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12 Days of Christmas

Day 3: A Cozy Place to Lay Your Head

HO HO HO!!! It’s DAY THREE of Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!! If you missed Day 1 and Day 2, don’t fret because you can still pop on over and check them out and more importantly, enter for your chance to WIN!! I feel like we’re just barely scratching the surface of the 12 Days of giveaways and so far all of the giveaways have been amazinggggg!!

Well, today’s giveaway is not only one of my favourite items in our home but it just so happens to also be one of Justin’s, Leo’s, Annie’s, Nacho’s … AND Peaches’ favourite items!! Confused yet?? Let me clarify!

On DAY THREE of Santa Jilly’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways we are giving ONE OF YOU a cozy place to lay your head … and what better to do that … then in your very own JILLY BED!!!

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

That’s right, the winner of this giveaway will win their very own queen size Jillian Bed in one of The Cross Decor & Design’s signature fabrics which you can view here! This giveaway also includes shipping within North America!

I worked closely with the team at The Cross when designing this bed, I knew that I wanted a headboard with wings … but something that was soft, luxurious and feminine. A lot of the beds out there with wings seems too intrusive and sharp for my taste. So the team at The Cross got to work on the design, we went through many revisions and prototypes and finally … THEY NAILED IT … the perfect shape, proportions, and size!

Not to mention, the signature fabrics I mentioned above are nothing short of STUNNING!! I was so torn when it came to deciding on the colour of my bed … and it took a LOT of convincing for Justin to agree to the Rose Quartz colour!! Lol! I should mention here that the pink fabric I used isn’t a fabric option for this giveaway as it’s a custom colour but the good news is, the OTHER fabric I was leaning towards IS available and that colour is the Caldera Alpaca (AKA Oatmeal!!).

In addition to this incredible giveaway, The Cross has also extended a promo code for any first-time shoppers out there!! If you would like to do a little online Christmas shopping feel free to use code SANTAJILLY upon checkout to score 10% off your order (limit 1 use per customer, valid until December 31, 2019).

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas GiveawayJillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


A Cozy Place to Lay Your Head Courtesy of The Cross Decor & Design

Total Approximate Giveaway Value: $5,000.00 CAD / $3,766.00 USD

This incredible prize includes the following:

1 x Queen Size Jilly Bed in a signature fabric (Shipping included for North America). Valued at approximately $5,000.00 CAD / $3,766.00 USD.


    1. See the Rafflecopter box below? I know it isn’t the prettiest thing in the world but it is the way we keep our giveaways legal.
    2. First, log in using either your e-mail address or your Facebook account. Please make sure that your email address and/or your Facebook account is active as this will be our only way to contact you if you win one of the giveaways!
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    4. Click on the prompt and once you click the entry requirement your entry will be logged.
    5. All of our giveaways run for the duration of the 14 Days. All winners will be contacted directly and will be announced in both our announcement blog post and within the Rafflecopter box below in this giveaway post.
    6. Each giveaway will be considered its own separate giveaway, so make sure to enter all of the giveaways you would like the chance to win. Each giveaway will have multiple options to enter, each one you complete will give you one entry to the giveaway. The more steps you complete, the more chances you will get to win.
    7. All winners will be contacted via e-mail and/or Facebook and will be called directly to answer a skill-testing question.
    8. All official giveaway rules can be found here.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

I can’t WAIT for one of you to have the coziest sleep ever in your brand new bed!! Make sure to stop by the site tomorrow as DAY 4 is coming your way!!



Santa Jilly

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  1. I need this bed in my life! It’s gorgeous and I haven’t had a new bed since I was in high school! (1994)

  2. Hi Jilly! This is another wonderful and generous gift! We were looking into getting a new bed for our new house! I’ve always loved your bed!

  3. This bed is heavenly, perfect as it seems, can Jillian at least come over to make the bed at least once…:)
    seriously it is what heaven must look like in your world…x

  4. Oh My Gosh!
    You have NO idea how much I want this bed! I have wanted it ever since YOU got it Jilly! holy cow. I will cross my fingers after years of entering your 12-days giveaways that I win this or the Hawaii trip and that this will be my year! tee hee.

    you are such an inspiration in so many ways.


  5. Wow … you weren’t kidding when you said this year the prizes are amazing. I mean, who wouldn’t love this bed … it’s a showstopper ! What a great surprise this will be for the lucky recipient.

  6. Although, I would more than adore having this bed in my life!! I would re-gift it to a special someone I know who needs it and would be over the moon appreciative 😉

    Wishing everyone good vibes!

  7. Thanks Santa Jilly🤶🏼
    for introducing me to a Canadian design & decor business, CrossDesign. Love what I see so far! Love your bedroom design too! Enjoy your busy day!
    Deborah Marie

  8. Every time I see you and the kids and Justin plus the dogs in your bed it just screams cosy to me. I am wishing on
    a star that that beautiful bed will be in my bedroom.

  9. I would love to snuggle in this amazing bed with my hubby. Looks so comfy. Thanks so much to Jilly and her team. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas❤

  10. This is amazing!! I love this bed and I love the cross. Would be nice to switch to this from a squeaky Ikea bed lol.

  11. Oh my goodness. I’ve never had my very own brand new bed before. I can’t imagine having one this lovely. My 65th birthday is coming up! I’m entering for this one! I hope it’s okay that I didn’t do all of the entering because I don’t own a cellphone so I’m not familiar with all those new media thingys . Fingers crossed for this one!! Thank you so much for this chance and for all that you do, Jillian! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family. <3 🌹 Good luck everyone!!

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