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Justin’s First Fathers Day

I feel like this year for both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day we did exactly what we wanted to do … which was … NOTHING! What we really needed was to spend some quality time together and RELAX (aka sleep in a little bit)! See what my mom and I got up to on Mother’s Day, here! As most of you know, we’ve certainly had a crazy busy year and even though I tried to plan a weekend trip to San Francisco for Father’s Day, all Justin wanted to do was ride his lawn mower and for me to make him a breakfast sandwich. LOL!! Typical guy hey?! But that’s okay, I wasn’t about to complain!! LOL! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed on Fathers Day morning because seeing Justin as a dad is one of the most amazing things EVER! Justin and I got to talking about Leo and he mentioned that every time he sees him he gets “Cute Aggression” LOL … have any of you ever heard of this?? Basically, it’s when you see something SO FREAKIN CUTE you just want to SQUEEZE it and hold on to it and NEVER let it go!!! LOL!!! Justin also said something very sweet … which made all of the emotions in me go on a little roller coaster ride … he said that he never realized how happy a baby would make him … he said that he just can’t get over the fact that you can love something SO MUCH as your own child. I couldn’t agree with him more.

Leo and I each bought Justin a little card and gave it to him first thing in the morning as we sipped our coffees. We decided against buying gifts for each other this year as we consider our new home our very special gift teach other! So, Justin certainly got his wish of a laid back Father’s Day which in fact turned out to be exactly what we ALL needed. While Justin worked on getting the roof rack installed on his truck I took off and did a little shopping of my own (win-win for both of us!) LOL!! When I got back I made him a badass triple decker breakfast sandwich complete with bacon (I know, I know … but it was Fathers Day, so I bought local bacon from Wild Moon Farms as a special treat!), eggs (from the farm just down the road from us!) and real CHEESE from Natures Fare. The three of us took some time to chill and indulged in a little picnic in the yard and then the man himself, MY dad, came over for dinner!! Le sigh!!

Jillian Harris - Justin Passutos First Fathers Day
Jillian Harris - Justin Passutos First Fathers Day
Jillian Harris - Justin Passutos First Fathers Day

Honestly, this was by far one of the most relaxing days we’ve had together in a LOOOONG time … it’s so typical for me to try and plan something unique and a little over the top so I’m happy that Justin pushed back on it because it gave us the opportunity to recharge our batteries! All in all, it was the perfect Fathers Day.

What did you get up to for Fathers Day this year?? Did you do something fun or did you keep is casual like us?? Comment below!



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  1. That is very sweet! Cute aggression…. I know sometimes you just want to eat them up or squeeze them to death (not really). Leo is a cutie patootie. Sounded like a perfect day. Can’t wait to watch you guys tomorrow!

  2. It was my husband’s 1st father’s day too!
    He didn’t get to sleep in as he had to work at 7am. So when he came home after work, Connor and I had a little something special for him. He received Daddy’s tackle box with hugs and fishes(candy fish and worms) and I had bought a shadow box and put Connor’s picture, a poem and his footprints in it!
    Instead of cooking a meal for him, we had his dad over and ordered pizza. He loves pizza and we never have it anymore because we can’t really afford too much anymore. All our money goes to bills and Baby!

  3. We have an exact term for that ‘cute agression’ that justin talks about in Filipino – it’s called ‘gigil’ ? .

  4. We celebrated my son’s first Father’s Day and my husband’s first Father’s Day as a Grandpa so it was extra special. Our grandson Carson is 6 weeks old. My brother was in town from St Louis so we had one of his favorite Buffalo foods – Bocce pizza!

  5. Haha “cute aggression” I do that all the time!!

    “Your just so cute and squishy and could just eat you up!!”

    Total casual father’s day for us too! Yard work, breakfast, coffee, boys and their bikes and the bike ranch ? and finished with a family dinner ? Pretty perfect day!

  6. This is so sweet! This is EXACTLY how we spent our Fathers Day too! And I’m almost certain Doug rode the lawn mower with Finn lol! Typical “guy” thing! We had coffees on the deck and Finn ran around with the pups. As fun as it is planning big events, sometimes you really do need to sit back and recharge those batteries! Sounds like you guys had a blast and made some great memories! Xo – Ashley

  7. Our children are grown and out of the house now and we just did the same as you. My husband has his own business, so he is always working. I made him breakfast and we just took it easy for the day and then he said he wanted Peter’s Hamburgers for dinner, I think every other Dad in Calgary was there, but he got his wish even though we were in line for a half hour lol!

  8. in my house, we call the cute aggression “grits”. and it happens so frequently that my kids now get “grits” out on our dogs with love slaps and kisses and just overall hugs. I’m sure if they referred to this household word outside of our house, people would wonder.

  9. This post is so sweet! We had a similar Fathers Day at our house! I’m almost certain Doug rode on our lawn mower with Finn! Typical “guy” thing to do! We relaxed, enjoyed coffee on the deck and spent most of the day outside! Nothing beats a little down time! It’s always so nice to plan big events but sometimes a little R&R are needed! So happy you guys had a wonderful day filled with tons of memories! Xo – Ashley

  10. I just love the pix of your family and Leo is such a little cutie. Congratulations on your new show (Justin and Jillian) – I have just finished watching the second episode. Certainly remember those early days of no sleep and no energy with a newborn (I now spend my energy with my four grandchildren) but you both are handling everything just fine. Looking forward to the next episode of your show (also enjoy Love It or List It – the views of Vancouver are great and seeing the homes before and after is inspiring). Love to you.

  11. Oh my!!!! The closeup of Leo is SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! My dad was on a trip, so we’re actually getting together for Father’s Day next Sunday; we’re going to the Jays game :).

    Amanda Panda

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