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Home Tour Series: Garage

I have to say, this is probably the space that Justin loves the most! LOL! Our last home didn’t have a workbench or space for Justin to keep his things so the fact that our garage has all the fixings is probably a dream come true for him! With that being said, I’m going to let Justin take over this Home Tour Series and provide you with all of the details!

Hey everyone! Jill is right, I’m pretty stoked about our garage which also doubles as a man cave for me and my buddies. It’s a space where I can work on my truck in the evenings and then crack a beer with the boys!! It’s also a great spot to store my Yeti swag, my tools, fishing gear, and my golf clubs and balls!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage

Cleaning both of our vehicles in our garage is really handy as we have a built-in vacuum port on both sides of the garage and I made sure to install a waterproof floorboard and caulked it so no water would leak up into the drywall. We also have a floor drain in our garage which is perfect for not only washing our vehicles but for those times when we pull in with a snow-covered roof in the winter, it can easily melt and drain away without puddling in the middle of our floor.

One of my favourite parts of the garage is that I have LED undercabinet lighting on my workbench and we have these sweet LED shop lights from Sylvania which are about an inch thin! I find them to be the best lights ever!!

We went with the same paint colour in our garage as we did in our home which is Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore. The hardware on the cabinets are the Brass Bar Pulls in flat black from Schaub! I also went with the Liftmaster MyQ garage door opener which allows me to open and close our garage door with my iPhone!!

Thankfully we have quite a bit of storage thanks to the team at Stor-X for their awesome storage system! We made sure to install an ice machine and an additional fridge and freezer here in the garage which comes in so handy in the summer months and when we’re entertaining!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage

Sidenote, if you followed along with Jill’s Instagram stories this summer, you’ll know that I spent a few solid evenings working hard to get the garage all ready for the house photo shoot which included me painting the garage floor. We purchased some garage floor paint from Behr and I followed the instructions to a T but, unfortunately, it’s already starting to lift and peel.

While we don’t recommend purchasing this product (until they work out the kinks!), I will definitely applaud their customer service as they were so great to talk to and they went ahead and gave us a full refund! You gotta love that!

If we decide to tackle the garage floor again, I think this time around we will just hire a professional company to come in and do it which will also knock off a task from my to-do list which I can’t complain about!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Garage

It’s safe to say, this definitely is one of my favourite spaces in our home and I can’t wait until Leo is out there with me working away!



Source List

Photography: Mackenzie Dempsey

LED Lights: Sylvania

Electrical: Bridge Energy

Storage System: Stor-X

Cabinet Hardware: Schaub

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kelowna






Justin and I are so excited to work with all of the above-mentioned companies throughout our renovation and we’re so grateful for partnering with some of them on this huge project of ours!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!

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  1. I’m a female that probably doesn’t spend a lot of time in the garage and this looks pretty to me. This is definitely a dream garage and my hubby/me would LOVEEEE to have this space!!!

  2. Your garage is awesome! Had to laugh though when I saw it was white just like your house. I don’t think my husband could keep a white garage white for long.

  3. That us the cleanest garage i have ever seen! Also, i can’t recall the last time i saw white cupboards in a garage. It really is a beautiful space Justin!

  4. Hi there. Totally unrelated but could you please send me the company that made and installed your ceiling beams? Tried to locate them but coming up empty. Thanks so much.

  5. Beautiful garage….but who am I kidding….your house is my dream house, so of course the garage would be amazing too!! Just wondered what the metal type material is that is holding all the tools, bike, ladder, etc is. Is that also from Stor x?

  6. Hi Jillian and Justin,

    We love your garage and are going to paint our garage floors in the spring. We would definitely need to hire a professional company as there are a lot of oil stains on our floors. We love the look of your floor. Do you know of any local companies in Vancouver that would do a good job? Thank you

  7. I am wondering what you ended up redoing the floor with. I know Jill mentioned it in her IG stories but I cannot remember the name of it.

    Thanks for the info.

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