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Valentine Sugar Cookies

I love Valentines Day, and I love cookies!!! So this DIY was a no brainer for me. The only thing is, I cannot bake, nor have I ever iced sugar cookies before in my life. However, I found this amazing tutorial while scrolling through Instagram the other day, by Alison Falkner or The Alison Show. If you do not follow her go follow her now! She is amazingly talented and super awesome. Everything she does just makes me smile. She also happens to have an amazing Sugar Cookie tutorial you can purchase, and it will instantly turn you into a sugar cookie superstar.

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After you have watched her tutorial and made your first batch of amazing sugar cookies you can move on to icing them in this super simple, Valentine Ready, design!

Sugar cookies cut in the shape of rectangles and squares
Wilton gel icing colors’ in Rose and Creamy Peach
Decorating Gel in black
Spoons or whisk for mixing colors Bowls
Ziploc bags


  1. First mix your colors, for these cookies I used peach, pink and white. It is key that your royal icing not be too thick or too thin. You can use any royal icing recipe just make sure when you hold your spoon above your bowl it gently ribbons off the spoon, again Alison’s video gives good direction on how to achieve the perfect consistency.
  2. Then spoon your icing into a medium size Ziploc bag. I make this step easier by folding my bag over a tall cup (as shown in picture). Then snip a very small corner off the edge, so you can use it to pipe your icing onto your cookie. That’s it; this design is so simple you don’t need any fancy cake tips or anything.
  3. Ice your cookie by starting with a square border then slowly working your way into the center of the cookie by adding more squares. The icing will slowly melt into itself, but to help smooth things out use a toothpick. Try to work quickly so the icing stays wet and once its all smooth and covered immediately take your pink icing and pipe two small dots next to each other, do not let them touch. Then connect them with a triangle and TADA you have a super cute, easy little heart.
  4. Try adding stripes to your white icing with decorators gel or little polka dots. Then add a little heart on top. The trick is doing all your layers at once. You do not want to let any of the layers dry before adding the next.
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Now you have the perfect Valentines treats for your loved ones or for yourself!

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