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Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

Morning loves!!! I’m so excited to share today’s gift guide with you because each of these items is so special in it’s own way because they all give back! It’s so easy to get consumed and stressed to the max this time of year just because we want to buy the biggest and best gifts… BUT, to me, it’s so important remember that Christmas isn’t really about this gifts. There are so many other people out there that struggle to put food on their plate for Christmas dinner, buy their children toys or are living on the streets through the cold winter season. It breaks my heart. Every year I give back as much as I possibly can. This year I am sponsoring two local families, providing them with food, necessities, toys and anything I can to help put a smile on their faces this Christmas. Giving back is so near and dear to my heart and is really the best gift you can give because it makes a difference!!! Check out some of my ideas for giving back this Christmas.

1. The Giving Keys | 2. Covenant House Donation | 3. Printed Pillow | 4. Sponsor a Child | 5. Baby Booties | 6. Gaia Fold Over Clutch | 7. Cause We Care Bracelets | 8. One Hope Wine | 9. Adopt a Pet | 10. Jcoco Chocolate | 11. Weekender Duffle Bag | 12. Bambeco Mugs | 13. Holiday Cards | 14. Eye Glasses

All of these pieces have stories behind them that truly warm my heart and make me proud to gift. If there’s any charitable ideas that you are gifting this year please please share in the comments below, I’d love to check them out!



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