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Leaving Fear Behind: Three Steps to Restart at Any Age

There truly is no limit to how much you can change, evolve, learn, unlearn and so much more within your lifetime. I feel like we always crave a fresh start or yearn for greener pastures when things aren’t exactly the way you want, but there seems to be this societal view of an age limit on when it comes to going after your dreams. My opinion? NO ONE is too old to restart, no one! The beauty of always evolving is that your journey through life doesn’t have to be stagnant, just look at all of these athletes who after their sporting careers go on to do endorsements or partnerships, they completely pivot their path while staying true to their roots. They explore new passions while either showcasing more of their personality or connecting it back to their love of sports. It is never too late for a new chapter to begin. So, are you ready to restart?

Jillian Harris ready to help you restart at any age, sitting at her office table writing in a journal wearing a tan blazer, white blouse.



All worthwhile things take time and effort and there is definitely no shortcut to restarting, you have to be ready to get a little uncomfortable. If life has taught you anything so far, is that you are VERY capable of stepping out of your comfort zone, embrace it! So, the very first thing we want you to do is… reflect.

You are going to be eager to get the wheels turning, but speaking from experience it is so crucial to take the time to reflect on the previous chapter! Write down HOW you feel, what you want to change, what obstacles you feel like you have to overcome moving forward, and so on. Most of the time it’s FEAR holding us back from making a change, so make sure to really zero in on your internal and external hurdles. 

Once, you have reflected on the previous chapter, VISUALIZE the next. How do you see your day to day in this new direction? How are you feeling about it? Are you at peace with your decision and feel a sense of freedom? In this step, get as specific as you possibly can! We promise you are going to feel a new sense of invigorating energy to keep moving forward!

The Jilly Academy workbooks in a woven basket with flowers next to a blanket on the fence. The perfect online course to help you restart at any age.


We need to be a little practical when it comes to a big life change and with that comes a need for security because let’s be honest, the older we get the more responsibilities we have on our plates! A sense of security is going to allow you to start making those big next moves, whether that be through financial security or finding a support system with family and friends for emotional security. 

Ask yourself questions like: “can I stay in my current job while I start building out my new passion in order to support myself?” or “should I do some professional development courses to expand my skills and knowledge?” (wink wink – The Jilly Academy is a great place to start!) Now is the time that you give yourself permission to invest in yourself and don’t hold back! Remember, self care is also part of this investment plan so don’t forget to take care of yourself along the way!


What steps do you need to take in order to MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Get your finances in line, your support system intact, your self care routines in order, your professional development time blocked in and let’s do this! This is where effort counts twice, research the industry you want to exist in, learn from the experts, and though imposter syndrome may creep in you will not let it take over and let fear win! 

Jillian Harris sitting on her bed wearing a pink and white polkadot button up, blue jeans and holding a laptop. Nacho and Peaches, her two Boxer dogs sitting behind her, ready to support restart at any age.

Restarting at any age doesn’t mean a mid-life crisis, it means shifting your day to day to embrace a new path. This is your time to set new goals, invest in yourself, and start living the life YOU want. One of the biggest hurdles you will face is conquering your fears and taking control of your mindset to fully be ready to make a change. And guess what… I BELIEVE IN YOU! You can do this, you will do this. If you’re ready to dive into professional development, don’t forget to check out The Jilly Academy! You can also hear from other Alumni members for some major inspo of turning you passion into purpose, all you have to do is click HERE to learn more about Nicole’s journey and HERE to learn more about Anne’s journey!



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