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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Sally & Ed

If you caught last night’s episode of Love It Or List It Vancouver, you already know that I had my work cut out for me … and for those of you who weren’t able to tune in, let me tell you … this reno was a doozy!!! Sally and Ed have been living in their home for 14 years now and they’ve certainly seen some changes over the years…including the birth of their twin girls Lucy, and Olivia!!! When Sally and Ed first moved into this home they were comfortable and there was more than enough room for the two of them … but as their family grew their ample space started to shrink.

In order to pull this off, I need to reno the kitchen, main bathroom, and ensuite … add a bedroom for the twins … reconfigure the office and guest bedroom … and last, but certainly, not least, add a mudroom. Eeeeppp …. thankfully, they have just as many requests for a new home, so Todd has his work cut out for him as well!!


Kenny and his team wasted no time in getting this renovation underway… and just as fast as we got started, things were suddenly halted. We found out that the city required us to install sprinklers throughout the entire home … which meant we had to take down the drywall in EVERY room to install … plus while working on the addition of the mudroom and the workshop for Ed, the team noticed water pooling just outside the garage due to the slope of their driveway… unfortunately to stay within budget and fix both of these issues we had to ax the ensuite and kitchen renovation.


Well, with all of the ups and downs, this renovation turned out AMAZING!!!! I started the tour in the girl’s new bedrooms and to my surprise, this brought Sally to tears!!!!! Phewwww!!!!! While I know that the girls are best friends, I also know that girls need their space too … LOL … and that’s exactly why we attached their bedrooms but also included a sliding door between the rooms for when they need their “me time” …


We also added built-in shelving and storage thanks to Stor-X!! Also … how adorable are the trundle beds in the girl’s rooms?? These were provided by the amazing team at DHP Furniture!!


The main bathroom was next on my reveal … the reno of this bathroom solved a major pain point for this family of four as previously the one (and only) shower in their home was located in Sally and Ed’s ensuite!! Crazy, right?!?! Well … now they have a beautiful, new, bathroom equipped with a bath/shower combo, double sinks, AND heated flooring!!


Sally was eagerly waiting for the reveal of her new office space so I was beyond excited to show her the way to her dedicated area in the house!! The beauty of this space is that it also doubles as the den and spare bedroom for guests!!


We couldn’t just have a surprise for all of the ladies in the house … so lastly, I took Ed to his new, organized, and extremely functional workspace … every man’s dream … right, Todd?!?! This functional (and totally manly) space is equipped with lots of storage that also doubles as an extra workspace!! The massive sliding doors are from Eclipse Architectural and they’re perfect for those sunny days when Ed can open them up and let a nice breeze in … or take his work bench outside and catch some rays!! I even think Todd may have had a little man cave envy this time around, which means that my job was a success lol!!!


Even though this renovation was an intimidating one, I’m sooo happy with how everything turned out!! A HUGE shoutout goes out to Kenny and his team for their unreal work (as per usual!!) … and a big thank you goes out to Janis Nicolay for the stunning photos!

Make sure to visit HGTV Canada for more on this Love It Or List It Vancouver episode and to view more photos of this reveal click here! Also, make sure to follow Love it or List It Vancouver on Facebook so you don’t miss a beat.

Make sure to tune in next week for another stunning reveal …



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      1. Could you pleas pleas please tell me where I can find the wall paper same as in this office ! I have surfed and surfed the internet and can’t it ? Please help!

  1. You did such a beautiful job on this renovation! I am in love with the wallpaper you used in the girls bedrooms. Can you please tell me where I can purchase some for my nursery? Thank you!

  2. Is there a place where you post where you got the various items, like you do with clothes? I’m interested in the wallpaper in the office and the rugs in the bedrooms! This whole reno is gorgeous!

  3. I saw the episode! The woman was a b*tch!! I felt so bad for the husband! He looks like he needs a new wife instead haha. Beautiful reno though!!

  4. I just saw this episode and I couldn’t get over what a horrid, miserably rude woman Sally is!! Her poor husband…loved the renovation though!

    1. Agreed! I thought they were both dreadful!!! She was just plain nasty with ZERO TASTE in decor or clothes! I couldn’t believe what she did to the old houseIt The word tacky barely scratches the surface!! It was atrocious! Everything that she didn’t like in the new homes was actually very stylish but her having no taste made it impossible to see that. This is a perfect example of why money can’t buy class! Omg!

  5. Absolutely love the wallpaper in the office. Would you PLEASE tell us where you got it? I’ve been searching everywhere! Thank you!

  6. I love love love the bluebird prints in the bathroom~please could someone tell me where to get them or at least who the artist is. Thank you 🙂

  7. The house was beautiful! Could you share where you got the storage system for the workshop? Remodeling our garage and would love this solution!

  8. I too absolutely loved the wallpaper and was tickled to find so many others also loved it. Can you please let us know what the name and company is that makes this gorgeous paper? Thank you so much.

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