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JH for PRIV: Get It While You Can!

Thank you all SO MUCH for all of your support throughout my first ever clothing collection!! JH for PRIV is having a FLASH SALE starting today … February 25th until February 28th ONLY!! This is your last chance to snag any of those JH for PRIV items that you have been lusting over. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN….this really is your last chance!!!!


And now… a recap of some of my favourite pieces and how I STYLE them!!!! Perfect for all seasons….

NACHO Toque:
IMG_1745 IMG_1959JHforPRIVChantal
SHAY Sweater: (also available in grey)
JILLY Dress:

BELLA Dress:

Happy JH for PRIV FLASH SALE shopping my loves!! I can’t wait to see what you get…

You only have 4 days left…the clock is ticking!!!!


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  1. Just submitted my order for the ‘Linnea Fedora’!
    I’m a huge fan! I’m so happy about this sale!
    I will finally have my hands on a piece from your collection and that makes me ecstatic.

    1. I AGREE!!!! It would be great to wear to my upcoming baby shower!!! Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) they can do a reorder of the dress!!!!

  2. Jillian,
    I have been looking for the perfect graduation dress for ever! I finally found the one I love (the Jilly) but it’s sold out. I kept looking after I found that one just in case there was another gem out there that I just missed but nothing compares. I am so in love with the white lace, and I think it is so symbolic of my time at Western Carolina University. To me, the white lace symbolizes that I got through something so difficult with grace and poise. Throughout my time here I have worked so hard to make the perfect grades, which I did through one of the toughest times in my life dealing with what seemed like another catastrophic life event each month. Now I am about to graduate and walk across the stage with honors and a major that I created (which was a first for the university) and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. If there is any way that you could help me find one of those Jilly dresses to make my day complete, I would be forever grateful!

    Thank you!
    Jacqueline Wyatt

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