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Holiday Dressing: Going out vs. Staying in

The holiday season is all about hustle and bustle and the constant battle about going out versus staying in. There are so many holiday parties to attend to and so many people to see. I don’t like to overly complicate things for any occasion or any style of dressing.

Starting with going out … I like to find things that are loose (we all know that food is abundant over the holidays), but also pretty, dainty, classy and definitely not too short! Why complicate things and wear layers on layers when you can just simplify it and wear one simple, comfortable but still gorgeous dress? I love the fact that this Urban Outfitters dress is loosey goosey but is still flattering and feminine.

On the flip side if you’re staying in or going to a more casual get together … this sweater is my absolute fav!!! You have seen me wear it time and time again in multiple colours (green and white below). You can really wear it with anything and dress it up or down, with high heeled booties all the way to runners. It’s easy to just throw on, cook some good food and hunker down inside for the day!
Photo 2015-12-14, 12 46 49 AM Photo 2015-12-14, 12 47 16 AM Photo 2015-12-14, 12 56 33 AMPhoto 2015-12-13, 11 07 38 PM Photo 2015-12-13, 11 08 51 PM Photo 2015-12-13, 11 10 34 PMPhoto 2015-12-13, 11 08 50 PM Photo 2015-12-13, 11 10 38 PM Photo 2015-12-13, 11 11 08 PM Photo 2015-12-13, 11 11 13 PM (1) Photo 2015-12-14, 2 56 55 AM (1) Photo 2015-12-14, 3 01 35 AM (1)Photo 2015-12-14, 2 56 51 AM (1) Photo 2015-12-14, 3 02 14 AM (1)Photo 2015-12-10, 12 38 12 PM Photo 2015-11-22, 3 31 02 AM Photo 2015-11-22, 3 34 01 AMPhoto 2015-10-06, 10 44 52 AM

Black Dress | Green Sweater | Cream Sweater | Jeans |Black BootiesBrown Booties

Do you have any other holiday dressing tips for me? I’d love to hear in the comments below …



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    1. I have this sweater in xs and sm and they fit about the same in both sizes, maybe the xs is a tad narrower. It is a very generous fit and so comfy!! hope that helps you!

  1. Jill! I love your website!! and your style is amazing, i’m wondering where the camel coloured jacket is from? I have been looking everywhere for a jacket that colour

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