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Happy Father’s Day Dad!

We all think we have the BEST Dad … of course I would argue mine truly is the best – I can only hope for all of you, that your heart melts the same for your dad the way mine does for mine. MY Dad, I swear is a total gift from above. Although he argues he isn’t perfect … the only flaws I see in him are the ones he passed down to me (so they are totally excusable) A little impatient, a little OCD and a garlic a holic.

Other than that – Glen … is perfect. ANYONE who has met my Daddy, always has the sweetest things to say about him “he is just such a great guy” whenever someone approaches me to say they’ve worked with him or know him. He is SO selfless, always helping everyone else, always taking on some sort of project that only benefits him because he loves to see everything perfect for everyone else. He is open minded, unjudgmental & laughs at all his own jokes.


Why do squirrels swim on their backs? To keep their nuts dry – a joke I’ve heard about 1000 times but the funny factor never wears off.

Being an only child… and a girl – I was a bit of everything growing up. A girly girl and a tom boy. Everything from fishing, to quadding, camping to vehicle repair … if a boy could do it so could I – and that is where my friendship with my dad blossomed. Funny how the older you get – the more you love your parents. I look at mine and think… HOW did I get SO lucky. How did I win the jackpot of parents?

I suppose some people might look at me, what they know of me, what they see on tv or on social media and think ‘ahhh… everything must be perfect’ … well it hasn’t always been. Just like most families – ours has endured hardship & adversity. Illnesses & tragedies. There was even a time where my parents were not together… but – somehow we made it – and our family has never been stronger. Its safe to say, my parents are my best friends. I tell them everything, I like to experience most of life with them. And for that – I feel SO incredibly blessed.

I remember, when I first came off the Bachelorette … my mom and dad picked me up from the airport and i was EXHAUSTED with the attention, magazines and having to explain to everyone how real or un real the show was. Mom stopped at the bank on our way home to ‘show me off’ to the tellers. I had an annoying childish meltdown and begged to just be taken home. My dad, turned to me and said… Kid – I am so disappointed. I’ve worked with my hands for years. I have buddies who have worked in the freezing cold or as a plumber for years… your JOB right NOW… is to make people happy. So suck it up, put a smile on your face and be the down to earth Jilly everyone loves.

It almost made me cry harder – because i realized he was TOTALLY right. How ungrateful I was being and I didn’t even notice. This is just one of the things my dad has taught me – once in a while it takes someone who loves you SO much they want the rest of the world to see what they see – and my dad has always challenged me to be that person. TO be a good person, an honest person, a well balanced person… just like him.

Love you so so so so much Dad. I have learned more than you know from you and Mom – I got pretty lucky when the world gave me you as parents. Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!!!!!


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I would LOVE to hear how you feel about your Dad!!! Comment below to tell me why he is the best Dad in the world!!!!
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