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Jillian Harris

My Maui Vacation Recap

Every time I go to Maui I like to do a recap for you as I ALWAYS discover new and exciting things that I want to share!! Are any of you planning a Spring Break getaway?? If you are…I highly suggest Maui!! It is hot, safe, clean, and SO MUCH FUN!!!! It really is a place for all ages…depending on who you go with it’s great for everyone! For me, one of the reasons I love it so much is because it’s SO easy. I’ve been there before so I know the in’s and out’s and there’s no really surprises. Normally I go all over the Island – but with this trip being only 5 days we decided to spend most of our time in Wailea and Kihei. If you want a full Island guide head over to some of my other blogs!!! This time I got to just RELAX, explore new things and enjoy time with my loved ones. STRESS FREE!!!! Now that’s what a true vacation is really about….right!?!?! Here’s a recap of what I did and what I suggest….

Where To Stay:

  • Fairmont Kea Lani – This is a MUST stay … even for just a few nights.
  • My Condo – I rent it out all year round and OF COURSE you can stay there…we’re buds!!! Trust me … it’s a little slice of heaven!!!
  • Oceanfront Inn – this is my all time Maui secret….if you are on a budget this hotel is a MUST. It is directly on the best beach in Maui (in my opinion). You don’t have to walk through a lobby or deal with anything…you walk outside and you’re on the beach!!! OH…AND IT’S CHEAP!!!!!

Photo 2015-02-11-3Photo 2015-02-11-2Photo 2015-02-08Photo 2013-04-14 2 43 54 PMPhoto 2013-04-18 12 00 46 PMDSC01442Photo 2013-04-14 2 45 25 PM

What To Do:

  • Trilogy Boat Cruise – OMG this was AMAZING…a boat cruise all to ourselves (I would go again right now)!!! We were so close to whales breaching…I can still see the barnacles in my head!! I´m so going to get a boat rental ft. lauderdale boating!
  • Rent a Jeep from Alamo with the help of Discount Hawaii Car Rental to make sure you get the best deal… honestly truly, I don’t normally preach about rental services BUT they gave me the best customer service I’ve ever received!!! Not only did we get an amazing deal they searched the Island for the best jeep EVER for us!! I can’t begin to explain how fantastic they were!!! I HIGHLY recommend them to you…
  • Explore the Island easily in the jeep -If it’s raining or cloudy…this is the perfect activity!!! This time we went to Up Country. It’s maui farmer region…you can literally get ANYTHING under the sun and it’s all local. PS that’s also where Oprah’s house is…maybe you’ll get to see her!!!!
  • SLEEP IN and enjoy brunch at the Fairmont – when you book your rooms, you can get the brunch included…and you’re full almost ALL day!!!
  • Justin and I LOVE the pool bar at The Fairmont … lots of our time was spent here lol!!!
  • Try out the different beaches…
  • Drink Mai Tai’s and play cards in the sun….ALL day!
  • RELAX!!!
Photo 2015-02-12-5Photo 2015-02-12-3IMG_7110IMG_7095Photo 2015-02-13Photo 2015-02-12-6Photo 2015-02-12-4Photo 2015-02-12-2IMG_7038Photo 2015-02-12Photo 2015-02-10-3IMG_6862IMG_6861Photo 2015-02-11IMG_6725Photo 2015-02-10Photo 2015-02-08-4Photo 2015-02-08-3Photo 2015-02-08-2
Where To Eat:
  • Nicks Fishmarket Maui
  • 5 Palms – they have the best OMLETTES!!! AND guava mimosas….I could use one right now!!!!
  • KO Restaurant – they have this albacore tuna dish that they serve on hot lava rocks…you serve it yourself and it’s SO cool
  • Maui Tacos – this is another secret budget place of mine…we eat here ALL the time!!

Photo 2015-02-10-2Photo 2015-02-09

I know you’re all thinking about what to pack for a vacation…..BUT you will have to stay tuned for next week and I will put together a big list for you!!!!

What are some of YOUR favourite things to do on vacation?? Maui in particular…I LOVE adding to my To Do list!!!


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  1. niki says:

    headed to mexico in a week and i cant wait for the packing list! <3

  2. mrsmurchie says:

    The Gazebo in Napili has the BEST breakfast ever – the Macadamia Pancakes are to die for!! Leoda’s just outside Lahaina has incredible lunches (seared ahi sandwich is my fave!) and their fresh pies are also amazing!

  3. Kim Gesell says:

    It’s a little hidden place in Kihei, at the very end of a strip mall… you really have to search for it. It’s called Taqueria Cruz. Grab your own $5 bottle of wine from the ABC store (twist-off cap obvs) and head there. It’s cheap like Maui Tacos but totally authentic and freaking fantastic. (I just Googled the address… 2395 S Kihei Rd.) Also, the Kihei Cafe for breakfast is our must-go place.

  4. Natalie Fontaine says:

    Thank you so much for this great recap and photos! I am heading to Maui in April. I am definitely going to try the Guava mimosas at 5 Palms. The only stressful part of a holiday is packing, so I look forward to your packing list!!

  5. Ariana says:

    You and your boyfriend are so cute! It looks like such a fun trip!

  6. Shay says:

    Please do not post photos of your little chubby toes anymore. Puke.

  7. Ashley Frustaci says:

    The Olivine Pools are spectacular!

  8. Katie Stuart says:

    This is REALLY making me want to visit Maui!! Hopefully one day soon 🙂

    XO Katie

  9. Chanel Edens says:

    Have you ever done the drive to Hana? Not only can you go swimming in some of the 7 sacred falls on the way but there is an AMAZING hike through a bamboo forest and at the end there is another gorgeous waterfall you can swim in! It’s a day trip but definitely worth it!

  10. Denise Halfyard says:

    Next time I go back to Maui, I’m going to head to Lana’i again for a few nights! Absolutely gorgeous and so quiet! Then head back to Kihei for the rest of the trip.

  11. wiscogirl says:

    Cafe des Amis in Paia is amazing Mediterranean food and crepes. One of our favorite places in the world for breakfast. (Just across the street is the Best local natural foods store…Mana foods. Perfect for snacks on the Road to Hana adventure) For people who want to see all the beautiful ocean life Hawaii has to offer in one place, the aquarium is great. Maui Ocean Center – awesome tunnel! All kinds of sharks and colorful fish, turtles, stingrays. Something for everyone 🙂 Thanks for these awesome tips!

  12. Sarah says:

    Where did you get your black and white swim top?!

  13. Omg I am in love with your condo! If I won the lottery I would totally buy it! haha

    I don’t have Maui recommendations but if you’re ever in Oahu I have a whole bunch. I spent three summers there in college and just went back for two weeks last summer. It’s my happy place.

    Her Heartland Soul

  14. NitaPita says:

    Well yes I am heading to Maui for spring break, how did you know? I simply can’t wait and you posted this at the perfect time. I’ve rented my jeep and I’m ready to go (well, I have to wait 2 more weeks), but you better believe I’m already packed and ready!

    One of my favorite eateries is The Gazebo located at Napili Shores. The macadamia nut pancakes are beyond words. I always find a day to do the Road to Hana, as well. The “painted trees” are so beautiful. I can’t quite remember the name, but while driving towards Kaanapali, there’s a sign directing you to road-side treats where you’ll find the cutest little couple in the world, who’s lived there for ever and the view is amazing – she makes delicious coconut bark treats and chocolate dipped pineapple!

  15. ImarriedChuck says:

    Nice!!! Going back with the kids this time!! Can’t wait!!! Thanks for the info!!!

  16. Al says:

    Thanks for including a cheaper hotel (not many people can afford 750$ a night at the Fairmont … HOLY HELL – that’s the price of a whole week’s beach vacation for me including hotel and flight!) even though 250$ a night at the Oceanfront Inn is way more than any hotel I’ve ever stayed at! Calling that “CHEAP!” makes me feel quite poor and pathetic, lol. Girl, you OWN a condo in Maui but still spend $4000 for 5 nights at a hotel there…. Holy moly you must be packing the dollas… Good for you! (Yes, I’m jealous! And yes, you seem a little less ‘normal relatable human’ to me now.)

  17. Bonnie Andrichuk says:

    Thanks so much for the info…Going to Maui March 7-28 for 3 weeks….our favourite is The Palms Happy Hour, Monkey Pod, and the very Best is Polli’s Mexican Restaurant….will definitely try the KO restaurant and Maui Taco’s….we love our Happy Hours also at Mulligans…

    • Jillian Harris says:

      OH MY GAWWWD agree… love the happy hour!!!

      • Hi, Can you please give me the direct link to your condo. The link in this blog took me to a site with lots of condos. I am looking for a “sort of” last minute place to stay for a “last minute” college graduation trip for my 2 kids. We would like to go during the first week of Oct 2017. My daughter lives in Vancouver BC and my son in Savannah, GA, and my husband and I live in Portland, OR….and we are trying to get them away from their jobs for a nice treat before their working lives begin, with a tight budget. I appreciate your help, Jillian. Take care and have an amazing day.

  18. Tamara T says:

    Just got back from Maui last week, we were there for two weeks.
    One of the most AMAZING things we did was zip lining! We went with this eco zipline company called Flying Hawaiian. It was just the best, took about 5 hours to finish as it’s made up of 7 different ziplines. From the first zipline onward, you get bicoastal views of Maui for the rest of the time. We did this at the start of our trip and if I had to leave the next day I would have been completely satisfied. It’s an amazing mix of beautiful scenery, active adventuring and local feel. All the guides are funny, local guys, they started and built the zipline to stop developers from building the lush, green mountain side. SO INCREDIBLE, cannot even explain how much it is worth it!!

  19. Jaclyn says:

    LOVE your pineapple necklace! Where can we buy it?

  20. Brianne says:

    You should drive the West Coast Maui Loop past Kapalua it’s unreal! Also Lahaina Grill (in Lahaina) is so good!!!

  21. Kim says:

    I second Kihei Cafe for breakfast–we’re standing in line at the crack of dark thirty our first day there to get one of those cinnamon rolls. We stay in Wailea, have done Four Seasons, Kea Lani and Grand Wailea but lately have been getting a vrbo at Polo Beach Club. When I have a spare 3 million, I’m buying it.

  22. Deb says:

    Love all the tips and ideas you give about Maui trips. We have actually booked your place for Jan. 2016 for your 25th Anniversary……so excited Jillian. Your place looks beautiful from the pics. I’m taking as many notes from your blog so we can make the most of our time there. Thank you.

    • Jillian Harris says:

      OMG AMAZING!!! So jealous…. have the best time ever!!!! xo

      • Helen Hagerman says:

        Jillian! We just booked Maui for mid July! And I would just love to book your place or at the very least something similar to it! HELP!!! Where can I book? Im finding this post so so so helpful! Literally going to jot down all these favourites and make it happen for my hubby and I!

  23. Stacy says:

    Darn I just realized I think I saw your boyfriend in the Shops at Wailea parking lot after seeing your red jeep pictures. Would have loved to say hello to you! Your show is one of the only shows my daughter and I love watching together. My hubby and I just moved the family to Maui after years of vacationing here. Love it!! After 7 months we are still finding new things to do all the time. Just did the west maui loop, so beautiful. We love staying at Travassa in Hana for a couple days, feels like you’re a world away from the rest of Maui and their hotel restaurant is super yummy. Also love heading to Lanai for the day (with trilogy) or even better a couple days at Four Seasons. Fav eats are monkeypodkitchen, flatbread pizza, cafe des amis, duo, coconuts, gazebo, pita paradise, da kitchen, pollis, mama’s

  24. Cindy says:

    Choice health bar for acai bowls and healthy eats. Best bowls ever!!!!! I make several trips there whenever I’m in maui

  25. Sarah says:

    Don’t forget the shave ice! Our favorite is Ululani’s in Kihei (or Lahaina or Kahului). We end up there nearly every day. Oh, and if you drive up to Kula, you’ll want to stop at Kula Country Farms. It’s a u-pick strawberry farm in the spring and a pumpkin patch in the fall. Great local fruits and veggies at the farm stand, cute little children’s garden and they have fun decorations and events for every holiday. Going there in a few weeks and can’t wait! My son’s birthday happens to fall during spring break so he’s been fortunate to have celebrated all of his birthdays on Maui (he’ll be 6 this year). Also, we are starting at the Fairmont for 2 nights. We love it there too! We are using the 2 free nights we got as a sign up bonus for the Fairmont credit card – it’s the only way we’re able to stay at such expensive hotels! Oh my gosh, also how could I forget Quinnie’s?! I go there each year first thing for the most fabulous pedicure (it’s basically like a message where you get your nails painted – so awesome and so cheap too)!

  26. Your trip looks AMAZING! And great tips. I’d love to do that boat tour one day. Thanks for sharing!
    Custom portrait givewaway –>

  27. Wendy Campbell says:

    Thanks for all of the vacation pictures! It felt like I went on vacation too! I miss the beach! I grew up in Montreal but we had a family cabin in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. I ended up married to Lance in land locked Alberta! I am a huge fan and I liked you on the Batchelorette and also I watch a lot of the Love it or List in Vancouver series! I just stumbled onto your website! You are a very talented person! I just love how you decorate! You are so talented! Who knows maybe I can go to your condo one day! Take care.

  28. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos and Maui tips! I live here and Nick’s Fishmarket is truly one of the best places for Happy Hour and dinner on island. The staff is so friendly and the food is incredible. Aloha!

  29. Jordan says:

    Where did you get your amazing black and white swim top? It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  30. Taylor C. says:

    The link for the VRBO rental shows multiple listings. Which one is yours? Love the decor!

  31. Amber Brewer says:

    Is your Maui condo still available to rent? The link takes me to multiple listings now.

  32. Jennifer Friesen says:

    My husband are planning a getaway to Maui next month… Is your condo still available to rent?

  33. Amber Meade says:

    Love your blog – we just opened a bar in Lahaina, The Dirty Monkey, so please come see us next time! I would love to take care of you! @ambermeade is my username and @dirtymonkeymaui is the bar’s!

  34. Whitney Stalkie says:

    HBD Jill!! I’m doing some research and making my packing list for Maui come February. THANK YOU for the great tips and inspiration!!! I MUST get a photo of my beau under that “Wanted” sign. Which restaurant is that at?

  35. mauirealestatesearch says:

    Wow, what a great recap of your Maui visit!!! Definitely worth pointing out that Lanai is a different island with a VERY different lifestyle proposition than the island of Maui. Again, thanks for sharing such a great post.

  36. Alison Kent says:

    Awesome! Landing in … 3hrs – this WestJet wifi comes in handy for last minute research!!

  37. Britt says:

    I believe you’re wearing two different pineapple necklaces in this post. Could you give the link to purchase both? Thank you!

  38. Christina says:

    FINALLY booking our trip to Maui now! I’ve had this page bookmarked for years now 🙂

    Is your condo still available to rent? It looks like there are multiple listings when I click on the above link…

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