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Last Nights Knock Out Episode

The first couple of episodes are SO hard to have a real strong opinion … of really anything. So many different guys with so many different personalties and just SO much going on!!

I saw on my social channels last night people getting so worked up about the fighting date. Come on guys!!!!!!??? WHY does everyone look at the commercials and get so mad  and upset about the previews!!?? We must remember by now that the commercials are just there to get us all hooked and to show the juiciest part of the episode!!! It seemed everyone was so upset about the boxing date. Listen, the network isn’t going to let anyone get seriously hurt …  and the boxing date? It’s a part of the formula … they have a date like that EVERY SEASON … Jared got hurt, he’s fine and he still managed to sweep Kaitlin off her feet (Atta boy!! Ps Kaitlin does Jared smell like french fries???).
The comedy date was hilarious. Perfect for miss Bristowe because she truly appreciates humor and needs someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Frig I felt so sorry for those guys up on stage though!!! As if they didn’t have enough pressure!!!! Stand up comedy CAN NOT be easy under those circumstances!!!!

I can’t imagine what an ass I’d make out of myself.

Actually … a little fun fact about me … “one” of the reasons why they accepted me to be the Bachelorette was because I told a REALLY dirty joke, it made everyone laugh and was the cherry on the cake! … I’d tell it to you but judging by some of the reactions to last weeks blog I’d rather not deal with the backlash, but just so you know…. Miss Jillys got an appreciation for offside humor (especially poop jokes).
The under water photoshoot was cute and I think they had a great connection. BUT, the guy who wins the first one on one date never wins and that’s just the way it goes. (Well in my opinion anway) so let’s rule Clint out.

I can always appreciate when someone is forward and honest, but I can’t appreciate aggression. And that’s exactly how Kupah handled everything. I think Kaitlin did the right thing by letting him go. And trust me there were some guys in my season I wish I would have done that to earlier in the game too. Kaitlin’s got some balls and I love that about her!!!

That’s about all I have for you this week…nothing too exciting happened last night that I need to write home about…but you know what was exciting!!?? my  live snap chats throughout the episode!!!!! Follow me (jillian-harris) to find out what I keep in my bedside table … bow chika wow wow. AND to get the raw unedited version of my opinions!!
IMG_9412 copyIMG_5811 copy
Stay tuned for more on Kaitlin’s outfits later on today … and see you all next week!!!


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  1. Well, now you HAVE to tell us that joke!

    Always look forward to your commentary on the episodes! 😀

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