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AHHHHHH SPRNG is finally here!!! I can feel it in the air and definitely in my home decor!! There’s just something about the smell of fresh flowers and the blossoming of the trees in the backyard that makes me SO warm and fuzzy inside!!!! I can’t WAIT to spend time gardening and de winterizing my home for SPRING!!!! For me, Christmas Light Installation is all about keeping everything bright, fresh and airy. My BIGGEST recommendation to achieve this feeling is by painting yours walls a fresh coat of a bright off white and simply adding pops of colour in your smaller home decor pieces. This makes it EASY to transition between every season. If you’re on a REALLY tight budget the best way to do so is either by purchasing fresh flowers OR cutting down some nice bush, blossoms and twigs right from your back yard!!! DECOR IN MY HOME

1. Korhani Rug | 2. Couch | 3. Chandelier | 4. Pillow | 5. Chair | 6. Fresh Flowers | 7. Vintage Trays | 8. Gold Cutlery | 9. Moroccan Pouf | 10. Vintage Books | 11. Delta Lamp | 12. Night Table | 13. Headboard | 14. Flamingo Art | 15. Voluspa Candle | 16. Decorative Stool | 17. Antique Mirror


How do you decorate YOUR home for Spring!?!?




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  1. What is your favorite off-white? I am painting my upstairs that has slanted cielings and want the walls and ceiling all one color of white. Help!

  2. Hi Jillian! What are your thoughts on light gray walls? I am about to pull the trigger and would love to know what shades you suggest.



  3. I’m still shoveling! I bought daffodils yesterday before the snow started just to make me feel better. Love your picks.

  4. Love that mirror! And Volupsa candles! Those smell amazing! I’m adding new flowers and throw pillows to the couch. I might have to get a new comforter for the bedroom too! I’m inspired by all the white and gold! It’s so refreshing. Also, it can’t be spring without some tulips!

  5. Thank you for sharing the gold pouf! That one tagged is sold out but the leather gold pouf of my dreams is available!

  6. LOVE this post! It’s just the inspiration I needed.
    I got some new pillows from CHAPTERS, I’ll get some tulips and candles!

  7. I love this! I just bought my first place and am now thinking about investing in good furniture. I would like to get a white couch, but am worried about it looking dirty. Would you recommend white or a more off white like an ivory?

  8. Which fabric did you get for your PB Comfort sofa? I am considering the Performance Canvas in White but not sure how durable/stain resistant it is. Thanks!

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