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Power Women Announcement

I would like to announce to you … that I am now a Power Women Ambassador!! I am committed to make a difference in my community. With that being said … I am fundraising for Women Build: a campaign of Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver focused on giving women an empowering platform to contribute to building affordable homes for families in need from the ground up.

What truly inspired me to make a difference….

  • 153,000 poor children in BC – enough children to fill Roger’s Arena over 8 times
  • Nearly 20% of children are raised in poverty in BC.  For single mother families in BC, 50% are struggling to decide between groceries and heat.
  • BC is by far the worst province for the number of children living in poverty, 6% higher than the national average
  • In 2011, the poverty rates for children in BC were higher than the rates for all persons, on all measures.
  • Habitat for Humanity gives a ‘hand up’ to families working hard who aren’t able to make enough to cover the basic living costs, and are forced to live in undesirable and unsafe accommodations.

I also LOVE restore and I go there tons for my vintage finds! Anything from new, used, deals, home décor, construction materials, tools, antiques, everything for contractors, renovators and even DIY ers!! It’s truly incredible … and on top of everything all proceeds go towards the Build Fund!!

In the spring 2015, I will take part in a full-day build at a Habitat build site in Richmond and help bring new homes for 12 hardworking families in need. To do so, I need to raise my goals of $2,500!!! If you want to join the campaign of 400 women over 10 days and become a power woman alongside ME … you can register or sponsor me here!!!

Join me in building stronger communities here at home. Your contribution matters!
HabitatForHumanity-WomensBuildGala-Srobarts-32_JILLIAN HARRIS copy HabitatForHumanity-WomensBuildGala-Srobarts-60_JILLIAN HARRIS copy HabitatForHumanity-WomensBuildGala-Srobarts-58_JILLIAN HARRIS copy

To find out more about Habitat for Humanity and Women Build visit their website!!! Become a Power Women with me today!!

Every little bit truly helps … for my fundraising page, click here!!!




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