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Day 6: $500 Gift Card to Redfish Kids

On the 6th day of Christmas your true love, Santa Jilly, is bringing to theeeeee a $500 gift card to Redfish Kids!!!!

If you don’t know what Redfish Kids is, it is locally made kids clothing that is 100% sweat shop free and absolutely adorable to boot!!! Their clothing is created with quality materials that are handpicked from around the world – to local craftsmanship and zero in-house waste. I wish almost all pieces were made in grownup sizes for me too!!! I couldn’t leave the store without picking up some cute pieces for my nephew Charlie. I mean how amazing is this Simon Says vest and these Rolled boater pants. Redfish Kid’s “Clothing for the Courageous” motto reflects the brand’s commitment to children and serves as a celebration of their courage, creativity and unlimited potential to shape the future. Now this is my kinda clothing … especially for the wee ones in my life!!
IMG_5113-2 copyIMG_4470 copyIMG_4444 copyIMG_4501 copy IMG_4483 copy IMG_4497 C IMG_4474 copy

photo credit: Sharla Pike 

I have created a list below of some of my fav pieces that might just end up under the tree for Charlie!!! They have so much to choose from, I thought I’d help you out…..

Courage tee
Oxford Dress Shirt
Rolled Boater Pants
Triumph tee in hunter stripes
Kuzi pant in inskstone
Fitzgerald pant in navy denim
Carraway hoodie in spruce
Little Lux courage necklace (like this one but spells “courage”)

ORRRR if you have a daughter, a niece or even just a little lady in your life … all of these outfits are so stinking cute…

Dolce Dress in Winter’s Eve
Lucky Dress in Ember
Ophelia Coat in Night Sky
Celebration skirt in Aurora
Petrichor Top in universe
Lucky Dress in Chamomile Sky
Simon Says Vest in Ember
Isola Dress set in Ember

To enter in the giveaway you must follow Redfish Kids on FacebookTwitter and Instagram… as well as me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. The more social channels that you follow means the more entries in the giveaway that you have.


HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!!




Santa Jilly


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  1. I hope someone that really needs this wins. It’s expensive to cloth children. Great prize for someone that has a few children. Good luck.

  2. This is an amazing giveaway!! I have 2 nephews and a niece that live in Ontario, and I’m here in BC… I would make there Christmas!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful kids website! I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise:) Love the courage tee…might just have to get that for my little guy…

  4. Great giveaways! When my budget allows, I treat my the kids to an occasional Redfish treat item and they love them!

  5. What beautiful unique clothes! Gosh I would have to draw from a hat if I won as I have a son that is a toddler and a little baby girl!! 🙂 Fingers crossed, twitter fan@plumerea

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