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Galentine’s Day Party Ideas

Ladies!!! It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not, Valentines Day is the BEST excuse to get together with your besties and throw a little GALentine’s party … that’s right, no boys allowed!! Ovaries before BROvaries!! Am I right?!?! Well, unless you end up in Whistler and book Butlers in the Buff … if so, I’ll wait for my invite in the mail … LOL!!


While all of us would LOVE to get away with our girls for the ultimate girls night, it can be JUST as fun to throw a little party at your home!! The best part of this … you can get as creative as you want!! From a tea party to a dance party, whatever it is that floats your boat, do that!! Below I’m sharing 5 GALentine’s party ideas with you, take a look and allow yourself to get inspired!!

1. Host a Brunch: Helloooo this is the perfect time to bust out that mini waffle maker you got for Christmas!! Lol!! Think sweet and savory breaky foods … mimosa’s … coffee and baileys … who wouldn’t want to kickstart their day like this?? Again … I’ll wait for my invite … LOL.

jillian-harris-galentines-day-1Photo Credit

2. Get Crafty: What’s more fun than mixing booze with crafts?? Personally, I think I’m MORE creative when I’m a lil tipsy lol! I think an evening of letting your creative juices flow is the best idea!! Purchase some fresh flowers (of any kind) and have all of your girls make their very own bouquet, this then also double as a party favor, they can bring it home with them at the end of the night … who needs a MAN now?!?! Lol.

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3. Mystery Wine Tasting Party: Each guest brings a bottle of wine of their choice, make sure the label is covered, I suggest just keeping them in the paper bag after your purchase it … everyone samples each bottle of wine and ranks the wine based on taste, the wine that locks in the most points for taste … WINS!! You could even have a cute little gift for the lady who brought the winning bottle!!

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4. Jammies & Movie Night: Toss a bunch of pillows and blankets on your couch and cozy up with your gals for a night in watching your favourite flicks and sipping on a few bottles of wine! Everyone can write down their favourite movie whether it’s Sleepless in Seattle or Magic Mike … toss em all in a hat and pick one to kick the night off!! Mix some Valentine’s Day candy into your popcorn and you have yourself a slumber party for the books.

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5. Pizza Party: I know from experience just how fun a pizza party is!! Everyone gets to make their own little pizzas with their favourite toppings, all while sippin on your beer of choice! It’s even MORE fun when the dough is cut out into little hearts! Count. Me. In.

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Now comes the really FUN party!!! Decorating for your GALentine’s Day!! If you aren’t so much a DIY lover, I’ve included some super cute decor ideas that you can use right away to spice up your home!! Plus … some of these items can be used in your home all year round, such as the throw, the pillow, the cute pink pouf … you get my point! Lol …

  1. Balloon | 2. Pink Heart Print | 3. Arrow Champagne Flute | 4. Glitter Heart Straws | 5. Sparkling Pink Bub  | 6. Heart Banner | 7. XOXO Sign | 8. Heart Plate | 9. Candle | 10. Gold Cutlery | 11. Pillow | 12. Pouf | 13. Throw

If you PREFER to do your own DIY decorating and special little touches, take a look at these 5 adorable and EASY ways to make your party stunning for the lovely ladies in your life!!

1. Flower Ice Cubes: How freakin BEAUTIFUL are these?!?! How did I not think of these before?? It’s so easy … all you have to do is freeze edible flowers in your ice cube tray … along with water, of course … ummm easy peasy and pretty little details such as this are my FAVE!!!

jillian-harris-galentines-day-5Photo Credit jillian-harris-galentines-day-3Photo Credit

2. Dress Up Your Table: I’m kind of in love with these napkins and how they’re folded as hearts … if you have some cloth napkins laying around, you HAVE to try this, it’s SO easy!! There is even a YouTube video tutorial you can follow, take a look at it here! Once you’ve nailed the art of napkin folding, bust out your plates and cutlery and set your GALentine’s table up, add some pretty fresh flowers and VIOLA … no one will want to leave … or use their napkin … LOL!!

jillian-harris-galentines-day-6Photo Credit

3. DIY GALentine’s Balloons: This idea is so cute!! You can typically find these balloons at most Dollar Stores, they are so cheap and they’ll even fill them up and tie them for you. Then, if you can also score stick on letters at the Dollar Store you can create ANY message you want on the balloons … genius. jillian-harris-galentines-day-7

Photo Credit

4. DIY XOXO Tablecloth: Spice up a plain white tablecloth with some easy swipes of your paint brush … you can do whatever colour you like … pink … red … METALLIC … they sky is the limit!! For step by step instructions, click here!

jillian-harris-galentines-day-9Photo Credit

5. DIY Garland: Okay, this is BEYOND easy … all you have to do is pick up some pink or red construction paper, trace out some hearts, cut them out, cut a hole in each for string and string those babies up!!!

jillian-harris-galentines-day-14Photo Credit

So far we have the party ideas and the decor planned but you can’t host a GALentine’s party without some delicious cocktail recipes … here are a few of my favourites from my previous blog!!


Lady Rose by Yours Truly


Champagne Sparkle Cocktail by The Glitter Guide


Rose Royal by Crate and Barrel

Well, I hope this gives you some inspiration to have the most kick ass GALentine’s party EVER!!! Make sure to comment below with your party and decor DIY ideas!!



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  1. What in the AF????!!! $125 for ONE setting of flatware??? Come the F on Jillian, how ridiculous. Typical Cross Design gouge. Made in China. for probably $0.22 a piece. Amazing deal.

  2. I am not in to celebrating Valentines but I’m really diggin’ the pizza hearts and flower ice cubes. Flower cubes are beautiful! Great ideas!

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