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Healthy Is the New Skinny

Morning loves! I’m REALLY excited to share this blog post with you today for a couple of reasons … I get to give you an update on my “Mom Bod” and explain my “AH-HA” moment with you and secondly, I get to share my review of lululemon’s new Nulux fabric gear with you!! Eeeeeppp!! Ok, let’s get started!

First off, as most of you know, Justin and I have been talking about working on getting rid of our “Mom and Dad bods” and I wanted to share a little update with you on how my progress is coming along. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to workout and get fit … and get rid of the “skinny fat” version of myself but I’ve come to realize that all I want to be is HEALTHY, so I decided to visit a Med Spa’s in Dallas. We ALL know that “I didn’t workout today” or, “I ate a burger and fries” guilt that EATS AWAY AT YOU … well, I wanted to kick that guilt feeling’s ass. How dare it. Lol!!

So, as of now my goal these days is to just live a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE, to eat better, drink LOTS of water and get my workouts in. I didn’t want to feel like I had to workout 5 or 6 days a week and only eat salad. Lol. Needless to say, this mentality has already helped me tremendously! Once you take the pressure off of yourself and give yourself permission to indulge once in a while and workout 2 or 3 days a week rather than every single day, and I SWEAR this makes you MORE in tune with your body because the days you workout and eat good … you FEEL good and you don’t feel guilty on those days where you just don’t feel up to moving much … it’s all about working towards a healthy LIFESTYLE and it feels so much better approaching it with this mindset. Take it day by day and do what feels good for your body on THAT day! Nutrisystem’s recipes can help anybody maintain their healthy lifestyle with the world´s tastiest meals.

Jillian Harris - lululemon-2Jillian Harris - lululemon-2 Jillian Harris - lululemon-3

Ok, now that I’ve shared that update with you, let me fill you in on what I’ve been up to and all about my new workout gear!! I was recently approached by lululemon to try out their brand new Nulux fabric … for those of you that know lululemon … you know that that was a quick “hell yes, let’s do it!” for me lol!!! You guys should know by now that a new outfit is my ULTIMATE motivation to get my ass to the gym!

I was lucky enough to receive the Fast and Free Bra and the Fast and Free Tights which are both made with their new Nulux fabric (their Fast and Free Crops are also made from Nulux) and holy CRAP you guys, they are so friggin soft, light and they suck you in, in ALL of the right places!! Lol!! When I first got them I was a little worried they weren’t going to fit me but these babies proved me wrong. They’re SO stretchy and lightweight PLUS the tights are high rise which I personally love when I’m working out so I’m not constantly worried about mooning everyone the whole time! Lol!! You’re welcome… But in all honesty, I literally FELT naked while wearing these tights, that’s just how lightweight they are … it’s like a second skin!! I really like the bra as well, it was comfy and the high neck made me feel like I wasn’t exposing everything, this bra also comes with removable padding which I decided to keep in as I’m always down for a little extra help in the chest area when I can get it!!

I put this gear to the test during one of my workouts at the BEAUTIFUL BarreRoom in Kelowna and I felt totally covered and comfortable the whole time, and I never once felt like my range of mobility was limited! In my opinion, this gear would be awesome for any sort of workout your into from hiking to high sweat!!

Jillian Harris - lululemon-5Jillian Harris - lululemon-1Jillian Harris - lululemon-4Jillian Harris - lululemon-8

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Tights | Bra

Some of my other favs right now:

With that being said, I now have the urge to go get my sweat on … now to find this outfit in my suitcase … I can’t wait to have my own closet again! LOL!!







Thank you lululemon for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the high waisted leggings! My son was born 2 weeks before Leo so I’m definitely sharing the mom bod/mom lifestyle with you. I find it so hard to work out because I would rather just play with my babe haha But seriously, you are one step ahead of me because I tried spinco 2 weeks ago and I almost bought a wheelchair after lol such a good work out.

  2. You look great, Jill! Thanks for the body-positive message. Also, loving your hair in this post. You’re one hot mamma!

  3. Hello Jillian
    Love your style and your posts! I have been coaching moms for a few years now on how to change up the mom bod!, and Dads for that matter! It’s just about fantastic nutrition and support. We have a great support group on Facebook as well. Let me know if you want to chat.

  4. I just saw your instagram story & tears shed after some seemingly nasty comments. I’m sorry girl!! You are amazing! I love to watch inn on the instagram & blog of snid-bits of your’re life. I love how real you are, & you’re sense of humor & enjoy all the mommy moments (as I am a new mom myself). I love how you keep it real, but still showcase you’re style & work. I saw you once in Stanley Park & commented how I loved you’re blog & asked for a quick picture. You’re response was “I am over an hour late for a meeting but of course.” -I am pretty sure just in that it shows a lot about you’re character & kindness! Keep you’re head up princess-if not the crown falls ! <3 Thanks for all you're inspiration! xo

  5. Hi Jill,

    My name is Emma I used to watch you religiously on love it or list it Vancouver and loved it but I never actually realized you were apart of soooo much more as well. I am just writing to you to thank you essentially. Which may sound totally weird but I am absolutely obsessed with everything you do now. you have inspired me so much and helped motivate me out of those ruts you never think you can get out of so for that I thank you. I really hope you do another season or Jillian and Justin cause I couldn’t get enough and was sad that it came to an end. anyways just a little thank you for all you do your Insta stories make my day and I look forward to what is next.

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