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Ready, Set, Save: The Nordstrom Sale is Now Open to the Public!

Hey everyone! It’s Team Jilly here popping in for Jillian today to give you a little update on the highly anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Last week, Jillian shared some FAQs along with some of her favourite items from the Early Access sale, if you missed that blog post feel free to check it out here!

Today we’re here to let you know that the sale has officially opened up to the public and it will be running through to September 3rd with prices going back up on September 4th! We also got some AMAZING news earlier this week that Canadians can ALSO shop the sale online (starting tomorrow, August 20th) with free standard shipping and returns, and no duties!! WAHOO!!

So, all of us girls cruised the Nordstrom site and linked all of OUR favourite things from wardrobe staples to the cutest clothing for the kiddos, trendy home decor, must have beauty products, and even some stuff for the guys! We’ve rounded up all of our favourites for you below in hopes that it will help you navigate the sale with ease (and get to the cutest stuff the quickest!).

As Jillian mentioned in her previous post, these sale items don’t last long so if something catches your eye, try not to sit on it because it’ll more than likely get scooped up! Also, we’ve noticed in previous years that some items tend to get restocked throughout the sale so if something sells out in your preferred size or colour, make sure to check back as there’s a chance it could get stocked up again!

Okay, let’s get to the fun stuff! Remember, if you want to know more details about ANY of the items below, or if you want to snag an item for yourself, all you have to do is click on the image and it’ll take you directly to that product page on Nordstrom’s site!

Well, are you ready?! Let’s do it!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Women's Roundup

1. T-Shirt | 2. Glasses | 3. Hat | 4. Skirt | 5. Cardigan | 6. Brush Set | 7. Earrings | 8. Blush Sweater | 9. Dress| 10. Boots | 11. Teddy Coat | 12. Leopard Pants | 13. Grey Cardigan| 14. Booties | 15. Lipstick

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men's Roundup

1. Jean Jacket | 2. Travel Bag | 3. Moisturizer | 4. Backpack | 5. Sneakers | 6. Shorts | 7. Sunglasses | 8. Belt| 9. Hoodie | 10. Jeans | 11. T-Shirt | 12. Underwear | 13. Boots

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Kids Clothing Roundup

1. Hoodie | 2. Shorts | 3. Shoes| 4. T-Shirt | 5. Bows| 6. Stripped Shirt| 7. Sweater | 8. Starwars T-Shirt | 9. Dress  | 10. Shoes | 11. Sweater | 12. Suitcase | 13. Coat | 14. Shorts | 15. Shoes

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Decor Roundup

1. Picture | 2. Wine Glasses| 3. Pillow | 4. Picture| 5. Cake Stand | 6. Kettle| 7. Candle | 8. Sheets| 9. Bottle | 10. Coasters | 11. Candle| 12. Blanket | 13. Serving Utensils| 14. Pillow

1. Hat | 2. Shirt | 3. Jeans | 4. Shoes





Home Decor



Favourite Items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

1. Jacket | 2. Shirt | 3. Jeans | 4. Boots

1. Coat| 2. Shirt | 3. Jeans | 4. Boots

Don’t forget, the Nordstrom Sale runs until September 3rd so there’s lots of time to snag some great deals! Don’t forget to check out Jillian’s dedicated shop page for more great sale items and inspo!


Team Jilly

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