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Love It Or List It Vacation Homes: Brent & Kelly

Monday night TV seriously couldn’t get ANY better if it tried. It starts with the Bachelorette followed by Love it Or List It Vacation Homes, which is taking the Love It Or List It Vancouver time slot. I know what I’ll be doing every Monday night now …. !!! If you missed it on my blog last week, while we film a new season of Love It Or List It Vancouver, this fun new series is taking its place every Monday at 10PM on W Network and I am TOTALLY loving watching it!!!

I love seeing the towns and summer homes in Ontario. The Muskoka region is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You all know how much I love Justin’s summer cabin and all of these cottages are a spitting image for me. No matter how run down they are or how small … with a few minor touch ups I could see MYSELF in any of them! Dan did a great job at transforming the cottage into a versatile cozy space and using the square footage where they needed it the most. It ended up being clean and functional … but he couldn’t change the location or the dangerous road. Elisa found them a perfect little cottage right on the river that checked off all of their boxes. I totally understand why they decided to list it and think they made a great choice!!!

Love It Or List It Vacation HomesLove It Or List It Vacation HomesLove It Or List It Vacation HomesLove It Or List It Vacation Homes

Photo Credit: Darren Goldstein

I can’t wait to see where they take us next week! Love It or List It: Vacation Homes premieres every Monday night on W Network followed by a recap on here!!!



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