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Holiday Gift Guide

Leo & Annie’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

With another winter season fast approaching, it’s time for Mrs. Claus to get to work! I recently shared my Gift Guide with you and today I want to share with you a wishlist for your little ones.  If you’re like me, picking out gifts for your kids can feel a little intimidating because their tastes are constantly changing as they learn, grow and evolve. One minute it feels like Lego is all the rage and the next thing you know, they’re onto Pokémon. To choose gifts that will be a huge success, I try planning early and picking quality items that they can hang onto for a long time. So, even if their interest in that toy eventually fades, I can pass it on to another kid in the family or to families at Mamas for Mamas to enjoy.

This gift guide is a combination of items that Annie and Leo both love, plus some other items that caught my eye! So, without further ado, here is Annie and Leo’s Gift Guide:

Leo and Annie's 2022 Winter Gift Guide at Jillian Harris Design

1. Kids Boots | 2. All Love Tee l 3. “Finding My Dance” Book l 4. Wicker Luggy Basket l 5. “I Am Enough” Book l 6. Annie’s Dollhouse l 7.Forest Mushroom Toy Set l 8. Joe Fresh Hat and Mitten Set l 9. Hello Dough Kit l 10. Kids Jilly Jogger in Cinnamon Brown l 11. Kids Socks l 12. Mastermind Toys Easel l 13. Burton Kids Snowboard l 14. Les Petits Voyous Pink Scooter


I love wintertime to curl up with a good book by the fire, and I especially love curling up with my kids to read them a bedtime story. I recently came across the book “I Am Enough,” and I was in awe of the wonderful message—especially for little girls to hear! I am also really excited to read “Finding My Dance” with the kids, which is professional Indigenous dancer Ria Thundercloud’s true story about her journey with dance and finding pride in her Indigenous heritage.

Jillian Harris's daughter Annie's dollhouse


Annie is totally at the stage where she loves games and activities that are all about being imaginative. That is a big part of what inspired the creation of Annie’s Dollhouse. I also thought this charming wicker buggy basket was another great gift for Annie to encourage her to keep on being creative. 

My family is SO lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Canada, so nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids run around outside enjoying the fresh air. And, what better way to encourage them than with a new outdoor toy?!  I can totally picture Annie racing after Leo on this ADORABLE pink scooter from Les Petits Voyous—like, how CUTE is that?!—and Leo on his matching cream-coloured scooter a ways ahead.

Jillian Harris's daughter Annie in her pink Smash + Tess Romper for the 2022 Kids Gift Guide


If you’re looking for some ideas to bundle your little ones… you’ve arrived at the clothing section!! My sweet Annie LOVES pink just like her Mom, so I had to add at least one pink item for her wardrobe to this year’s gift guide. And, THANK GOODNESS for Smash + Tess rompers for elevating our family’s PJ look as always! Annie lives in her Ginger Pink Jilly Jogger and Leo is also a big fan of his Jilly Jogger in Cinnamon Brown. 

I will also be gifting the kids the JH x Joe Fresh All Love Tee so that they have a great basic white T-shirt as the foundation for any outfit!

Now, we CANNOT overlook shoes to keep our cute little kiddos’ feet warm all season long! Both of my kids are fans of these Joe Fresh boots, and the great thing is the colour goes with any outfit! (Win for Mom!!)

Well, there you have it, folks! Another gift guide in the books! What items are you planning on gifting your kiddos from this list?



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