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The Terrible “C” Word

Pulling your shorts or those little skirts out after a long winter can be an intimidating thing to face. The number one question I get asked as a trainer is, “How do I get rid of this cellulite?” The truth is that 90% of all woman have it, and there is no need to go beating yourself up over the dimples and curves life brings you. So the first thing I want to tell you is to love yourself and be thankful for that beautiful body you have been given!

The other thing I want to tell you is that you can reduce cellulite! So today I’m going to cover some simple things you can start adding to your daily routine to help you out with this trouble area and have you feeling confident and healthy in those summer bikinis!

1. Hydrate:

Water is not only beneficial to the health and glow of our skin, but it also flushes out toxins in the body. Cellulite is a fat cell that stores toxins like sugar, pesticides, preservatives, and other types of processed foods. So whether you’re the skinny girl or the girl with the curves, if your diet is filled with toxins and they are not getting flushed, chances are they will show up on your legs. Drinking those 8 glasses of water a day is essential for supporting your body in flushing those toxins! If your day is filled with activities, add 2-3 more glasses to your consumption to eliminate any chance of dehydration. This summer, invest in a water bottle that will keep your water cold and have you reaching for it on those hot days.


2. Add more greens to your diet:

In order to remove cellulite that has already made its home on our legs, we need to draw it out of the tissue. One of the best ways we can do this is by adding more alkalizing foods to our diets. Fresh fruit and vegetables are like little magnets to the toxins that are hanging out in our bodies. Their rich nutrition draws out the toxins and helps the body to flush it from our system. One of the most simple ways to start adding these foods to our diets is through juicing. Find a green juice that has more greens than fruit, and start adding it to your morning routine. The best time of day to drink your juice is first thing in the morning. This allows our PH systems to balance and our digestive system to get the most nutrition out of it. Once you have gotten your morning routine down, slowly start to add more juices throughout the day to allow your stomach to adjust to the amount of vegetables.

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3. Rub it out:

Who doesn’t like a great massage? But what if the massage was more beneficial then you thought? One of the reasons the back of the leg contains the majority of our cellulite is due to the lack of tissue movement. By adding things like skin brushing and a massage, you stimulate the lymph system, which channels the release of toxins. Something as simple as making time a couple times a week for skin brushing on those thighs and butt can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin on the back end. When massaging the skin, make sure to use a nice smooth oil or toxin-free cream. My go-to is coconut oil due its hydrating values. This tip is also a great excuse to book that massage you’ve been longing for!

coconut Skin-Brush

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4. Add movement:

Exercise is one of the greatest tools for eliminating toxins from the body because we cause the tissue to move and tone, and the sweating eliminates toxins. Grab a friend and your bottle of water, and head out for a local hike. While you’re climbing, make sure to plant your heels firmly to activate the back of the leg and the bum. Also, squeeze your bum as you move those legs to really add to that butt workout.

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5. Love yourself:

One of the most positive things we can do for ourselves and for eliminating waste from our bodies is learning to love ourselves right where we are at. Talking down to yourself or allowing negative thoughts to roll through your head will only leave you feeling worn out and emotionally drained. Speaking well of the beautiful body you have been given, on the other hand, causes you to want to make healthier choices, stand up taller (which also helps your body’s system run better) and enjoy life without negative hold-ups. So instead of saying, “I’ll wear it when I look better,” put on that bikini and rock it! There is nothing more attractive than a confident woman who enjoys life.

The Terrible C Word - Article


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  1. I am over 60 and have been blessed with great legs my whole life. But two years ago I got cellulite!! I have found that climbing stairs makes a huge difference. I wear a FitBit and my goal has been to walk up 20 flights of stairs a day. But I just got home from a two week vacation and stayed on the 6th floor of the resort. I rarely used the elevator and in that two weeks I walked up 763 floors!! My legs are so much smoother. Now I’m trying to keep that up here at home.

  2. I love that as a trainer you put loving yourself as the first (and again last) step towards a healthy body. I don’t think I have ever read that on any other fitness article. Thank you!

  3. Love that this article doesn’t say anything about “use a firming lotion” those might work for some but aren’t a feasible option for most people. Good tips!

    1. Yes!!! Spinach, Kale, ANY leafy greens, Parsley, Celery, Cucumber, Apple and Lemon is always a great combo!!!

  4. Thank you Jillian and Rachel for posting this!! I’ve been struggling with cellulite too and I really like the coconut oil massage idea. Side note, is there somewhere where I could find your bathing suit details? I love it!!

  5. Jillian,
    I am a mom of five children and have some weight issues I am battling. I have read several books etc, however your words are simple and sincere and can be used daily. I look forward to your daily inspiration. Kindly

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