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Eating For Two

Throughout my entire pregnancy, I’ve been feeling phenomenal (SO LUCKY I KNOW!).  I have cut 90% of my meat intake … I feel healthy, I have a ton of energy still and I do think that a lot of this is to do with my diet. Since my diet has become more plant-based, SO many people have voiced their concerns about doing so while growing a little human. After doing my own research AND talking to my doctor about this … everything in moderation is always best for both of us (me and the babe inside me)!!

I’ve been eating a combination of plant-based, SOME local/certified ethically raised meat (which you can find at smaller health food stores & local butchers, just ask a lot of questions about the meat!), and grass fed local dairy.  I’m not telling you or suggesting to you what YOU should and shouldn’t do … but I’ve found I’ve learned SO much about the food industry lately and always encourage my readers to do their own research, learn for yourself, be aware of what you’re putting into your body, do what’s best for you, and do what makes YOU feel good!   I am obviously concerned about what I am putting in my body but as you know, lately there is a growing concern about how my food is grown, raised & treated!

OK!!  Back to eating for two, I wanted to start it all off by talking about grocery shopping at a store that you can trust. For me, locally in Kelowna & Vancouver area, I choose to shop mainly at Natures Fare. They have stores all over the Okanagan and Lower Mainland, so whichever one is closest to you, I recommend trying. Everything on their shelves has strict ingredient standards so you know EVERYTHING that you pick up is “safe” and you don’t need to spend your time reading every last ingredient. Some of their standards include: organic, natural, and non-GMO products that are made with love from local farmers and artisans, before anything else. For more on this head HERE!!!! For me, these standards are extremely important because who has that much TIME to spare to read through every last ingredient on every package!?!?! They do the thinking and the research for YOU so that you don’t have to.

My diet seems to be ever evolving as I figure out alternatives and find new options that make me feel great and also taste great. I have still been eating some free range eggs, a little local wild or ocean wise fish and SOME local, free range, grass fed meat when my body craves it (but I am REALLY picky about this!!) … what I LOVE about Natures Fare is that they cater to every diet. They don’t put a term or a label on it and you can feel good about going in and picking up ANYTHING. I usually start my shopping trip at the smoothie bar which fuels me for the time I’m there or grab a quick salad to snack on after!
JH-NaturesFareMarket-14I’m trying to figure out if I am actually more hungry now that I’m pregnant… or if I am just paying attention to my hunger more. But when I am hungry now, I eat. Pre-Pregnancy, I would let my busy schedule get in the way, or the desire to be fit (or skinny whelp!)  for the summer and not pay as much attention to my hunger. Now it’s a totally different ball game…

I’ve gained about 20lbs so far (30 weeks in) which I THINK is normal? I feel good, I feel nourished and my thighs are touching LOL!!! My day to day diet depends on if I am in Kelowna or Vancouver…  For the most part, I’m loving bananas, peanut butter, toast, toast and more toast!!! And I can’t forget pasta and BURRITOS! I could eat an AMY’s burrito 3 times a day and sometimes do. I put them in the oven and then serve them with hot sauce, fresh cilantro, and avocado … and because they have Rice and Beans in them I am getting my complete protein!  I’m eating a lot of smoothies which I always add chia to, Portobello steaks on the grill, noodle dishes with tofu & coconut yogurt with fruit!
Here is just a little sample of a ‘day in the life of pregnant Jilly’ meal plan!
kelowna meal plan Lime Parmesan Pasta recipe:
Jillian Harris Vegan Lime PastaCaptains Kale Recipe:
Jillian Harris Captain Kale Caeser Salad
Head to the Natures Fare Market Website for a chance to win $100 worth of Groceries. Contest ends June 30th!


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  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs, I too have come very concerned with factory farming and the cruelty behind it and what I’m feeding my body. It’s good to come to a place where someone has the same views:)

  2. Love all the healthy foods. I got some great ideas. My only hesitancy is with the chia seeds. I have a heart condition and experienced severe heart palpitations when I ate them. I was advised to stay away from them while pregnant. Anyone with a similar issue might consider this too.

  3. 20 lbs sounds just about perfect if you ask me! I gained 27 during my pregnancy and was VERY picky about what I ate also. Keep it up! It will pay off post partum once you are exhausted with your little one. ❤️

  4. Sounds like a great diet -love Amys burritos too. I’ll keep this for the future when my morning sickness subsides.
    Very impressive that you manage to keep such a healthy diet with the frequent travel ??

  5. Hey Jillian! I’m pretty sure you’re only recommended to take folic acid for the first 14 weeks or so. Or is it different if you’re eating plant based for some reason?

    1. I was encouraged by my doctor to take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid throughout my entire pregnancy and even afterwards (as my son was ebf).

    2. Weird, i thought you were only suppose to take it before conceiving and for the first trimester while the neural tube is forming. mine is combined with my iron supplement so i take it the whole time anyways. Good to know either way, i didn’t know there was benefits to taking it for the whole pregnancy and afterwards.

  6. I think it’s great you have altered your diet but also tried to raise awareness. Go you! I am also 31 weeks and am “veganish” but have never felt better! People assume I have horrible symptoms but it couldn’t be better! Go us for eating well for ourselves and babies and also helping animals in the meantime 🙂

  7. Thank you Jillian! What a delicious meal plan. I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and suffering from nausea every day, all day which makes eating food hard sometimes. Perhaps I need to get on your meal plan asap! 🙂

  8. Great info! Do you have any other recommendations for grocery stores you can trust that sell ethically raised / organic meat? Natures Fare looks great, but a bit far. Any alternatives in Vancouver / North Vancouver that you know of? Thanks!

  9. Jillian,
    Did you also take a DHA supplement? I noticed the prenatal you mentioned didn’t contain any. If so what did you chose?

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