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Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room




Jillian Harris

Home Tour Series: Kitchen and Dining Room

Welcome back to another round of my Home Tour Series!! If you’ve missed any of the blogs leading up to this one, make sure to check them out under the Home Renovations tab! Today I’m giving you all of the nitty-gritty details on both, my kitchen AND my dining room!! Both of these spaces turned out pretty much perfect (in my opinion!) but I’ll be honest, if I could go back and do it all over again, I would have pushed the kitchen walls out further! I actually had the opportunity to do this and I don’t know WHY I didn’t as we spend about 90% of our time in this space as a family and now I find myself wishing it was a bit bigger!! Considering this was a reno … we had the option to where the kitchen was going to be placed in the house, it was either going to be where it is now … OR, I had the option to have it where our dining room and living room currently is and I had always envisioned the kitchen to be overlooking the pool so I was really struggling where to place this but I’m happy with the decision we made with the layout of everything as I think it makes the most sense for what we wanted.

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room

I get a lot of questions about the colour of my kitchen cabinets and to be honest, myself and Clarice Maidment from Home Image Interiors lost sleep over these damn cabinets! LOL! They were originally painted “Grey Owl” which turned out to be TOO blue and then we thought about going with “Revere Pewter” but that made us worried that the kitchen would look too tan/brown … and then Clarice found “Nimbus” by Benjamin Moore. I was SO nervous to go for it originally and she sent me MULTIPLE photos and we went back and forth on it for what seemed like ages until we finally decided to just go for it, which was done out of pure trust for Clarice’s gut instinct. I wasn’t happy with any of the colours that we were sampling and then I had to run back to Vancouver and Claire said to make a decision … she ended up making a decision without me even saying it and I’m so happy I trusted her because I absolutely loved it!! She was so dedicated to me and the entire project and knew exactly what I was looking for. Everyone (including myself) was shocked that I went for something this different but I think the colour is warm and cozy! Our walls are “Cloud Cover” from Benjamin Moore!! I’m also a huge fan of our cabinet hardware from Schaub, for the drawers, we used the Country Cup Pull (in 6″ with a polished nickel finish) and for the cabinets, we used the Traditional Round Knob (1-1/2″ diameter in the polished nickel finish)!

All of the appliances in our kitchen and dining room are from Best Buy Canada and they always seem to blow my mind (and everyone else’s minds … LOL!!), mainly our Miele range, (which seems like it’s something from outer space!), it’s a microwave AND a stove all in one … it has crazy features like a temperature prong which allows you to gauge the temperature of the food electronically, a warming drawer and so freakin much more, lol. Our fridge is KitchenAid and our dishwasher is Miele … at first I actually didn’t LOVE our dishwasher because I thought it was too small but after a few times of using it I realized that it has these orange levers that actually allow you to adjust and rejig the compartments which allow for SO MUCH ROOM … and the cherry on top is how quiet and quick this dishwasher is … you can do an entire load in 12 MINUTES!! Insane!! Our Miele built-in coffee machine is a staple of ours and certainly gets used on the daily (totally worth the investment for us!) … it can make lattes, cappuccinos, etc. and you can also customize the strength of the espresso along with the temperature of your drinks!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room

One mistake that we made in our kitchen is deciding to go for Face Frame cabinets (if you look at the cabinets and drawers you will notice a border around them!) … I THOUGHT this was a great idea at the time and loved the custom look they give, but after they were installed we realized that the Face Frames take up so much room and make the drawers much more shallow so, in the end, my drawers aren’t as deep as I wanted them … let this be a lesson to everyone out there who may be in the process of renovating their kitchens … stay away from Face Frame!

Our farmhouse sink and faucets are from Kohler and I LOVE them! However, it’s a single basin sink and most people have a double basin sink in their kitchen’s but Kohler doesn’t REALLY have an option for a double basin sink, the one that I found only has a little separator that goes not even halfway up the actual sink so since there wasn’t really good option so I went for a huge farmhouse sink instead and I don’t even notice the missing basin … until I have to drain pasta and I have to run to another sink! LOL!!

One of my favourite parts of our kitchen is the folding windows above the sink, these are from Plygem, and they’re perfect for the warm summer months in the Okanagan because we open them wide up and on the opposite side we have a little bar area where the kids can sit on stools and have a snack while they’re taking a break from the pool!!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room

The countertops in the kitchen and the dining room are “Calacatta Nuvo” from Caesarstone, and the tile backsplash is Frost 4×8 from Fireclay Tile, it has a nice crackle finish to it! The custom window coverings in the dining room and the roman shade in the kitchen are both from Q Design Centre! The industrial pendant lights in the kitchen and the fixture above our dining room table are both from Visual Comfort & Co! I actually found a more affordable version of the fixture in our dining room from Wayfair! I’ve linked both for you below! The actual lighting itself is from Sylvania and the electrical work was all done by Bridge Energy! Oh, and the rug in the kitchen is from Caitlin Wilson and the stools at the island are from IKEA, I had custom slipcovers made for them by a lady by the name of Ardelle from Creative Expressions in Lake Country!

Alright …moving on to the dining room … one of my favourite things in this space is the bar area, I particularly love the millwork and the built-ins which were designed by Clarice from Home Image Interiors and built by the talented team at Kelowna Innovative Cabinets!! This millwork and the cabinetry took SO MUCH design work and I couldn’t be more thankful for how beautifully everything turned out!! Kelowna Innovative Cabinets actually did ALL of the custom millwork in our home and Daryl was a total sweetheart to deal with, they have this welcoming family-style approach when working with their customers which I truly loved!!

I also love our wine fridges and drink dispenser drawers, which are from Best Buy Canada! We find this space to be super functional as we like to set it up as a bar area when we’re entertaining (which helps to keep people out of the kitchen!) and it’s also where I like to store all of my fancy utensils, plates, and napkins!

I knew that I wanted a large dining room in this house (our last house was just too tight!) because I really wanted to seat at least 10 people comfortably around our dining room table (in our next house, I’m aiming for 16!! LOL! The more, the merrier!!) so we made sure that this space was big enough to fit a custom table that my friend, Carson, from Urban Roots Furniture made for us! Ps. If you’re looking for a table similar to this, unfortunately, Carson isn’t taking on any side projects at the moment but you can check out Holly from The Shed Wood Co! Carson also made the beams in our house, these were actually an afterthought (so many people forget to think about ceiling detail!) and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get them or not as SO MANY Interior Designers turn their noses up at beams if they weren’t a part of the original house but I decided to not worry about what other Interior Designers thought and I just went for it and I’m so glad I did as I LOVE how they turned out!! The wood Carson used to make these beams is from Western Reclaimed and while I’m not exactly sure where the wood came from I do know that it IS reclaimed and I like to tell myself that it’s from a 100-year-old barn! LOL!

Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining RoomJillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room Jillian Harris Home Tour Series Kitchen and Dining Room

photo credit

You’ll also notice that you can see part of the wall paneling in the dining room and the high baseboards, this is all thanks to the folks at Metrie!! I love how it gives the house a historic feel! Also, I know I’ll get a ton of questions about our flooring, it’s “Cinder” from PurParket and it’s my absolute FAVOURITE flooring because it looks old and rustic and you only have to wash it once every four days or so because you can’t see ANY footprint or crumbs on it … it ALWAYS looks clean. However, the only downfall of this flooring is the fact that it’s unfinished, so if you spill anything on it, like oil, it stains … but I have noticed that it tends to “fix itself” … AND it doesn’t scratch easily … Nacho tried, tested and true! LOL!

Just behind our dining room table we also had two sets of front doors installed as I thought we would have them open all the time … when in reality, I would only use them if I had to escape quickly after a bean filled meal … LOL! I almost wish we just installed a bank of windows here instead, but oh well, lots of light is able to flood in, either way! Ps. The artwork in the dining room is from Minted (and the white wood chairs around the dining table are from Wayfair!) and the two wingback chairs at the head of the table are from Restoration Hardware!!

That’s it, that’s all!! If you have any specific questions, make sure to share them with me below!






Source List (Kitchen)

Photographed: Janice Nicolay

Flowers: A New Leaf Floral 

Design: Clarice Maidment from Home Image Interiors

Pot Lights: Sylvania

Roman Shades: Q Design Centre

Rug: Caitlin Wilson

Cabinet Hardware: Schaub

Drawer Hardware: Schaub

Miele Range: Best Buy Canada

Fridge: Best Buy Canada

Dishwasher: Best Buy Canada

Built-In Coffee Machine: Best Buy Canada

Farmhouse Sink: Kohler

Faucets: Kohler

Wood Beams: Urban Roots Furniture

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kelowna

Doors & Windows: Plygem

Flooring: PurParket

Countertops: Caesarstone

Backsplash: Fireclay Tile

Industrial Pendant Light: Visual Comfort

Geometric Pendant Light: Visual Comfort


Source List (Dining Room)

Photographed: Janice Nicolay

Flowers: A New Leaf Floral 

Pot Lights: Sylvania

Drapery: Q Design Centre

Wood Beams: Urban Roots Furniture

Wood for Beams: Western Reclaimed Timber Corp.

Kitchen Table: Urban Roots Furniture

Paint: Benjamin Moore Kelowna

Doors: Plygem

Flooring: PurParket

Millwork and Built-Ins Design: Clarice Maidment from Home Image Interiors

Millwork and Built-Ins: Kelowna Innovative Cabinets

Wine Fridge: Best Buy Canada

Wall Panelling & Baseboards: Metrie

Artwork: Minted

Wood Chairs: Wayfair

Wingback Chairs: Restoration Hardware










Justin and I are so excited to work with all of the above-mentioned companies throughout our renovation and we’re so grateful for partnering with some of them on this huge project of ours!!! Stay tuned for more updates!!


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  1. Ana says:

    Where did you get your countertop chairs from ?
    Thank you!

  2. cathy says:

    LOVE these rooms Jillian! I’m in the middle of deciding just how big to go at our house and with you saying you wish it was bigger – I’m torn. Like you said – it’s about as many friends/family as possible. How big is your island and dining table? I can’t seem to find any “standard” for how long of a table I should have for 10 chairs. Thanks for the great house tour posts – always look forward to them!

  3. Deborah Rogers says:

    Hi J,

    With your white back splash, what grout did you use?


  4. Mary says:

    What is the name of your caesarstone counter top ? Love the color! Thanks!!

  5. Jessie says:

    Do you know what the style name of the cabinet is? The doors look classic shaker but I’m wondering the specifics especially on the drawers. Thank you!! Your house is the perfect mix of cozy and stylish!

  6. Carla says:

    Beautiful beautiful! Where did you get picture …Wild At ❤️?

  7. Erin says:

    What material are your counter tops? Beautiful kitchen ?

  8. Ashley says:

    What type of flooring is in your home? Engineered ? Hardwood? I’m looking to do a Reno and have concerns about pets and wood in the kitchen.

  9. Karen says:

    Your cabinets are so pretty. I love the colour. I know you love white too. Were you debating a white paint colour too? I’d love to know if you have a favourite for kitchen cabinets❤️

  10. Rav says:

    Jilly where is your planter and plant from? I know you said that it wasn’t doing so well before, is it a special plant? How often do you water it.

    Thank you

  11. Dee says:

    What color is the wainscoting on the walls?

    Thanks! Love your home!

  12. Meghan says:

    What colour grout did you use for your kitchen back splash? Is it grey or white?

    Also what hardwood did you use?

    Love your home ?

    Thank you !

  13. Maria says:

    Beautiful!! I am also thinking about doing white subway tile with grey grout. What colour did you use? Do you find the colour you picked too light? I want it to contrast as I like how that looks but worry about going too dark. Thanks

  14. Ang says:

    Hi Jill!
    Loving this home tour series! I must have missed this but where are your hardwood floors from?
    Thank you!!

  15. Alexandra Shutich says:

    Beautiful kitchen!! What is the color of the ceaserstone?

  16. Gina says:

    When you are ready to sell let me know! Beautiful and my style!

  17. Robyn says:

    What’s the name of you hardwood? Is it engineered? Are you glad you went with that type floor

  18. Debbie says:

    Is your island also the grey? It looks white in picture .

    Love IKEA!!

  19. Jess says:

    Any tips on decluttering? We are renovating our entire main floor including the kitchen and we just have so much stuff! How did you do it?
    Also – we want to put wood floors in our kitchen like you did. Do you find things like oil/flour stain it more than it would be if it was ceramic?

  20. Stephanie says:

    Can you tell me where that wooden tray on your island is from? Thanks!!

  21. Amanda says:

    Do you mind sending links to the faucet and sprayer?

  22. Mahvish says:

    I always thought your kitchen is all white. It beautiful

  23. Alli says:

    Details question? What colour is the grout on the backsplash?

  24. Melissa says:

    Do you know the name of the colour of your kitchen counters from Cesarstone?

  25. Charlene says:

    Your house is beautiful!!
    Question the Color on your walls grey owl did you lighten it at all?

  26. Megan says:

    What is the name of the hardwood floor in the kitchen and where did you get it? 🙂

  27. Nicole says:

    How many bedrooms do you guys have in your house ? And how many upstairs? Love how your house is built!

  28. Julia says:

    Hi Jillian! I just adore your house design and decor. Can you tell me what specific kitchen farmhouse sink and faucet you chose from Kohler? I’m currently picking finishings for a house and I LOVE your choices.

  29. J says:

    Beautiful. Where are your drapes and window hardware from?
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. Shannon says:

    Is grey owl used throughout your entire main floor? Would you recommend this colour to someone who typically uses white a lot?

  31. Dai says:

    Could you please tell me about your island? Did you design it or was it prefab? I’m looking to add one to the kitchen of my 1908 home. I recently redid the kitchen in a similar style to yours. Should I have a contractor or cabinetry company give me a price to make one? I have looked at many online and they seem quite small or more like bar height dining tables. Perhaps I’m just not looking in the right place. Perhaps you may have a suggestion of something cool I may repurpose? What are your thoughts?

  32. Nada says:

    What’s the name of you’re countertops by caeserstone?

  33. Sarah says:

    Hi, your photos are always gorgeous…do you take them yourself? If so, what camera do you use? Thanks!

  34. Kate says:

    What is the name (color) of your caesarstone? Thank you! ?

  35. Meghan says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous kitchen!! What grout color/maker did you use for your backsplash tile, Jillian?? Thank you for sharing your home!

  36. Erin says:

    Hi, what are the counter tops made from? They are gorg ?

  37. Aggs says:

    What is the size of your kitchen island? Love how large it looks!

  38. Karly says:

    Hi Jillian, what colour caesarstone is your kitchen countertop?

  39. Kristen says:

    The dining room cabinets are a different color than the kitchen cabinets? If so, what color are they?

  40. Patricia says:

    I absolutely love your style, your home is amazing!

  41. Maria says:

    I have one question, being a humble European with a humble European house and a very humble European kitchen, which cupboards are actually half empty, I always wonder what do you actually have in those huge kitchens!!!! And always thinking about having a bigger one! Wtf? ??? Anyway I love your style and really enjoy how “me” you are, crazy but sensitive, strong but emotional, undecided. It’s so funny you make me LOL! ?? Lots of love to you and your beautiful family! ??

    Ps if you want to see my super small kitchen it’s on insta @littlelovelyhouse. I bet you are gonna freak out! ????❤️

  42. Jill says:

    I love it! Based upon your paint chip blog post in the fall, I painted my dining room Grey Owl and I love the colour. It always looks different depending on the time of day! After seeing your white dining table, I’m so going to make my own table and paint it white! If only I could make the chairs too! Your house is beautiful and inspires me! Thanks for sharing!

  43. CATHERINE says:

    What are your countertops made of? Thanks for sharing!

  44. Kristen says:

    What color are your dining room cabinets?

  45. Jaymie says:

    STUNNING kitchen! A lot of what you’ve done is what I’m wanting in my upcoming builds. The beams are perfection. THANK YOU for your honesty on face framing as I was about to do this myself. Do you use the mini fridge a lot? The easy access to the dining area is so smart.

  46. Sothea says:

    Hi! I love your design choices! Would you mind sharing where you got the kitchen bar stool fabric covers?
    Thank you!

  47. Janelle says:

    Stunning! Do you remember the name of the specific Caesarsgome countertops that you used? 🙂

  48. Blaise Cooper says:

    The space turned out beautifully. What model are the windows? I would love to see a photo of them open and a photo from outside. Assuming your countertop extends on the exterior do the windows have a track recessed into the countertop? thank you!

  49. Sarah says:

    I LOVE your home tours. I am for sure checking out minted. Question thou, from your house tour to date I haven’t noticed any indoor plants at all?! No green thumb?

    Hudson + Oak

  50. Christine Baerg says:

    I really like your kitchen and dining room. Lots of great features. I have a Miele dishwasher too but it sure doesn’t do dishes in 12 minutes!! Have only had one large sink in my last 2 kitchens which works well for our family. I’m always curious why people only have seats on one side of an island in the kitchen. When we were designing our kitchen, our architect suggested that we have seating on at least 2 sides for better conversation. We don’t have a dining table so this has worked really well for us.

  51. Miranda says:

    What Caesarstone countertop did you go with? I just ordered Stutuario Nuvo and I am hoping for a similar look! Thank you! XO

  52. Courtney says:

    What is the name of the caesarstone countertop you chose? How do you like them and how do you keep the white from getting marked?

  53. Emily says:

    This may already be answered in one of your other blog posts, but what are your floors? We’re about to put new flooring throughout our house, and I love yours!

  54. Julie says:

    Lovely spaces! I envy your large dining room! It’s perfect for parties!

  55. Rachel says:

    What are the paint colours for your kitchen and dining room cabinets?

  56. Amanda says:

    You forgot to mention Nachos’s food dish? Where did you get it? Love it!

  57. Leanne says:

    How high are your ceilings? They look 10ft?

  58. Erica says:

    Hi Jillian!
    What colour grout did you use for your backsplash?

  59. Lesley says:

    Love everything. What caesarstone countertop is it? Thanks!

  60. Erin Hamblen says:

    LOVE your kitchen! what collection of ceaserstone did you end up using for your countertops?

  61. Kathleen says:

    Can you do a video of you making a latte and what you have to do to clean after every drink? I am really interested in adding this to our remodel but can find no videos of what the daily cleaning of he milk spout takes – do you have to do the steam cleaning in a sewerage cup?

  62. Leanne says:

    How high are your ceilings? 10ft? House is beautiful!

  63. Steph says:

    Are your cabinets solid wood painted or MDF?

  64. Kristy Campo says:

    This entire space is literally #lifegoals. I’m obsessed with how bright and airy it looks. I love the built-in in the dining area. Such an incredible job!!!

  65. Jessica says:

    What’s the name of your countertop and type of counter you went with… I love the subtle marble throughout, wondering if I can find a similar style in laminate, for the more affordable option ?
    P.s love your home ❤️

  66. Diana says:

    Not sure if this was answered somewhere else, but can you please let us know the name of your floor? 🙂

  67. Carla says:

    Beautiful! Where did you get a picture Wild At ❤️?


  68. Mandy says:

    What color ceasarstone counter tops did you go with? Thanks!

  69. Q Do says:

    Please tell me more about these drink dispensing drawers you have!?

  70. Rebecca says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Where is the Wild at ❤️ Picture from? So cute!

    Thanks you!

  71. CC Yeamans says:

    Very beautiful! Crisp, clean, and classic!

  72. Jessie says:

    I absolutely love everything about your home. It is so cozy yet stylish. I’m wondering about the style of cabinet door and drawer. Looks like shaker with a twist. Could you provide the exact details? Thank you!

  73. Jessie says:

    I absolutely love everything about your home. It is so cozy yet stylish. I’m wondering about the style of cabinet door and drawer. Looks like shaker with a twist. Could you provide the exact details? Thank you!

  74. Sharon Lunty says:

    Thanks for the post Jilly…loved it! I am looking to refinish a dining table white and was wondering how you got the table to match the chairs. Any tips or tricks? Thx!

  75. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you Jillian for sharing your house renovation. Currently starting phase 2 on our house and seeing your comments about your kitchen are great. Also, love your style and giving me lots of inspiration. Renovating is definitely an interesting adventure!

  76. Chelsea says:

    I’m curious about your tile grout colour! I love how subtle it is while still giving some definition.

  77. Catherine says:

    It’s so dreamy and inspirational! Question: why do you have to run to another sink to drain pasta?

    • Jillian Harris says:

      LOL if my sink is filled with water to wash my dishes … I don’t have a separator in my sink!

  78. Jaymie says:

    What is your distance between island and kitchen counters?

  79. Jess says:

    Hello Jillian
    Exactly what fabric and color of drapes did you get from QDesign? Thnx ?

  80. Valerie says:

    I love your style! Your house is so beautiful. I’m definitely envious and would love to either renovate our own house top to bottom or build.

  81. Andrea says:

    Can you share the dimensions of the island? I love the scale and roominess!

  82. Nancy says:

    Hi Jill!

    I’m in love with the way you design homes. Would you be able to share which countertop you picked from Caesar Stone. Is it Frosty Carrina? It would be of great help. I’m in the middle of planning my remodel and love how settle your countertop looks, but also has that beautiful detail throughout. Thanks a bunch! Xoxo

  83. Karen says:

    Not sure if my question made it to you but would you be able to tell me what is the name of the IKEA barstools you have? It looks like the Henriksdal ones, but I’ve ever only seen the black legged ones for sale and I love your white legged ones! Were the legs painted white?

    Thanks! I love your kitchen ???

  84. Jess says:

    Jillian your home is stunning! I love every detail. And what I find most adorable, the wooden Winnie the Pooh high chair! We had (still have!) the identical one growing up ❤️ The best.

  85. Nora says:

    Love it! Beautiful colours.
    Can you please share the dimensions of your peninsula – specificially the overhang for the stools? Trying to prepare for our kitchen/dining room reno and so unsure of how much space I need for counter height stools (and then how much space I need behind the stools to push out and not hit the furniture behind!). Advice is very welcome.

  86. Sherry says:

    So gorgeous!!!!! Do you know what colour the trim work is??

  87. Deborah says:

    Hi! I love everything you’ve chosen! We’re in the planning stages of a kitchen reno and I’m nervous about not having or overlooking efficient places for tableware, bakeware, cookware, etc. I want the most efficient, well laid out kitchen possible. While I always love seeing the kitchen design, I’m super interested in what’s behind the cupboard doors and how all-things-kitchen are stored. Any tips or resource suggestions would be great! 🙂 thanks!

  88. Justine says:

    Do you have any info on your drawer pulls and cupboard knobs?? I’m obsessed and can’t find them anywhere! 🙂

  89. Wendy morris says:

    Where are your island chairs from? P.s. I love everything ❤️

  90. Katie says:

    What is the countertop name you went with from Caesarstone?

  91. Amanda says:

    In awe of your kitchen and dining room #goals! Would you be able to do a blog post on how to paint kitchen cabinets if you’re wanting a refresh?
    Thank you!

  92. Kathleen says:

    Beautiful! Where can I find the ‘WIld at Heart’ print?

  93. Alla says:

    Thank you for all the details, beautiful finishes. One thing I was hoping to get information on was the colour of your trim/ceiling?

  94. SB says:

    Hey Jillian! Are those the Henriksdal chairs from IKEA? How did you get them in white? Did you paint them? Please let me know! ??

  95. Cristina says:

    I have a question about the cabinets. Do you prefer to use an MDF base for the cabinet and wood doors or keep the product the same for cabinet and doors. I will be doing a first kitchen reno, so curious about best quality products for kitchen cabinets.


  96. Cassidy says:

    Are the bar stool covers custom made?

  97. Melanie says:

    What Ceasarstone colour was used for the countertops?

  98. Carly says:

    Beautiful!! Just finishing a renovation & we are installing a Kohler farmhouse sink as well. Just curious if it scratches easily and if you purchased any sink accessories ( i.e. rack on base of sink , etc) to protect it? Do you think it’s necessary? Thanks!!

  99. Kim says:

    Love the house. Where are the bar stools?

  100. Erin Elford says:

    Love love love your house and style! Can you tell me where your rug is from and should it go the full length of the island? My island is 10.5 ft and want a similar look.


  101. Michel says:

    I lOVE your home tours! You guys did an amazing job. My husband and I and our two babes are nearing the end of our Reno. What colour of grout did you use for your kitchen backsplash tiles?

  102. Vicki says:

    Very beautiful I love your style, thanks for sharing

  103. Jackie says:

    Beautiful kitchen!! Where is you milk container from? It’s so pretty!

  104. Maria D says:

    Love the countertops you tell us they are Cesar stone but can you be more specific what is the name ?

  105. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for this post! We are in the early stages of planning a huge renovation and your insight is much appreciated. We are in love with the look of face frame cabinets. Would you suggest 2 large drawers as opposed to 3 smaller ones? Or would you just scrap it all together? #kitchenenvy

  106. Mary says:

    Love everything about this kitchen, and your entire house!
    What’s the name of the caesarstone counter top you have?

  107. Cara says:

    SO SO beautiful! What is the name of the cearstone countertop? Thanks!

  108. Amanda says:

    I love your floors. We are about to start a renovation and I’ve contacted a Purparket supplier to order them, but after reading the care and maintenance details I’m very hesitant to pull the trigger. Do you find them alot to maintain? Have you had to oil yours yet?
    Any feedback is appreciated!

  109. Jess says:

    I think I found my dream range! Wow! We painted our entry and great room Grey Owl as well. After 11 years we still really love the colour,

  110. Allison says:

    Beyond stunning! What grout color did you use for backsplash? Thanks for sharing:)

  111. Natalia says:

    Your place is so beautiful! ?
    I also live in Kelowna !

  112. Hi Jillian
    You have done an amazing job and thank you for sharing all your resources. I believe at one point you mentioned nimbus is different in the U.S. and Canada. If so, did you pick up your paint in the U.S.? And I remember in your stories you were worrying about water stains when you first moved in. In my last house I had similar floooring (oiled and waxed) and I wondered if you have figured it out and how you are finding them now. Thanks again for all that you share. It’s awesome!!

  113. Mary says:

    Absolutely stunning!
    We are in the middle of a kitchen Reno right now! There are way to many amazing things that you can incorporate into the kitchen that it makes it hard to decide!!

    Can you tell me the size of your island? It looks similar to what we are doing.

  114. Felicia says:

    I’m just starting a full kitchen remodel and your beautiful home has given me so much inspiration. You mentioned your countertops are from Caesarstone, what design did you go with? They look just plain white in most of your pictures but I think I see some veining in others??

  115. Kate says:

    Loved seeing all angles of your kitchen and all the fine details. I just ordered out cabinets in Grey Owl and now I am freaking out because of your Blue comment… I have painted a couple rooms in Grey Owl and have noticed it does have a slight blue tint to it… it is stressing me out!!!! I know someone who has grey owl cabinets and I LOVE them, so I am praying to god they will look good.

  116. Tracie says:

    Beautiful Jillian. Just a silly question …do people in B.C. not have flies or bugs in the summer? I have never seen screens in projects there. We could never do without screens in Ontario. You guy are so lucky!?

  117. Sharon Schierle says:

    Hello! Do you have a source for the beautiful runner on your floor between your kitchen sink and island? Thank you!

  118. Jen says:

    Nice! Where are the drapes and window hardware from?

  119. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! I painted my sons play room “grey owl” and found it is blue as well! Everyone thinks I am crazy for thinking it looks blue. The lady at the paint store told me it was the greyest grey they had when I told her I wanted a solid grey color..
    anyways – I’m wondering where you got your runner between your island and sink?

  120. Melissa says:

    Where is the wild at heart picture from?

  121. Lyndsay says:

    Hi I love the cabinet color you selected. Your bridge style kitchen faucet goes perfectly. Did you use a polished chrome or polished nickel finish for the faucet? Thanks so much

  122. Carina says:

    Benjamin Moore’s Nimbus- is it at 100 % for your cabinets? They are so beautiful and soft looking with the white. I’m javing such s hard time deciding between white or Nimbus!

  123. Felicia says:

    Beautiful home Jillian! It’s been a great inspiration for me during my kitchen and laundry room remodel. I’m wondering what countertops you selected from Caesarstone.

  124. Jen says:

    Can you share the details on your gas fireplace please?:) size, model etc… Thank you !

  125. Jen says:

    Can you please share the model and size etc of your gas fireplace ?

    Thank you!

  126. Liane Klevyer says:

    JILL! Do you have a source for your fireplace? I think it’s a gas firplace? And it’s gorgeous and i need help

  127. Ansi Taulio-Korvenmaa says:

    Dear Jillian! Thank you so much for the tv show Love it or List it! Even my husband started to watch it. You are so beautiful and the renos have been fantastic! You and Todd made a great team. Now there is a new show but we do not like it at all, it is awful!!! We try to watch your show reruns..! We live in Finland in Helsinki. Now we bought a house in Florida and my husband said that he needs Jillian’s help furnishing it ?. I just found tour blog site so i am going to follow that, thank you for letting us all to enjoy your wonderful ideas! And if you ever come to Finland you are welcome to visit our house!!!
    Best regards ? ansi

  128. Megan says:

    Wondering where you got the wild at heart art work! So obsessed with it and moving in a month and am dying for it!!!

  129. Jennifer says:

    Such a helpful post! Just wondering what colour of grout you used on your backsplash, would you recommend staying away from white?

  130. Nawana says:

    Pardon me while I wipe my drool. The ceiling beams have got to be my favourite touch, it really adds balance, keeps things from looking too precious.

  131. Chelsea Cowie says:

    Hi Jillian, what colour of grout did you use for the kitchen tile backsplash? It looks like a light grey. Thanks!

  132. Alison says:

    Hi there!

    Do you have any issues with your countertop? I love the subtle veining and would like to go with Nuvo for our house if it holds up well.

  133. Carol says:

    What I’ve seen so far on your blogs re your home is absolutely stunning; I see open clean space with elegant lines in the furniture & cabinetry. Looks like it’s easy to clean as well. ❤️ your home!! Thank you for sharing!

  134. Nancy says:

    Love your kitchen, wish we were in the same zip code. Did you have the beams stained gray?

  135. Becca says:

    Hi Team Jilly,

    I your hugest fan! I am loving the home tour – we are planning on building in the next few years and my big question is how to incorporate a garage (eyesore!) into your home plan and not kill the curb appeal/look?
    Are you going to post a floor plan? Your home is serving as major inspiration!

    Much Love,

    PS – can’t wait for the Jilly box !

  136. Sabrina says:

    What type of mop and cleaner do you use on your unfinished hardwood? Your floors always look so clean!

  137. Jo says:

    Beautiful Kitchen! What is the name of your Caesarstone countertops? Thank you!

  138. S M says:

    I love you kitchen island stools! I can’t seem to find them on the ikea Canada or ikea us website. are they the “Ingolf” ones?

    and who did you get your covers made from on etsy? they are beautiful! such a smart idea!

  139. Nancy DePaul says:

    In awe of your kitchen design. Do you know if the beams were stained. I like the gray tone.

    • Danielle says:

      Thank you for sharing. Can you please tell me what colour your trim and baseboards are? Thank you.

    • Danielle says:

      I love the colour “cloud cover,” what colour are your base boards and trim? I was looking at “simply white,” but worry that it has too much yellow to go with the gray. Also, we are in the process of picking from a few different styles that are pre picked for our new townhouse. All three styles have the perimeter kitchen counter tops different from the island. Is this trend over? I really like the island surface, but am unsure about the darker perimeter surface. I know that you are very busy, I would love your opinion. Thank you in advance. I don’t think that I can attach the picture on here.

  140. Maria Bacik says:

    OMG I want that Coffee maker is there another one you suggest that isn’t so expensive.. I mean we are huge coffee drinkers and would totally get this but I don’t want to scare my husband LMAO.. or do I

  141. Kim Nex says:

    Hi Jill
    Your home is beautiful ? How can I get a hold of the lady who made your slip covers for your kitchen chairs? Thank you. ?

  142. Stacy says:

    What are the dimensions of the kitchen and dining room?

  143. Brennan says:

    Love the house/room tours! I would be so curious to see a floor plan/overhead shot to see how all the rooms connect. Sometimes in pics and videos the mirror effect occurs and I have a hard time mentally picturing the layout. Love your tips and what you would have done differently. My husband and I plan to build and this is SUPER helpful!!! Thanks!!

  144. raymonde says:

    Hi Jiliian may I ask you where you bought the long white curtains and are what material is it?

    • Jillian Harris says:

      They’re from Q Design Centre!!! I’ll be posting a blog on my drapes along with ALL of the details soon!! XO

  145. Karen says:

    I’m in the middle of a kitchen Reno and was going to go with the same cabinets so I REALLY appreciate your comments on the style. Looks beautiful but you do lose a lot of space. I’m going with a double farmhouse sink (I had to buy online via US ?). The runner in the kitchen – where is this from? I soooo want this for my kitchen ? thanks for sharing your gorgeous home.

  146. Lorrene says:

    Love the coffee station! Where did you get that adorable cream jar and tray from?
    Thank you!

  147. Sue Griffiths says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Not sure if it was said before, but is your countertop quartz or granite?

  148. Carina says:

    Is your Kohler sink – Whitehaven 36”?

  149. lori says:

    where is the round wooden tray on your island from?

  150. Leslie says:

    Can you tell me about your curtains and rods in the Loco room/dining room

  151. Sarah says:

    Where can I get the dining room chandelier?

  152. Kaila says:

    Hey Jillian! Just wondering… how do you organize your dishware? I am in the midst of planning my new kitchen design and hoping for ideas on where to put our dishware/utensils. I think we may end up with just two uppers on either side of the range and the one above the hood fan. Hope you have some ideas to throw my way!

    Thank you!

    Congrats on the news of your little one, I wish you a healthy and easy pregnancy!

  153. Jenna says:

    Love your kitchen! I about to reno ours. What is the dimension of your Island? I’m trying to get a sense if I can get 3 or 4 stools at mine!

    Thanks so much!

  154. Kelley says:

    Where do you get the covers for your bar stools?

  155. Katie says:

    I am currently in the process of converting a barn to home (just north of Toronto). We wanted to do a window over our kitchen sink like you have. We contacted Plygem and were told that they did not supply your window and do not make a window like that. Please help! I need that window!

  156. Carol Skelton says:


    I love what you have done with your home renovation ?. We have a farmhouse that we would love to renovate within the existing walls but I just can’t seem to envision a layout that would work and be functional for big family gatherings . Do you do this anymore ? Or are you just doing your own home ?

  157. Ellen says:

    Hi! I’ve been looking for the kitchen stool you have for Leo.. i know you posted the link a few days ago for tge local bc company who makes them but i forgot to save it. Would you mind sharing again please. Thanks!

  158. Carol says:

    It’s rare that I completely love any else’s kitchen, but this one is perfect. I have a Miele dishwasher and love it ~ it’s so quiet and does a great job of cleaning. I do have the 70/30 split Kohler farmhouse sink in stainless which is great because you can soak a sheet pan or roasting pan on the large side and still use the small side for washing veggies or your hands. Love the chair covers. Would love to make those for our island stools. Thanks for the inspiration.

  159. jani bucke says:

    good morning, it’s not pictured here and can’t seem to see it elsewhere on instagram etc. the countertop standing chair you have for leo? please can you tell me where it’s from.?
    thanks so much… love all of this.!

  160. Dani says:

    Every detail of this kitchen is lovely! :: can you please share where you purchased the round reclaimed wood tray that nests on your island? ~

  161. Sara says:

    Where did you get Leo’s helper stool for the kitchen from?

  162. Michelle says:

    Hi Jillian! Would you please be so kind to share the dimensions (LxW) of the table top? I’m hoping to make something and I’m just not sure how big a table should be to seat 10. Thank you!!!

  163. Kim says:

    I think I’m pretty late to the party for questions but…paint color used for dining table? Choosing the right white scares the ever living hell outta me!! ? I made sure I read the post a few times to make sure I didn’t miss it somewhere. I didn’t….did I? Thanks! Xo

  164. Donna says:

    Your house looks amazing! I really appreciate your detailed explanations of colour, product and where to find them! Question about wall colour: have you ever considered, or ever used, Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore? I’m thinking of using it throughout my home, or variations of it, taking into consideration the natural light that comes in. The sun rises in front of me and doesn’t fade until late afternoon as I face south/southeast. I’m concerned that it may be too washed out or too cold looking. I’m searching for that neutral colour that will keep the warmth!
    PS…..Your Home Tour Series makes me feel like I’m walking around with you….so genuine and authentic!

  165. Kelli says:

    Hi Jill,
    Are your cabinets wood or mdf?

    I love your home, it’s absolutely stunning!!!

  166. michelle says:

    hi! I can’t seem to find a link for the round wood tray on your island. Can you share the source?
    Thank you!!!

  167. Carmen Griffin says:

    I love the kitchen. where did you get your “Wild at heart” print?

  168. Lesley says:

    Wondering what your thoughts are on using the cup pulls vs. a bar pull for the drawers. We are currently building a new home and I love the look of the cup pull but think the bar pull may be more practical since you can open it from the top or bottom.

  169. Natalie says:

    Hi Jillian! Your house is so dreamy!! ? Do you min telling me what color grout you used for the kitchen backsplash? Thank you!

    • Angela says:

      What color are your kitchen cabinets? I tried to find the “Nimbus” by Benjamin Moore. But my store couldn’t find it. Is it a US color? Love EVERYTHING!!

  170. Misty says:

    Hi! I’m ordering your same pendants and need to provide a length for the pendant (from ceiling to bottom of pendant). How long are yours? Thanks for the help xo

  171. Cristina says:

    LOVE the farmhouse sink! Could you share the colour and size of the sink. I may just buy the exact same one 🙂

  172. Shawna says:

    Hey Jill just wondering if you used nimbus on all your cupboards cause some of them look white

  173. Jaime says:

    Hello- I am wondering what the rule of thump for getting the right size light fixture would be? For instance above a dining table. I am building a custom little farmhouse and these design choices are so difficult.

  174. Catherine says:

    Hi Jillian! Thank you for sharing your home. I appreciated your honesty about wishing you had done a few things differently. My husband and I are building a home and it is stressful making decisions. Not sure if you are aware but the link to your dishwasher and farmhouse sink are broken. I am wondering whether to do a single-bowl farmhouse sink or one with a divider (our sink will be on the island).. any advice?? Thank you!

  175. Andrea Illyas says:

    Hi Jillian. HELP!

    For your Kohler apron sink in the kitchen – did you use the tall or short apron? I’m curious as I love the look of yours!

  176. wendy hughes says:

    Stunning, and completed with just excellent taste! Can you tell me please if your quartz countertop is honed or polished?

    • Natalie says:

      Huge fan & follower. I noticed your kitchen hardware is chrome/nickle but your bar pendants are brass/gold. Is it OK to mix both metals in the kitchen? We recently moved into a new home with all chrome kitchen hardware on white cabinets however the lighting is all brass…..I know gold is making a huge comeback and I’m wondering if I should change all the kitchen hardware to brass or is it ok visually to mix the 2 metals? Appreciate your design expertise ! Look forward to your reply.
      Congrats on your pregnancy 🙂 xoxo

  177. Lindsay says:

    Where are your favourite places to buy more inexpensive rugs? Love the rugs from Caitlin Wilson but they are not in my budget 🙁

  178. Carly Bull says:

    Where did you buy Leo’s kitchen helper stool?

  179. roxanne weidman says:

    I love it all! Your beams are amazing. What stain colour (if any) was used? My house has beams but I hate the colour so much and would love to get them refinished.

    • Amy says:

      Not sure if my question made it to you but would you be able to tell me what is the name of the IKEA barstools you have? It looks like the Henriksdal ones, but I’ve ever only seen the black legged ones for sale and I love your white legged ones! Were the legs painted white?

  180. Heidi says:

    Jill, do you know the dimensions of the runner in your kitchen? Thanks!

  181. Brenda says:

    I absolutely Love your taste …everything about your home I love….I am renovating my dream cottage now…and this blog is so very helpful ! Thank you so much for sharing

  182. Amanda says:

    Hi Jillian! Are your cabinets mdf or wood?

  183. Natasha says:

    Hi Jillian,

    I LOVE what you have done with your home and am using it as inspiration for our renovation! Just want to clarify, in this post you wrote all the walls are cloud cover but in the “how to pick paint” post you mention that the kitchen and dinning room walls are “grey owl”. Can you please clarify what colour the kitchen and dinning walls are. Thanks so much!!

  184. fil says:

    Love the light fixture over the dining table!! Is it chrome or polished nickel — im still uneasy about mixing metals…. and is it by Visual Comfort>

  185. Kate says:

    I know you’ve posted this a million times but I can’t seem to find it! Where is the stool from that Leo uses at the island? Thank you in advance!!

  186. Eunice says:

    I love your kitchen remodel! We are in the middle of our own remodel, third home remodel in 6 years, and I was just looking for cabinet pulls for our kitchen. I found some on Amazon I really liked and figured I’d pop over here to see what you did, since I love your kitchen, come to find out you have the same pulls I was looking at! Great minds think alike. Thanks for all the great home reno inspiration!

  187. Jen says:

    Do you know the sizes of your Beams? Like how far they come down from ceiling and how wide they are?

  188. Laura says:

    Hi there! Just wondering what brand Leo’s little tower thing he stands at to be with you guys in the kitchen/at counter height. Currently trying to find the best one for my son as he loves to be involved and I’d like to have both hands free lol!

  189. Laurie smith says:

    Hello! I went to Benjamin Moore today and picked up a swatch of Nimbus…it looks very blue and very different from the photos of your kitchen cabinets. I just want to clarify, did you go with a 50% of that colour or am I missing something? Thanks!!

  190. Crystal says:

    Question on your Miele Range…Is the built in microwave truly a built in microwave, and is it also a second oven?

  191. Katie says:

    Gorgeous! Would you ever put a rug under the dining room table? I’m trying to decide if I should have one, because otherwise the dining room doesn’t feel very pulled together, but I have a three year old…!

  192. Kristen says:

    I don’t see it mentioned anywhere, but do you remember the dimension (size) of your kitchen island? Thanks!

  193. Addie Thurston says:

    Hi Jillian! My husband and I love your kitchen so much that it is is the inspiration for our current kitchen remodel!! What color white did you use for your wainscotting in your dining room? We love how it looks against Cloud Cover!

  194. Courtney says:

    Just wondering what colour of grout you used in your kitchen? We are going to be doing a white tile back splash and I like the crisp look of the white grout but worry about discolouring. I’m thinking a warm grey so it isn’t so bold and attention stealing from the tile but a bit more durable in colour. Any suggestions from your experience?

  195. Lisa Exton says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Did you use the color Nimbus for all of your kitchen cabinets? It looks like some of them are white especially around your stove and your island.

    Would love to know.


  196. stephanie says:

    hi Jilly! im thinking of Purparket floors. would you get purparket floors again if you were to build a new home?

  197. Vanessa says:

    Hi Jillian! Love your kitchen! Are your kitchen walls simply white or cloud cover?

  198. Angie says:

    I have looked at and read through all your blogs, comments, instagram posts and notice that many people have asked about your grout colour, but I am unable to find out if you ever said or where you answered that question. I have ordered the Frost tile as you have from Fireclay Tile, but would love to use the same grout colour. Could you please tell me what you used?

    Thank you,

  199. Susan Wark says:

    Can you tell me where the stools at the kitchen island came from?

  200. Becca says:

    Love your home! How high is the wall paneling in your dining room?


  201. Jessika says:

    What size is your kitchen sink Jillian? Thnx!

  202. Jessika says:

    What size is your farm sink Jillian? Thanks

  203. Sarah says:

    Hello! Are your cabinets painted in Nimbus diluted at all or they the full strength colour? Is your island the same colour? In most photos it appears white. Thank you so much for your help!

  204. Kim Wentworth says:

    Hey Jillian,

    I know I’ve read it before but can’t remember where. Where are your hardwood floors from and what is the colour?

    Thank you
    Kim Wentworth

  205. Kim Mendham says:

    Beautiful! Can I ask what made you decide to use two pendants over the island? We are renovating our kitchen, and I am agonizing over the number of pendants over the island…I think two might be the right number, but the electrician suggested three (and I know the rule of threes). Is there a general measurement I should consider?

  206. Shari says:

    Do you still like the island chairs? I found this when looking for reviews on the specific chair. We tried them at Ikea and found them to be wobbly. We really want something sturdy with a similar look.

  207. Amanda says:

    I just love Jillian’s entire home. I’m currently designing my own home and am definitely NOT a designer. Can you tell me the dimensions of your kitchen? I’m trying to decide how much space we need to allocate so we have enough room for good flow. We have 5 kids under 9 years old, so our kitchen really needs to work for us!!

  208. Jan says:

    Can you tell me where you got that wooden tray on your island?

  209. Tianna says:

    I am dying to know where you got your vent hood from!!! I can’t believe that wasn’t talked about in this post bc it is aaaaamazing! Please share! Renovating my kitchen soon and I have to have this!

  210. Kristine Cavanagh says:

    I would like to know where you got your bar stools. I notice you can get covers to change them up.

  211. Jennifer Matthews says:

    What stools are they from ikea?

  212. Jen says:

    Love your kitchen! I am considering using this same fridge in our reno. Can you tell me do you see the side of the fridge from the left if you are looking at it? Some reviews say you see the black side or does the panel cover the entire side? Thank you

  213. Kayla Angeline says:

    Hi Jill!

    I love your light blue and white flower pots, I didn’t see them linked, Where did you get them?! 😍

  214. Darlene says:

    Love, love your kitchen!! (and house…) I have a question, I am starting to organizes my home renovation and finally get to focus on the kitchen, dining area (to be open to the living space). We are down sizing, kids are all off at school, so we got a bungalow by the river, smaller home.
    All this to say, I am going from a really large kitchen and pantry to a medium sized kitchen I guess. How did you plan for storage of food, condiments, dishes? I see beside your fridge there are 2 large cabinets, what do you use those for? I am going to have a wall with the fridge like that, and am struggling with what to do beside the fridge. Food storage, ok, but where do the dishes go?? My kitchen layout will be similar, but I was thinking of having the sink be in the island and the range and hood centered on the wall.
    It may be great, if it’s not too much info for the masses, to show where you stored what and why?? (LOL just incase you are looking for blog ideas!) I know you are busy, esp right now with all the launches of products and you beautiful cook book, but maybe someday it would be great to show the INSIDE of your cabinets!
    Been watching you from the start! Happy to see you grow your business and be able to share some of it with your cousin.

  215. Lindsay says:

    Hi!! What size of the Caitlin Wilson rug do you have? Thank you!

  216. Lindsay Weingand says:

    Hi Jill,

    I was wondering if you could let me know what colour of grout you used in the kitchen. I am at that stage in my kitchen renovation and love the grey you chose. I have gone through the other comments but don’t see it answered. Thank you!!

  217. Arianna says:

    Where are the bar stools from?? I love that you can change the covers seasonally!

  218. Emily says:

    Hi Jillian! Could you please share the finish of the cloud cover on your walls and colour and finish of your baseboard trim? Thank you! 🙂

  219. Carmen baker says:

    How high from the table should the light fixture be?

  220. Leslie says:

    What is the finish of the dinning room chandelier?

  221. Kelley Backman says:

    Where do you get your covers for your bar stools in kitchen (i.e. the plaid ones are my favourite!)

  222. Sue says:

    Gorgeous home…so calm, relaxing…and fun! I love that you share your inspiration and list all your sources. Thanks, again, for sharing!

  223. Hailee says:

    Wondering if you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen?? I find this so hard to figure out!!

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