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How to Build The Ultimate Vegan Nacho Bar

A few weeks ago while browsing through Pinterest (if you don’t follow me yet, give me a follow here!), I came across a picture of a nacho bar that had me not only DROOLING but also feeling very inspired to create some organic (and delicious!) content.

What I love the most about a nacho bar is the fact that it provides a robust variety of toppings and dips. This variety allows your family and friends to create their own plate loaded up with as much or as little toppings as they like (mine would be LOADED with everything including a massive pile of cilantro!). Or, if a few people like the same ingredients they can grab a sheet pan and load ’em up!

Below I’ll share some of the toppings and dips we used in our nacho bar along with a few fun tips on how we arranged everything!

Arranging your nacho bar

After chopping up all of the toppings (I listed everything we used as toppings in the recipe card below!), we arranged each ingredient in various bowls to add some height and dimension to our nacho bar. To add some playfulness to the display, we chopped up some jalapenos and scattered them right onto a wooden board (and not just any board my FAVE whitewashed board from Crawford Creek Designs!) among the other ingredients, like sliced black olives, to fill the empty space between bowls on the board.

The last and (most important!) ingredient for this nacho bar was, of course, the tortilla chips! We decided to remove the tortilla chips from the bag and placed them on a round wood board surrounding the dips in the center!


Speaking of dips … who doesn’t love guacamole, fresh salsa, queso, and sour cream on their nachos? I don’t know about you, but finding delicious and vegan alternatives can be quite the task, but we have you covered!

In our Fraiche Food Full Hearts cookbook, Tori and I have created delicious vegan versions of some of these classic dips! You can find our guacamole and fresh salsa on page 118, the queso dip on page 117, and the vegan sour cream on page 315 of the Fraiche Food Full Hearts cookbook!

How to Build The Ultimate Vegan Nacho Bar

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Recipe by From the Kitchen of Jillian Harris


  • Tortilla Chips

  • Vegan Cheese

  • Vegan Ground “Beef”

  • 2 2 Red Peppers

  • Black Olives

  • 2 2 Jalapeños

  • Cilantro

  • Chives


  • Chop and dice up all of the vegetables and toppings.
  • Place diced vegetables and toppings onto a wooden board or into individual bowls with a spoon.
  • Prep vegan ground “beef”, let cool and add to a bowl.
  • Prep any additional sauces or dips you would like to have with your nachos. We made the Fresh Salsa & Guacamole (page 118), Nacho Average Queso dip (page 117) and the Vegan Sour Cream (page 315) all from the Fraiche Food Full Hearts cookbook.
  • Place guacamole, fresh salsa, queso and vegan sour cream into individual bowls with serving utensils. Add chips to a tray or wooden board.

If you’re looking for the perfect adult beverage to sip on while enjoying your nacho bar, try whipping up a jug of our favourite and refreshing homemade Hey Y’all recipe!

Well, there you have it! It’s a simple and easy recipe that is bound to be a household favourite!



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