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Mother’s Day Outfits: Comfy Casual for the Win

How many of you ladies have some fun Mother’s Day plans for this coming weekend?? Some of you mamas out there may not even know what the plans are for your Mother’s Day so it’s a good idea to dress for anything … whether it’s brunch, shopping (lucky ladies!! lol), a picnic … talking a  stroll in the park, sneaking away for a big glass or two of vino … Lol! No matter what you’ve got going on, the key to being outfit ready is wearing something versatile and comfortable but ALSO something that makes you feel fresh, pretty and CLEAN (even if it’s just for the first hour of the day … LOL).

How many of you just read that above and looked at my ALL white outfit and cringed? Lol!! I know what you’re thinking … white shirt, white pants, white shoes … BABY!!! Nope, nadda, not gonna happen!! LOL!! It’s true, I’m probably going to be covered from head to toe in stains by the end of the day in this outfit but dammit it’s Mother’s Day and I love white so if any day, it’s MOTHER’S DAY that I’m going to bust this out.

However, for those of you who may not be as keen on all white as me, not to worry, I’ve included some different options for you below along with a few tips on how you can effortlessly achieve a casual and practical look this Mother’s Day that are also affordable thanks to Joe Fresh (thank you for powering the site today!!).

Jillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mothers DayJillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mothers DayJillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mothers Day 3Jillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mother's Day 5

Casual comfort: If I knew we were going out for a nice dinner I would definitely rock a dress but for breakfast, lunch and daytime activities I like to go comfy casual, a nice loose tee, jeans and a jean jacket are perfection! I loved LOVED the fit of these pants, out of ALL my white jeans these ones are the comfiest and the fit was so surprising! Ps. They’re also not stark white but more of an off-white so I love the color! Did you by chance notice the lace detail on the jacket? It’s so cute and totally different! I should also mention here that both the jeans and the jacket have a slight stretch to them so THAT’S good for this mama at brunch!! BRING ON THE PANCAKES!!

Shoes: I’m obsessed with my new little slip ons! I’ve realized when holding a baby you don’t really have two hands to tie a shoe so slip ons have been my saving grace this spring. Plus, I’ve gotten SO many compliments on them and people are always happy and surprised to hear they’re from Joe Fresh!

Bring a hat: This weather is crazy and so unpredictable … one moment it’s a torrential downpour, the next moment its tornado windy then the sun pokes out and all of a sudden it feels like it’s a million degrees outside. I like to have a hat handy in case Leo seems a bit chilly or if I need to keep the sun out of his eyes and for me, well, it’s so nobody has to stare at my wind-whipped hair. LOL!!

Jillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mother's Day 5Jillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mother's Day 7Jillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mother's Day 5

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Jean Jacket | Tee | Jeans | Shoes | Leo’s Sweater | Leo’s Bodysuit | Leo’s Shorts | Leo’s Shoes | Leo’s Hat

What are your Mother’s Day plans for this year?? Are you doing anything special? Make sure to comment below because I want to hear what you are all getting up to!!








Thank you Joe Fresh for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. My youngest adult daughter sent me a text last week which said “Hi Mom! What are we doing for Mother’s Day?” and my reply was “Well, what did you have planned??” LOL! We are doing a family brunch at home complete with mimosas. I usually cook for my mother so this year it will be a “Murray Girls” team effort!

  2. My Mother’s day will be a bit early also planned to wear white!! My 4 year olds pre-school does a little tea and singing for the moms supper cute!! It’s Thursday can’t wait and I’ll hope my 1 year old doest get to much on me lol! Who am I kidding I’ll be stained lol!!
    Wishing you a very happy Mothers day from myself and my girls????

  3. I am flying in from the Salt Lake City area to my parents in Southern California to take my mom to the spa all day for her Mother’s Day!! So excited!

  4. Oh my!!!!!! Leo is absolutely adorable!!!!! I LOVE your slip ons AND your white jean jacket!! The lace is really pretty too!!! And that is the book I just sent you, right? 🙂 After seeing these adorable pictures of you and Leo, my heart is SO happy 🙂 AND it’s so neat that you decided to use the book I sent to you in the pictures!!! 🙂

    No set plans for Mother’s Day as of yet, but I hope you have an amazing FIRST Mother’s Day with little Leo :).

    Amanda Panda

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