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Giving Away Your Best Friend

My BFF since I was 5, Karissa Schuler our brunette beauty, got married to the luckiest man in the world Akash Chowdhury just last month.  Karissa is the ‘last’ of my friends to get married (besides me of course) and it truly was one of  the hardest moments.  The day of the wedding I cried some big tears … I’ve experienced almost every ‘first’ with this human….  We all learned to drive together, drink together, travel together, we called in sick together, we lied together, gave back together, snuck out together, first kisses together…. of course there are other firsts I will refrain from mentioning…but if you have a bond with a friend like this, you will know where I’m coming from.

On the 4th of April, I gave away my “BFF”.  I now included Akash in Vacation requests which, trust me… is a big deal!!!  I am one of those girls who’s ‘pretty hard on my friends boyfriends’  i have high expectations and i believe that ‘my girls’ deserve ONLY the best… well… Akash, you ARE the best.  I mean for frig sakes you don’t even have a drawer yet!!! (inside joke!!)  I love the two of you, and can’t wait to be an aunty over and over again!!!

Anyway… more about the wedding…. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit worried about the whole destination wedding at the start … picking her hair & make up, the location, her flowers, the food & decor, without seeing it, really knowing or meeting anyone is SCARY!!! There were some ups and downs BUT, on the day…. it couldn’t have turned out more beautifully. Everything fell into place at the right time and it ended up being flawless… the entire evening, was just BLISS.  We danced till 4am, laughed, danced, cried, wiped out & eventually… passed out. Exactly what I wanted for this perfect Bride.

Karissa & Akash had a vision for the decor from the beginning and knew exactly what they wanted. (Well Karissa mostly, and … us girls might have had a say in a thing or two)  Lots of white, blush and nude to tie in the beach setting.  She and Akash chose the Playacar Palace Resort because it was close to town, small, fresh, white, and quaint. (ps this white thing is quite important, especially when it comes to photographs!!) Playacar supplied us with everything Karissa and Akash had in mind and more. Their staff were lovely, accommodating and went over and above to make sure they were happy.

It really truly was a great wedding, if you are looking to do a destination wedding, I say go for it!


Photo Credit: Dean Sanderson


Tell me, have you given away your BFF? was it hard??? or am I just crazy!!!?? lol




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  1. I have given away my sister and my bestie, both weddings was amazing and terrifying and heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time!

  2. Love the photos! We are getting married here in December and you just made me feel a lot better about my decision 🙂 Thank you!

    1. My fiancé and I are starting to plan a destination wedding for next May. I’d love to hear your experience in planning your wedding. I’m terrified to commit without having a lot of info.

      1. It was pretty difficult for us to choose where to have our wedding. In the end we decided on the area we’d want to be in and then chose a resort that seemed to offer the things we were looking for. Since we love Playa del Carmen we figured it was a safe choice to choose Playacar Palace because our guests will be able to enjoy the things we usually enjoy about Playa del Carmen. One thing I wish I did before settling on a resort was join some FB groups to get insider info. If you are considering Palace Resorts or Hard Rock there is a great group on FB with tons of info from past and present brides called “Palace Resorts/Hard Rock Brides – past and present”. That group has been so helpful in wedding planning!

  3. i have, and it’s soo hard!! trying to give a light hearted speech and starting to sob rings a bell…. lovely photos!!

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