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Why I Love the #HowAreYouReally Campaign

Hi everyone! This blog is so near and dear to my heart for so many reasons so let me start from the VERY beginning and where this blog originated from!

When I came off of The Bachelorette with “you know who” I moved to Chicago and I was nervous and scared and really had no friends. One faithful day, my “fiance” at the time … AHEM … was going to Vegas for a “work trip” and later that day … I ended up getting a lovely little call from Good Morning America and US Weekly, saying that my “fiance” that I chose from the show had actually been cheating on me the whole time since filming and that they wanted to interview me. Needless to say (as any girl would be) I was heartbroken and totally devasted … and I couldn’t get ahold of him. Gulp.

Here I am in our apartment (which by the way was nothing like I had envisioned, there was so much brown leather Michigan State, bachelor pad stuff in there! LOL!), sad, lonely and bawling my damn eyes out. Well, then I hear a knock at the door, I swing it open and there stand a cute little blonde girl holding a bottle of champagne and my first thing out of my mouth was “ED IS NOT HERE!!” … WELP. She wasn’t standing at my door looking for Ed, she was standing at my door because she lived down the hall from us and heard me crying, she brought a bottle of champagne over and said to me “I’ heard you crying and I figured you could use this and a night out” … WHAT. AN. ANGEL. This is when I first met Marissa.

Jillian Harris and Marissa

That night the two of us hung out, I fell in love with her, her vibe, her attitude, and her dog, Duke (Ps. If Duke was a man, he would be the person I would be engaged to right now, he was my soul mate). Everything about her. We became SUCH good friends and when the relationship between me and my ex didn’t work out I moved back to Canada and I KNEW I would miss Marissa so so much but we’ve always stayed in touch!!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about MARISSA. Not only was she my saving grace that night but Marissa is also a huge advocate for Mental Health. I LOVE her honest and empathetic approach with this topic because mental health is not talked about enough and she is helping to erase the stigma around it with her illustrations.


Jillian Harris and Marissa 11 photo credit

Marissa showcases her doodles on her Instagram account (@project1in4) and I always thought to myself, where is she going to go with this? Fast forward a few years and the brand that we all know and love, Philosophy, found Marissa and Project 1 in 4 and loved it so much that they decided to partner with her!! CUE HAPPY TEARS! They have now collaborated and created the campaign #HowAreYouReally sponsored by their Hope & Grace” initiative, this campaign ENCOURAGES people not only to ASK people how they REALLY are but to speak out and express how they REALLY feel as well! LOVE this.

Jillian Harris and Marissa 12

photo credit

Words cannot describe how much this means to me and just how proud I am of my angel in disguise, Marissa! As most of you know, we have a history of bipolar and depression in my family so knowing that this campaign is out there and Marissa is such a big part of it, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

Below is Philosophy’s limited-edition amazing grace body emulsion featuring Project 1 in 4, available now! Did I mention 100% of the proceeds are going to Philosophy’s hope & grace fund supporting community-based mental health efforts! How amazing is that?! I’m soooo proud that someone has captured Marissa’s vision and helped her run with it. I’m SO PROUD YOU MARISSA!! This is such a dream come true for you and it couldn’t have happened to a better person.

Jillian Harris and MarissaJillian Harris and MarissaJillian Harris and MarissaJillian Harris and MarissaJillian Harris and Marissa

photo credit

Firming Body EmulsionExfoliating Facial Wash | Dry Shampoo | Perfume | Cleansing Cloths | Facial Cleanser | Moisturizer

For ALL of the details of this amazing campaign, please visit their website here!

Forever grateful for this “cute little blonde girl with a bottle of champagne” and her big heart.



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  1. What a beautiful story of friendship ? We need more Marissa’s in this world!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Saving Grace perfume – and there could not be a better cause than mental health, in my opinion, having had personal experience with it in my family as well. There is so little awareness and understanding of it, especially in terms of the way children deal with it and how to help. I am so glad that your friend now has her day in the sun 🙂

  3. Wow!!! I love that she did that for a total stranger. There is such goodness in this insane world and I love hearing/reading these tiny acts of kindness that actually mean the world sometimes when people need it most! So happy for her and love philosophy.

  4. Such a nice post. How I wish for a friend like either of you. My own mental health is rallying back from parents who have emotionally abused me my entire life since they never wanted me and admitted what a mistake I was. In a society that plays on the importance of family and motherhood it has been a battle. Fast forward to now a mom to 3 girls and terrified I will damage them as I have childhood nightmares- my husband’s father shot and killed himself when my mother in law was home. My husband is terrified the truth will harm them as they seek to understand how a loving happy Grandpa could take his own life. My husband lives in shame as he wants no one to know for fear of judgement.
    Mental health. Stigma. Terrible.

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