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. I’ve done the wrap gifts slowly to reuse paper for next year for years and my family used to laugh-now I’m cool because I upcycle. Who knew? Lol

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