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DIY Valentine’s Table Runner

I would LOVE to introduce you to our new and AMAZING contributor Brittany Robertson!!! I originally started following Brittany on Instagram and then later found out that she was from Grande Prairie!!!! I met her at the Home and Leisure Show when I was there in the fall … which I hope I’m going back to next year … wink wink!!! Brittany and I instantly connected, she gave off the same energy and positive vibes as me … and the rest is history!! I’m SO excited to have her contributing … and I hope you are too!!!

2013-02-25 22.01.18-2
This DIY is so simple … but I like a quick and simple DIY so here it goes:

I purchased some  jersey knit sheets from Target for a steal. I never use the top sheet myself, and am always looking for ways to use up that extra fabric. I am always drawn to the amazing table settings on Pinterest, especially ones with black and white stripes! This is an easy and affordable way to make your own Valentine’s Day stripe Table Setting.

  1. I cut a king size jersey knit top sheet by folding it over to the size I wanted the table runner to be, in this case 2 ft
  2. Then cut along the fold (as shown in picture). Because the fabric is jersey knit, it will curl up on the cut edge.
  3. I let it curl approx. 1/4″ then ironed it to hold the curled edge in place.
  4. Alternatively you could sew along the edge you pressed to keep it in place, but I didn’t find it needed it.

2013-02-25 22.06.29-2 IMG_7214-2

    1. Then I made the floral arrangements by using floral foam, essential if you are wanting to make a low, compact floral design and some bowls I had on hand in the kitchen.
    2. I used a variety of fresh and faux flowers and greenery to make the centerpieces.
    3. I placed the bowls on the table and integrated candles from around the house throughout.
    4. I used all white dishes and to add texture and pattern I used a piece of Rifle Paper Co. wrapping sheets (cut to fit in between my plates) and folded it under the bottom plate.
Photo 2015-01-20-10Photo 2015-01-20-11Photo 2015-01-20-14Photo 2015-01-20-13Photo 2015-01-20-152013-02-26 00.18.09Photo 2015-01-20-16Photo 2015-01-20-17Photo 2015-01-20-18Photo 2015-01-20-19

Check back this afternoon for a really fun and easy Valentine’s cookie DIY … with my little secret!!!


I look forward to seeing you soon!

Brittany Robertson

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